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Apple watch faces: full review

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If you use an Apple Watch, you can change its appearance to different faces. I know you are curious about it. How can you do it? Why are you waiting? Go and read this article and change your watch face to different looks. Ok then let’s go. 

Different watch faces 

Activity Analog 

This face gives you more activity process and superimpose than a traditional analog clock. You can customize color style etc through this face. Among the complications you get from this, Blood oxygen, audiobooks, calculator, calendar, alarms, camera remote, compass, contacts, controls, find device, find item, home, heart rate, phone, podcasts, sleep, voice memos, workout, world clock , messages, music, news and so on.


This watch face helps you relax and breathe mindfully. Starts when the display is tapped. You can customize this watch face style. And alarm, astronomy, controls, blood oxygen, calculator, calendar, cycle tracking, ECG, mail, maps, sleep, stopwatch, tips, voice and many other things in complications.


This face like a classic analog face. It measure time in precise increments. It provide a stopwatch and you can active it right from the face. 

It provide color and timescale as customize features. And among the complications you can see blood oxygen, alarms, camera remote, audiobooks, shortcuts, news, music, phone, podcasts, remindes, sleep, weather and some more features. 


This displays time and any features you add. It base on your choice. 

As the customize features you can see Color, Style and Monogram. Yes you are right this provide many customize features than other faces we discuss in above.  

Among the available complications you can see calender, alarms, blood oxygen, camera remote, astronomy, cycle tracking, ECG, phone, podcasts, reminders, remote, timer, walkie-talkie, world clock, phone, tips etc. 

Count up

You can use this face for track elapsed time. 

We only see colors as the customize feature. Alarams, astronomy, audiobooks, blood oxygen, camera remote, compass waypoints, controls, cycle tracking, find device, tips, voice, contacts, controls, noise, phone, meditation, monogram, music and few more things you can see in available complications. 


The explore clock face provide indicate cellular signal strength with green dots. 

There are lot of style and colors  which you can customize from yourself. Among the available complications you can see alarms, activity, blood oxygen, camera remote, compass, Contacts, cycle tracking, ECG, find devices, find people, shortcuts, sleep, timer, tips, world clock. 

Fire and Water

When you raise your wrist or tap the display this watch face animates. 

You can get color and style as the customize features.

Activity, alarms, blood oxygen, contacts, heart rate, news, noise, sleep, reminders, cycle tracking, controls, find devices, messages, music and few more things you can see in available complications.


GMT watch face has two dials. One is 12 hour inner dial and other one is 24-hour outer dial. It lets you track a second time zone. 

Color is the only one customize feature in here. Among the available complications you can see alarms, activity, astronomy, calendar, calculator, camera remote, contacts, controls, cycle tracking, ECG, find devices, heart rate and few more features.

How to change the face of your Apple Watch 

1. Find or create the face you want to swap to on your iPhone app

First you want to find a face you want. Once you choose tap on it. After that you can see available options for that face. And the available complications will depends on the face you chose. Once you done everything tap the Add button to add it to top of the page. After that it will add the created watch face. 

2. Select your chosen watch face on your Apple Watch 

Make sure you are on your current watch face. And close every apps on the menu. After that press on the display and hold you fingers there for two seconds. Here you can scroll through default faces. If you find suitable one you can tap it and immediately set it as your active watch face  

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