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WatchOS 7 What You Need To Know

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Although it has passed almost a year since watchOS 7 public release held at June, people are still curious about this operating system. Even at first glance, the OS had delivered cool features such as face sharing, sleep mode, sleep sharing, Translation by Siri, hand washing monitoring and more amazing features. This article will let you have a complete guide about the watchOS 07 what you need to know.

Why Is watchOS 07 So Important?

The operating system had come up with several updates. Other than all the Apple products, Apple Watch is considered to be coming along with major health updates. When it comes to the face sharing, it was also a new thing not just for the Apple users but for all smart watches. It lets the users to share the faces shared in messages, websites, files, and plenty of spaces. 

The faces introduced in the watchOS 7 ere in a huge range. Chronograph Pro, Memoji face, and GMT face were some of them that had made a fine first impression for the users. The memoji face had been introduced with the ability to change colors as well. If you were a person that had long waited for the updates for the existing watches, watchOS 7 had brought some astonishing updates as well.

Sleep App

The sleep app was something that you might. When it comes to the most utmost necessity of the Apple watch, you might have been using it for the fitness purposes as well. Number of steps that you had travelled throughout the day, amounts of calories burnt during the workout, expect calorie burn like thousands of purposes might have been in your mind. Also, the existing watches had delivered them for sure. When coming to the need of the sleep, it is as necessary as the exercises for a better health. 

Thanks to the watchOS 7, the sleep mode feature has been introduced to the newly released Apple Watches. It lets the user create schedules, make new sleep hours, and terminate alarms and do lots of embracing things. Other than that, charts, graphs, and notifications will elevate the sleep mode. Since it works along with the iPhone 14, the performance will be higher. Wind down mode is a feature that has included in the Sleep Mode, which lets you to use some of the vital apps that can disturb you. These things have made the watchOS 7 a greater version of the WatchOS as well.

The Waking Up Process

The wake up of the day is an essential part of the day. Even if it is just an activity for commencing the day, your mode is fixed according to the wake up. The watchOS 7 has delivered the embracing vibration method for a better experience. Also, the earlier and typical alarm will be available for them. Being the next few things, you will find the latest watchOS to have delivered a new alerting system. Youth the weather forecast, battery level, and few other things that you may find interesting. 

When talking about the Fitness, you will no longer find the Activity app as it has now been renamed as the Fitness app along with quite a few new features. Most of the Apple Watch users had complained about the typical interface that delivered an ordinary glance. Following the complaints, Apple Company has included quite awesome graphics in the new Fitness app. Along with the interface, you will find new features such as Dance, Training and Cool Down like features for a better experience.

The Family Setup Feature

Why don’t you gift one of the Apple Watches along with the watchOS 7’s latest approach? The Apple Company is reasonably fair about the kids this time. Now the kids don’t have to wear an Apple Watch Along with an iPhone or any forwarded device, because one iPhone can be paired with few Apple Watches, you are free to gift an Apple Watch for your kid.

Along with the Family Set up feature, specific restrictions and set ups have been introduced by the Apple for the children. For example, you have the ability to track your kid when it is necessary to do. The places where the kid goes, the messages, and several new features will be paired along with the Family Set Up. When it comes to the effectiveness of the Watch for kids, there are school hour and children pay option that have included in the app. They will act friendlier with eth kids.

Family Pairing

Although the Family Setup is more beneficial for the kids, even the adults can have specific benefits. Pairing up with the family, having a great dinner, keeping up the fitness competitively, and the ease of arranging special moments will specifically be beneficial. Other than that, you can appoint a specific iPhone along with a member to take care of the monitoring thing while the members are out there during the pandemic.

The Hand washing detector is one of the key elements on the new Apple Os. It lets you have a healthy life living in this crucial time. The hand washing detector identifies the time you wash your hands and then send a notification to your other devices. You are free to use a specific schedule to wash your hands as well. Other than that, the Apple Watch will send new alerts to you soon after you reached home a swell. The hand washing is believed to be the most embracing feature according to the Apple Users. The coordination between the Apple devices and the GPS tracking of the Apple Watch have been exceptional for this feature.

One of the most embarrassed features for the earlier watchOS was the inability to state the elevation. In the latest watchOS, watchOS 7, you get the ability to see the variations in the land. Stairs, lanes,  busy areas, and several things will be included as the Map Features. When coming to the fitness with the cycling, new features will be included for the cyclists. You will find the easiest way to get back to home while riding the bicycle.

Creating new routes, impressive stops for a bite, your usual relaxing points, and new schedules will be among the cyclists’ favored features.

Siri’s language ability or the literacy is one of the benefits that got to the Apple Watch users. The watchOS 7 has delivered 10 more languages along with the voice handling.

Voice Commands and More

When coming to the fact, ability to provide voice commands, all these 10 languages are facilitating an awesome service to the Apple Watch wearers. Also, earlier versions had consisted of severe bugs and errors when giving voice commands and translating the language. But, the latest version, watchOS 7 has been able to prevent all the errors that had existed in the Apple watch. 

It is important to note that Apple company has made the expansions since the last year and the Apple watch now can understand English (US), English German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (China mainland), Mandarin (Taiwan), English (Ireland), English (South Africa), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), French (France), French (Canada),Cantonese (Hong (UK), English (Australia),  like languages at present.

As the last special thing that has been provided with the watchOS 7, you can run a test week wise to see the hearing ability. Since there can be several complications due to the over volume, you can skip such threats. The weekly listening notification will be sent to you to run the test. You are able to run the test using both the handset and the watch. Also, the automatic loud noise cancellation will be a great option. All you have to do is to check the marker in settings. After that, you will get the adjustments in the surrounding noise thanks to the noise cancellation microphone.

The New Faces in watchOS 7

Exactly seven watch faces are available for WatchOs version 7.  Even if you are not a regular wearer, you will find that the watch faces have inspired different professionals. For example, if you are intending to wear the Apple Watch for the work place, you will find that Chronograph Pro like watch faces are better. These are the face watches that you need to know about the Apple Watch Faces.


As the name sounds, it is something that you can watch the time in different time zones. Although you are not a frequent traveler at a time like this, it will be useful when you are watchful about different time zones. One clock will be displaying your current location’s time along with another time zone that you chose. When it comes to the 24 hour or the 12 hour time display, you will be more convenient according to your favor. The inner display will show you the current location along with its time while the other chosen location shows up the time in 24 hours.

Chronograph Pro

If you are a runner, this will be the best watch for you. The face can let you have several details including the speed of your run. Since the Chronograph Pro Watch Face was running in the watchOS 7 beta versions, users had paid a lot more attention to this one. The time displaying has been set according to several formations such as 60, 30, 6, or 3 seconds. That will be useful when measuring the exact time taken when travelling from one location to another as well.

The tachymeter is one of the features that you can enjoy in this watch as well. You will be able to measure the speed thanks to the feature. When you are travelling in a plane, you will enjoy lot more thanks to it.  The Count Up Face

The face has been introduced for the Apple Watch as a count downtime tracker. The old and typical count down face will be something that you love. When it comes to the monochromic color design, you will be able to have a high effectively in this face. The black, white, and slight blue color face will expose the data that you are seeking for.


WatchOS 7 has been introduced for different professionals who work under different circumstances. Along with the same theory, the Typograph face has been introduced for the people who work in an office. Even if you are someone who has a strange taste, the three custom type styles will bring an awesome impression for the others. When coming to the three styles, you have been provided custom, modern, and rounded along with four different scripts. Arabic, Arabic Indic, Devanagari, and Roman numbers will bring a different feel even for you. When it comes to the perfection, the numbering has been arranged astonishingly.

Artist Face

Being the most artistically created one with a playful appearance, the Artist Watch face will be something that you can set as a kid. Also, if you are intending to gift the watch to your kid, this will be something that you can have set for. When coming to the artist watch faces elements in the interface, cartoon characters will be featuring. Since the watch is introduced for the kids under the family setup feature, the newly introduced Artist watch face will be something for the kids.

Meiji Face

As one of the watch faces that can suit for the kids, Memoji face will display impressive memojis. Different memjis will be brought into the display each time you touch the display. Although you are an adult, this simple favor will be something that you need to taste as an Apple Watch for Sure.

Stripes Face

There is no doubt that you are a sportsman or a fan for a special team. The latest Apple watch Face named Stripes Face has delivered the ability to cheer for your favorite team in a great way. Different colored stripes will bring the cheer for your team. There is nothing that you need to worry of the custom colors or the package it comes with. Since you can control the number of stripes and the colors, you might create your own team as well.

More Customizations for the watch in watchOS 7

One of the coolest things for the apple watch face is its ability to customize. After choosing your favorite apple watch face, you can make hundreds of customizations. Surprisingly, you have the liberty to share them with your friends.  The swell size, wording and numbering, number of faces, colors, stripes, and several things will be available for you to change. After creating your own watch face, you can share it with your loved one within a second.

A-frame that made out of you two, your special color combination, and many things will be there to be shared.

You Will Get Force Touch No More

If you are an Apple lover, the gestures might have been your favorite feature in the iOS and WatchOs. When it comes to the Apple WatchSO, you had been facilitated the feature to bring down specific menus and create your own shortcuts. But, you will no longer enjoy the feature through the watchOS 7. But, it doesn’t mean that you are no longer using gestures. Apple Company has introduced several swiping gestures for the ease of the users. Although there was not more in the earlier versions, you will be able to create your own gesture when adding shortcuts.

The more gestures you get to choose the less you will be able to remember that. Therefore, you are enabled to either create as much as you want or keep them in a limited number as well. The Apple Company has proposed few gestures that you can easily handle the gestures. For example, you will have to swipe down the display to clear the notifications that have filled on the watch. When creating a message, you may simply swipe down on the display to get an empty message. The more you work longer, the more you will learn.

What does it mean by the new feature Sleep Mode?

It is something new that the apple company has introduced for both watchOS 7 and the Apple iOS 14. Simply you get the ability to monitor and create your own sleeping schedules through this feature. When it comes to the extension of the same feature, you can create specific apps that can bother your sleep and make an exception.

Sleep Schedules Is The Latest In WatchOS 7

As one of the most important things for a healthy living, you need to have a proper sleep. Although the excersing and the monitoring allows you to hang in the process, they are not enough. As a living being, you have to maintain a regular sleep which is performed by the Sleep Mode feature. You have the ability to create a simple schedule that include the time you need to go to bed and start. After setting that, you are informed by either the watch or the phone to get into sleep.

Also, you will be informed about the quality of your sleep each day after waking up. As a feature that has a health origin, only the watchOS 7 and iOS 14 have brought similar features. Although there are several third party apps in the Android and the iOS app stores, they don’t have the required coordination between them. Most importantly, you don’t have to be wearing the watch when you are sleeping. Either phone or the Watch will recognize you sleeping.

When it comes to the Apple watch, the accelerometer will identify slight movements of your body that indicate the sleeping. After concluding that you are sleeping, the Apple Watch will collect data related to your sleep. It will store the data and let you know it in the future. The blue-colored bars will appear indicating the length and other vital details. When it comes to the light blue color adjustments, you will get a better idea regarding the needed sleep duration and the gained sleep duration as well.


It is necessary to have an idea that the sleep is something more important than the wake up. As the watchOS has given the priority to that, the alarm and other notifatiosn will be prevented. Apple iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, and any other Apple product with an alarm will be sent a notification.  

Wind Down

Wind Down is an option that has come along with the sleep schedule. While you are sleeping, you will not be shown any of the notifications. The Wind Down feature allows you to set some shortcuts in the Do Not Disturb display. FO example, if you are intending to use the meditation sessions in the night, the Wind down feature will let you use that. Even if you are interested in phone calls while sleeping, the Wind Down will be a fine option.

Battery level Notification

One of the coolest features of the latest watchOS is its batter notifications sent by the device. You will be notified using the currently using device either the watch’s battery level is low or charged completely. Also, the morning battery level notification is a great way to deal with the not charging issue. You may start the day with the Apple Watch connecting to the charger. Specially, the feature is useful for people who monitor the calorie burning activities.

When it comes to the low battery indication, the watch assumes that it requires at least 30% of the battery for the sleep mode. If your watch doesn’t have enough energy in the battery, you will be notified before starting the bed time. Therefore, you will be able to have a great time even in the morning with the watch without charging interruptions as the 30% is sufficient for the morning.

How the Family Set Works

Kids don’t need iPhones. As a parent, you have the liberty to gift an Apple watch for your kid. Along with the watchOS 7, iOS 14 has enabled the ability to use a single iPhone for multiple Apple, watches. Even if you are an adult who doesn’t have an iPhone, you will be able to use an Apple Watch more effectively. When it comes to the extent of the feature, some restrictions have been raised by the company to facilitate a better experience. For example, you can simply control your child’s Apple Watch and limit and monitor his behavior using the Apple phone.

Many Features in watchOS 7

If you are an adult who thinks strictly about the use of phone and a way of communicating with the child, the new feature will be an embracing one for sure. The watchOS 7 is capable of sending messages, taking calls, and sharing lots of things within the Apple Watches that has registered for a single iPhone.  Also, Maps, Siri, SOS like vital features have included for the Apple Watch users.

When looking from the kids scope, the watchOS 7 has facilitated a couple of additional features for the kids. Being the most embracing feature, Apple Watch Users have the ability to use different watch faces. Some of the watch faces have been introduced for the kids who love adding special cartoon characters. Also, Memoji like Watch faces will be a new experience for the kids. Sharing among the members connected to the iPhone will be a joyful experience for them too. Although kids can not enjoy much with the entertainment, music like existing features will suffice them with.

It is important to know that Apple Watch requires a special LTE connection to get connected through the networks. When coming to sending and receiving messages, it is vital to have the registered uder a zim.  Although an individual can use the Apple watch without assigning a specific zim, he/she will not be able to get his/her own apple ID. Besides, setting reminders, calendar events, viewing photos of the guardian, and some specific tasks will not be possible using the Apple Watch.  

Apple Cash Is A Plus Feature of watchOS 7

Apple has allowed parents to send money to their kids along with the watchOS 7. After obtaining the Apple ID, you will be able to send cash to your kid online. All you have to do is to join to the Apple Account.  After sending cash, the kids will be able to use them for the purchases. When it comes to the monitoring, you will see a detailed notification about the purchasing history as well.

The Medical ID is A Plus

If you are aware of the medical ID, you will be able to add specific medical conditions that your kid has. After turning on the media ID feature, you are free to receive notifications from the kid’s Apple Watch.  They will range from allergies to special situations that you have to be careful of. Even if you are an adult, you will be able to add specific diseases, treatments, and surgeries that you have gone into the Apple Watch’s Medical ID. Although you are not with the kid or the family member, you will see what kinds of things he/she is going through at the moment. When considering an emergency, you will get notifications indicating the sudden situation.

Conclusion of watchOS 7

The watchOS 7 is something that can bring lots of commencements. The Sleep mode, family setup and hand washing like features have been able to make a difference in the Apple history. Although they are not as revolutionized as the earlier iPhone features, Apple Company must be working on positives for sure. Just like some of the beta version features made it to the watchOS 7, there will be more features for the WatchOS through upcoming updates.

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