How to screen record on iPhone

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Through this article, we will bring you how to record screen on iPhone. Also, here we show how to record the screen of different iPhone models. First, let’s see how to record screen on an iPhone in general. Record your iPhone screen 

1. Go to settings. Next go to Control Center. Then tap the Add button next to Screen Recording. 

2. Open Control Center on your iPhone or iPad. 

3. Then tap the gray record button. 

4. Exit control center to record your screen. 

5. To stop recording, open the Control center and tap the red Record button.

How to record the screen of an Apple iPhone 7 

Follow the steps below to record the screen of your Apple iPhone 7. 

1- First step 

First of all, we need to make sure that screen recording is activated on Apple iPhone 7. To take care of it, you need to go to the settings app first. It is displayed on the home screen with a gear icon. 

2- Second step 

Scroll down until you see the Control Center section in the menu on the left. Next, click on it and turn on Customize controls. 

3- Third step 

If the screen recording control is already activated, it will be shown in the Include section of the first list of iPhone 7. We can drag it up and down by the three horizontal lines on the right of the control.

4- Fourth step 

If these activated controls are not visible, we need to go to More controls. You can add it by its green plus sign. 

5- Fifth step 

Swipe from the bottom up from where you want to make the video on the screen.

6- Sixth step 

If you want to make a screen record without using the microphone, press the recording icon. Then a three-second countdown begins. Next, the recording will start. You can see a red line mentioned as recording at the top of the screen. Then everything on the screen starts to be recorded. If you want to record with the iPhone 7 microphone with its sound, press and hold on the microphone to activate or deactivate it. And press start recording. Then a three-second countdown will begin. Then the recording will start.

7- seventh step 

To stop recording, open the control center and press the stop recording button. Or click the red line on the status bar and press to stop. 

8- Eighth step 

Then a message will show at the top of the screen that the recording video has been saved to photos. When you go to the photos application, you can find the recorded video. 

You can do screen recording on all iPhones from iPhone 7 to iPhone 11 in the above order. 

How to screen record on Apple iPhone 12 

To record the screen of your iPhone 12, you have to enable the special Screen Recording button in the control center. 

To do that, first open the setting app. 

Open the control center there. 

Scroll down until you see More Controls, locate and tap Screen Recording.

After that you will see that the screen recording is in the control list. 

You can change the order here as needed and after that, exit the settings and start recording. 

How to capture a screen recording on iPhone 12 

First open the control center. There you will see the screen recording button. Tap the button once to record without sound. If you want to record audio while recording, press and hold the button.Then you will see a special pop-up screen. If you want to capture audio through the microphone, tap the microphone button and select Start recording. After a three-second countdown, your iPhone 12 will start recording. 

The clock in the upper left corner and the screen recording button will turn red. If you have enabled the microphone, the sound will be captured along with the recording.

To stop the recording, click the clock in the upper left corner at any time and click stop in the popup that appears. Or you can open the control center and tap on the red screen recording button. 

Then when the screen recording is stopped, you will see a confirmation as Screen Recording video saved to photos. That is, the video you captured has been saved in the photo library.

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