14 free iPhone apps for you to start

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As one of the modern tools for a revolutionized world, the iPhone has been an inevitable choice. But, the matter is you have to pay a price to get the best out of the particular device. The rice you have to pay can be as high as 100 USD and low as 0 USD. The only thing you have to do is to know the apps that are given for free. Here are such 14 apps that you can use to get the best out of your Apple iPhone. 


This app can be used for biking trails, hiking, and running. It has the courses and more details like difficulty level, elevation, length, and more. This app user can take a photo of trails and post comments for other users. It is a famous app on the iPhone.

Khan Academy

Are you a student in school or university? We have to give good information for you. Apple iPhone is introducing a new app called Khan Academy. This app is helpful for online education. It has learning tools for various subjects like history, art, and astronomy. Also, it can be used for multiple learning levels.


Some men and women are interested in cooking. They try to find many recipes using the website-tv program or youtube channel. But it may be caused for time wasting. Apple iPhone introduced a new app called mealtime. You can enter the information regarding their taste and diet goals. After that, we can receive food recipes for us. Also, we can share new recipes with other fans.


We like to watch TV. Sometimes we have to face disturbances while watching the TV. Sometime it may be a noisy environment. However, you have the best solution for it. iPhone introduced a new app called ‘unity.’ You can scan the TV screen and audio straight by using this app, and you can listen to the TV program by using this app.


Most people’s hobby is reading books. Therefore people go to the library and borrow reading books. However, people want to spend time on it. Although we can’t go library in global pandemic condition.

Apple iPhone introduces new app Libby. When you use the Libby app, you can download the books and read it. Therefore you don’t want to move for your reading hobby.

Air Droid

If you want to share photos or videos or audio, or any other files, you can use this app. Previously if you want to share with your friend or your computer, you should use Wi-Fi or other data connection or a USB connection. Nowadays, you don’t want to waste time or data for sharing.

Insight timer

We are swamped most of the day. Therefore we have to face many stressful times. What are you doing in this situation? Do you know that some people have suicidal ideas? It is harmful to them and society. Apple iPhone is introducing a new app called insight timer. It is essential for those stressed people.

Insight timer is a meditation app, and it has free meditation library. Yoga, mood tracking, workshops, and privet mentoring are also included.

If you have an apple iPhone, you can download and use it during stress. It teaches you how to release your tension and anxiety.  

Clue period and cycle tracker

As a woman, this app is essential to you. This app helps you with menstrual health. Some women have some problems with their menstrual cycle. This app tracks your length of menstrual period, symptoms, and severity. If you want to chat with a doctor about your cycle, this app is provided a GYN and asthmatic doctor with live chat. 

Also, you can use this app to plan your happy weekend or valentine’s event with your lovely partner. This app helps avoid unwanted pregnancy or planned pregnancy. As a woman, they like to use this app.


Shazam is an app for people with entertainment. When you use this app, you can search for music, movies, and television shows. This software can be used for android, macOS, and Ios. After downloading this app, you can search for the movie or song by tapping on the search bar. 

 Most users said that this app is a handy app for identifying unfamiliar songs. It can catch any music anywhere.


As a student or teacher or lecturer, or scientist, you have to solve the problems of math. Sometimes it may be a considerable task. This app can scan the problem, and it can solve that using an algorithm. It is valuable and accessible. But the student has not had in-depth learning. Therefore this app is not suitable for kids. However, this app is most useful for teachers because it can be used inside and outside of the classes.


Are you an iPhone user? You have a particular app called Duolingo. It is an educational app of American educational technology and is most useful for students. When we use this app, we can learn new languages. 

You can choose more than 35 languages. It has mini-games and small lessons to improve your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and listening skill.

Most people like to learn another language. Some ones are doing it as a hobby. Therefore they want to use this app. most iPhone users are interested in it.

Sky view lite

School students and astronomers like to learn about the stars, planets, and stuff. If you want to see individual stars, planets, constellations, and satellites, you can use this app. Observation sky is a delightful and educational event. We can find and recognize the star charts. Also, it can be used to acknowledge celestial objects in the sky. 


When you are a traveler or driver, you can use this app. It is helpful for you. This app tells you about traffic, construction, police crashes, and any other doughts on the roads. It is beneficial for your safety and saves time. Also, it helps to find the correct path for our journey. This app users always say about valuable of Waze, and they like it. It has 4.4 rates. If you have an iPhone, you can download this app for your phone.


Do you love nature? Do you like to observe the environment? It brings coldness and happiness to our minds. As a nature lover, you want to travel around the world. When you see nature, you can find different plants, animals, trees, flowers, and insects like more. Someone you saw. But you want to recognize those are. 

Therefore you can use this iNaturalist app. It helps to improve your knowledge and share it with others. Most scientists and naturalists use this app, and they can share important things about the environment.

Conclusion : 14 free iPhone apps for you to start

The recommended apps on this article are better for a startup iPhoen user. We will update the artce with new apps and we will bring an article about the apps that can replace the costly apps on App Store. 

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