Apple Inc. After Steve Jobs [How Apple Operated After Steve Jobs)

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Apple has been bringing revolutionary products in the last decades. This is about Apple Inc. after Steve jobs. The world is not a place that stays still. Many people come and have to go after making changes. Even if it is about the CEO and the most admired employee of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs had to step out. Also, he stated that he is not fit for the workplace and put himself down as the CEO before three months to his death.  Has Apple Inc. been able to stay where Steve put when he died, or the company moved forward? This article is bout Apple Inc. after Steve jobs.

The New Apple CEO

Apple Inc. After Steve Jobs

Tim Cook ( was appointed as the CEO of the Apple Company after Steve’s death. He had to go through a tough time as the CEO of Apple Inc. as the world expected the same from Tim what Steve did. When it comes to the relationship and the work experience of Tim with Steve, both were good friends. They had been spending a good time in Apple Inc. as working partners.

Tim Cook considered Steve as a mentor. However, Tim Cook was criticized by both the employees and the Apple Users for not having the same spirit and the technological vision that Steve had.  As a person with a different vision, Cook could bring the company into a new dimension where little things are appreciated. Also, green electronics was one of his concepts.

When it comes to Trump’s ruling time, Cook had a little bit of trouble. Cook had been asked to provide the backdoors for the FBI, and he had not agreed to that as the CEO of Apple Inc. As a company with the highest trust gain, it was one of the highly appreciated decisions taken by Tim Cook.

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Apple Inc. after Steve jobs, The New Product Line They brought to Customers

As a proper way to face the competitive marketplace, Apple Inc now has a vast range of products. Apple watch was the best way to start the competition. Along with impressive features such as Siri, sensors, monitoring features, and the steady metal structure, Apple Watch could really make a difference. When it comes to the Apple TV, it now has become an outstanding product in the market. The Apple Satellite channel is one of the examples to mention how far Apple Inc has come after Steve jobs.

Apple iPhone, AirPod max, MacBooks, and several upgrades have come along with the existing products. Being the most embracing feature for Apple devices, Apple Operating Systems have come along with many updates. Apple Watch OS, iOS updates, TV OS, and OS X, like operating systems, got the back even after the death of their most efficient CEO, Steve Jobs.

Apple Products to come in Near Future

Excitingly, Apple Company has got more plans for their product calendar. After hundreds of patents, they are up to very big things. Here are such things that can be seen in Apple Inc. after Steve jobs.

Apple Car, Apple Glass, and AR & VR

Being one of the most expected products by Apple Inc., the Apple car has come back into Apple’s plans. Since the previous attempts had failed in the last three years, rumors spread that Apple had put down their hopes. But, along with new patents and discussions with the automobile manufacturers such as Hyundai it seems Apple Car will be a reality sooner rather than later

Rumors have been spreading of specially invented glasses that can provide a technology similar to the Iron Man’s. The ability to connect with Siri using eyes, high definition audio, AR and VR, and lots of features are supposed to come with the Apple Glass. Robert Scoble, a famous Apple analyst, has mentioned that Apple Glass will be out soon.

Having the ability to fold the entire phone, a new Apple phone is supposed to come into the market. Known as the Foldable phone, the company was planning to bring it to the market couple of years ago.

The world is moving so fast. AR and VR are supposed to be the next most competitive thing except 5G. For an era Apple Inc. after Steve jobs, their struggle is to bring it to the next level with AR and VR. Rumors are spreading that about 100 employees have been working on this project. However, it is not sure if the AR and VR are going to be a part of the Apple Glasses.

Conclusion on Apple Inc. after Steve jobs

Almost a decade has passed since the death of Steve Jobs. Although criticisms are certain for replacements, Tim Cook had to bear it more than any other replacement. Although he could not be the next Steve Jobs, he has done a great job as the CEO. Several updates, awesome upgrades, new generations, and embracing products have come into the Apple product line into Apple Inc. after Steve jobs. It means that Apple has succeeded and will do miraculous things in the future as well.

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