How do I Scan a Barcode on my iPhone?

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In a world where smartphones reign supreme, our iPhones hold more power than we often realize. Ever wondered how to unlock the potential behind those mysterious black-and-white patterns known as barcodes? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll show you the straightforward steps to scan a barcode on your iPhone, transforming it into a handy tool for accessing information, making purchases, and navigating the digital landscape with ease. Let’s dive into the simplicity and convenience that comes with harnessing your iPhone’s barcode-scanning capabilities.

How to scan a barcode on an iPhone

Unlocking the potential of your smartphone, particularly when scanning QR codes, opens up a world of possibilities. From app downloads to browsing web pages and sending text messages, your device becomes a versatile tool.

 Notably, bars and restaurants are adopting QR codes, replacing traditional menus, while stores offer touch-free payments through this technology.

Don’t skip any part of this article to discover the ins and outs of reading QR codes directly on your phone!

Contents of the Article

·      Using Camera

·       Using Control Center

·       Using Google Chrome

·       Using Google Lens

·       Wallet App

·       Free Apps to Scan Barcodes

1.   Use Your Camera

To scan a barcode on your iPhone using the camera, First, open the camera app and point your iPhone at the QR code or barcode you want to scan. Here is the way step by step.

·      Step I: Launch the iPhone Camera app

When you swipe left from your lock screen, it will instantly open your camera app.

 Alternatively, from the centre of your home screen, swipe down and use the top-right search box to type “Camera” for quick access.

·      Step 2: Scan the barcode with your device

Now, Point your camera at the code.

It’s not necessary to fill the entire screen, but make sure the QR code is visible in all four corners of the app.

When the QR code is successfully scanned, a pop-up banner will appear above it, accompanied by a yellow QR code symbol in the bottom right corner.

·      Step 3: At the bottom-right corner of the app, touch on the pop-up banner or the QR icon.

Before tapping on the banner, make sure you comprehend its function because it will swiftly direct you to a website, launch an app, or perform another action.

Understanding the purpose of the banner is crucial to avoid unintended actions.

2.   Use the Control Center

How do you scan with an iPhone?

Configuring the QR Code scanner in your iPhone’s Control Center is much simpler than relying on the camera for every scan.

But before you can utilize it as a barcode reader, you need to add the built-in QR Code reader to the Control Center by following these steps:

·       Go to Settings on your device

·       Select the Control Center

·       Select Customize Controls

·       Click on ‘+’ mark next to the QR Code reader under the More Controls menu

·       Move the QR Code reader to your preferred location in the Control Center by using the hamburger symbol next to it.

The QR Code reader on the iPhone operates exceptionally fast, capable of scanning a QR Code within moments, even if it’s damaged or partially obscured.

To scan a barcode/QR code using the Control Center on your iPhone:

·       Select the QR code Reader button in the Control Center

·       Point the camera at the QR code and scan it.

3. Use Chrome

If you prefer not to use the camera or Control Center as your iOS barcode scanner, you can opt for Google Chrome.

Here’s a straightforward guide to get you started:

·       Download Chrome from the App Store if you haven’t already. If you already have it installed, make sure to update Google Chrome on your iPhone for the latest features and improvements.

·       Apply 3D touch to the Google Chrome app icon on your iPhone’s home screen.

·       In the shortcut menu, locate and select “Scan QR Code.”

·       Allow the app access to the camera

·       To scan a QR Code, choose “OK” from the popup menu.

4. Google Lens

To read a QR Code from a photo using Google Lens on your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

·       Download Google Photos from the App Store and grant it permission to access your camera roll.

·        Open a Google Photos image containing a QR Code.

·       In the native camera app, tap on the Google Lens symbol.

·        Tap on the dots that appear on the screen with the QR Code to view the notification banner.

·       Click the link within the notification banner to see the generated action.

5. Wallet App

The Wallet app on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad doubles as a barcode reader specifically designed for loyalty cards, coupons, and tickets.

However, it’s important to note that attempting to scan other types of QR Codes will result in an error notification.

 To use the Wallet app’s scanner, follow these steps:

·       Open the Wallet app and tap on the “+” button located at the top of the Passes section.

·       Choose “Scan Code” to add a pass using the Wallet app.

Now Let’s go to another special way to scan barcodes

6. Free Apps to Scan Barcodes

In addition to the five methods mentioned earlier for scanning barcodes, specifically QR codes, you have the option to effortlessly download a mobile app and scan the code directly on your iPhone.

 It’s not only simple but, more importantly, free! Here are some recommendations for free barcode scanner apps for iPhone:

I)                Barcode Live App

The top and most recommended barcode scanner for iOS is Barcode Live, offering a highly convenient barcode lookup experience. With this app, all you need to do is open your phone, scan the barcode, and within minutes, it provides comprehensive product information. This includes photos, reviews, descriptions, and the store address. Additionally, users have the option to review their barcode history, allowing for easy reuse or updates to existing barcodes.

II)              Kaspersky’s QR Code Reader and Scanner

Renowned for its robust security solutions encompassing anti-virus software and comprehensive internet and office protection, this iPhone barcode scanner stands out. When you use this app to scan a QR Code, the data is promptly saved to your smartphone, providing swift access to previous files, photographs, and data.

III)            Barcode Scanner

Another noteworthy free app for scanning barcodes is Barcode Scanner, known for its exceptional speed and accurate scanning of various QR codes. Equipped with a flashlight, you can effortlessly scan iPhone codes even in low-light conditions. Furthermore, the app allows you to save and review all your scans, providing the convenience of sharing them via SMS, email, Facebook, and Twitter. The user-friendly interface and straightforward features enhance the usability of this QR code reader.

IV)           QR Code Reader – QrScan

Wondering how to scan a QR code on your iPhone? Look no further than QrScan, a peerless choice for iPhone barcode and QR code scanning. This app boasts the ability to scan various code types, including AZTEC, CODEMOD43, CODE39, and CODE 128, ensuring compatibility across a range of formats.

Moreover, QrScan goes beyond the basics by maintaining a comprehensive history of all your scanned barcodes. This feature allows you to retrieve any scanned code at your convenience, adding an extra layer of convenience to your scanning experience.

V)             Barcode Reader

While it falls into the category of typical scan-and-compare programs, this barcode scanner for Apple devices stands out with its visually appealing interface. Keeping a record of the items you have purchased or scanned, it swiftly retrieves detailed product information. While the user experience may not introduce anything groundbreaking, its simplicity and user-friendly design make the scanning process both straightforward and enjoyable.

VI)          QuickMark Barcode Scanner

The QuickMark barcode scanner for iPhone stands out as a genuinely free QR Code reader program. Its noteworthy recognition as a partner in Google’s Favorite Places program enhances local search capabilities. Additionally, this app is versatile, supporting multiple barcode formats such as QR Code, Quick Code, EAN 8/13, Data Matrix, Code 39, and Code 128.

What sets this barcode scanner for iOS apart is its integrated calendar feature. This allows users not only to scan codes but also to seamlessly perform actions like visiting web links, making phone calls, adding contacts, sending emails, exploring locations, and creating events—all within the convenience of a single application.

VII)         Quick Scan – QR Code Reader

Quick Scan stands out as an exceptional tool for scanning QR codes. Its capabilities extend beyond simple scanning, allowing you to decode various types of QR codes, including contacts, information, website URLs, calendar events, SMS messages, phone numbers, and more. The convenience doesn’t end there—you can easily share the scanned QR codes via text message or email.

Moreover, Quick Scan takes the user experience a step further by maintaining a comprehensive scan history. This feature ensures easy access to all previously scanned QR codes, adding a practical touch to the overall scanning experience.

Most asking questions and answers

·       Can your iPhone read a QR code/barcode from a photo?

Leveraging Google Lens, your iPhone can effortlessly scan a QR Code directly from a photo. To get started, download Google Photos from the App Store and grant it access to your camera roll, enabling your iPhone to read QR Codes seamlessly.

For a more detailed guide on using Google Lens to read barcodes, refer back to our comprehensive instructions provided earlier. This ensures a smooth and effective experience in utilizing this powerful feature on your iPhone.

·       How to scan a QR code/barcode on an iPhone from an email

Scanning a QR Code from an email on your iPhone is a simple and straightforward process. Just open your smartphone’s camera, point it at the QR Code, and click on the link that corresponds to be instantly redirected to the destination URL.

·       Do QR codes/barcodes work in emails

Certainly! A QR code has the capability to encompass an entire email message. Upon scanning the QR Code, the complete email message is seamlessly delivered directly to your inbox.

That concludes our exploration of barcode scanning on the iPhone. Now, have you determined which approach suits you best? Each of the mentioned methods is not only user-friendly but also entirely cost-free. Don’t hesitate; give at least one of these methods a try and unlock the convenience and versatility of barcode scanning on your iPhone!

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