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Everything you must know about watchOS 9 features

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The watch OS is among the latest Apple released Oss. This article will explain the watchOS 9 features that you must know.

The Apple watchOS is the official operating system that has been designed to run on Apple watch. Along with some embracing features, the OS was released to public this on the WWDC. New watch faces, sensors, apps, and improvements are the things you get to enjoy as an Apple watch user. This article wile explain the watchOS 9 features that you get to enjoy along with the latest watchOS.

New Watch Faces

Although you are allowed to change the watch faces of several smartwatches manufactured by other brands, the breathtaking experience is delivered to you by Apple Company. Along with the watchOS 9 features, you have been given 04 watch faces. 

The Lunar is the first to talk about and it has been designed according to the Gregorian calendar and various lunar calendars. Lunar is the most popular watch face of apple watch users and this will be a new experience for you. Apple has hired Joi Fulton for creating playtime watch face which has been created using numbers. If you are a person who wants everything in formal and complicated together, this will be your time with Joi Fulton’s Playtime.

When it comes to a classy user, the Metropolitan will be the best one. The classy watch look has been facilitated by Metropolitan and the adjustments with the available options will make something more formal. The Astronomy watch face is the latest watch face that has come as a redesign. As an astronomy lover, you will be able to enter into a whole new universe where the space as well as color matching has got in to a perfection.

That is not all about the watch faces you get to enjoy but there are enhancements. The Utility, Simple, and Activity Analog have got color and graphic enhancements and you can feel the vibes through the interface as well. The Portraits watch face is a specific c one as lots of landscapes have been given to add for the watch face.

New Sleep Stages

It is not an exaggeration to mention that the sleep tracking was introduced by Apple for the first time. Among the watchOS 9 features that are introduced as new, sleep stages has been a feature that has got several updates. Although the length was the very first and the focused thing you could get from your smartwatch, Apple has given something more specific, identifying the nature of your sleep. Apple has introduced the availability to track down the nature of your sleep through various stages. They are REM, Core, or Deep sleep during the night.

Apple had mentioned earlier that people should get the ability to measure their nature of the sleep as that is the best parameter to measure the sleep. For example, there can be people who sleep but don’t get into deep sleep which may remain their stress or the tiresome same after sleeping. Along with the latest sleep stages, a person gets to see their quality of sleeping. The improved sensors will monitor the movement and deliver accurate data to the users. According to most of the Apple users, the sleep stages have been the best among the watchOS 9 features as well.

When coming to the other data that you get to compare using the sleep stages, the heart rate monitoring, and respiratory rate are crucial. You will be able to compare those facts and get to know how well you did with the sleep. Apple has stated that they will add more upgrades to the Apple WatchOS to deliver more comparisons as well.

Is the sleep stages feature delivering accurate data?

Unlike its earliest feature, Sleep Monitoring, the sleep monitoring has been designed after minimizing the errors. Although the earliest Apple Watch just measured the movement, the latest apple watch comes with several sensors and more watchOS advancements.

Does the Apple Watch affect to the sleep?

According to the medical recommendations you should not wear an Apple watch or any kind of wrist band to sleep if it is not needed. You must remember that the Apple Watch or any wrist band can be a distraction to your mind. That will affect to your minds and to sleep in the end.  But, if you want to measure your own things, that will be fine.


The notifications was available in earlier apple watchOS as well. But, when it comes to the last apple watchOS, the nine, you will be able to see them in various screens. If you are active with a session, the motivations will be shown in an unobtrusive banner. When it comes to a moment you have dropped the hand and there is not any concern, you will be able to see the screen awakening notifications. The most important thing is you can adjust these thing in settings.

New Workout information

Among the the data you get to see and focus on, the Activity rings, Heart Rate Zones, Power, and Elevation are crucial. If you are a regular Apple fan, you must have had them on various displays as well. In each Apple watch OS, there have been various charts and graphs introduced for the users. When it comes to the watchOS 9 features, you have been given more Workout Information ways. The data will be presented in several new views that are categorized as Activity rings, Heart Rate Zones, Power, and Elevation as well.

The heart rate level has been designed to show you your heart rate related data with the intensity level. Simply, you get the ability to see your heart rate fluctuations within a smallest amount of time. The most important thing is you can change the view according to your preference which means you can observe the heart rate changes in a few hours.

The Zone Creation

The creation of the zones is one of the impressive watchOS 9 features. For example if you have just started to work out, the watch will recognize it as a workout session and will store data related to a new zone. However, you can start your own workout zone from any moment you like as well. Different remaining styles can be included in the work and recovery intervals as you need them. The pace, heart rate, cadence, and power and various data will be monitored in the process and you can simply turn them into any metric you want. When you are meeting your goals, such thing will be notified you by the Apple watch and that will be a relief to you who are on sweat or on a tired position.

The running power is one of the coolest watchOS 9 features that you must find. You will be given a calculated force measurement when you are on a workout phase. At the end of your workout, you will be given a generated workout summary for the reference. Also, you can either save them or use them to create a new workout schedule with your own goals. You must remember that it is not about running or doing typical outdoor activities but swimming like latest trends.

Battery recalibration

As an apple fan, you must be keeping several Apple products. If you are familiar with Apple, products, you must be aware that the battery life of almost every device is low. That is why you need a highly responsive battery fiction. According to lots of Apple watch users, the Apple watch had a lower battery capacity as well as a reduced responsiveness regarding battery strength indication. That is why Apple has given the recalibration as a newly added watchOS 9 features. You will get an accurate battery strength indication through the latest battery meter. This will be available for the Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch Series 5 as well.

How strong is the Apple watch battery?

The apple watch battery has got 18 hours working period. As you know the more you turn on the display, the less you will get to enjoy the features. According to Apple company 90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use, and a 60-minute workout will be given as features.

Why does my Apple watch battery drain so quickly?

There can be several reasons for that. Unoptimized settings, increased temperature, software crashes, and heavy apps, and the battery that needs to be replaced are some of the most common reasons you may have a battery that drains quickly. You must remember that you can manually increase the battery life by adjusting the mentioned options.

Conclusion : Everything you must know about watchOS 9 features

This article has described every new feature and the updated features that you must know as an Apple watch user. Along with the new faces, you will be able to have a refreshed experience and you will have more things to discover as a new user. When it comes to the latest features, you will find the sleep stages to be something awesome. Although the battery is something you cannot be satisfied like earlier, you will find the recalibration option something cheerful. As soon as we know more things about the watchOS 9 features, we will bring them to you as an update.

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