How Long do AirPods last | How to Maximize AirPods Battery Life

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We know you love your AirPods. But, do you know how long do AirPods last? We think you should read this article before you get to hear frequent low battery warnings from the AirPods because it is a sign that they are nearing the end of the life. This piece is all about AirPods and batteries and the necessary steps that you should take to maximize their lives. 

Before we talk about the life span of AirPods batteries, let’s focus on how much time the batteries offer you with one full recharge. 

How long do AirPods last with one recharge?

According to Apple, the first generation of AirPods last up to five and two hours of listening and talking, respectively, with a single recharge. For the second generation products, the listening time remains the same and talking time increases by one hour. 

Now, you will have to understand that this time can fluctuate depending on the usage. If you are a frequent user of AirPods, you will definitely see that it’s very hard to maintain the ranges that Apple officially announced. You will have to recharge them quite often if you are using them day in day out. 

The fluctuation of battery retention happens after few months of use; of course, that depends on the usage of the users. But, one thing we can confirm you is that you will find it very difficult to meet Apple’s numbers.

That said, we have done research on the internet to see how long do AirPods last by visiting forums and asking the question from few of die-hard Apple AirPods users. The answer was, on average original Apple AirPods tend to work without fluctuating the time for more than one and half years. From there onwards, batteries start becoming problematic and won’t last much longer after that. 

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Why Apple AirPods don’t last for long?

After all, these are machines and meant to break at some point regardless of how well you use them. The batteries and AirPods themselves deteriorate over time, and since they are tiny gadgets, you just can’t expect them to last for a lifetime. The small stature always makes AirPods vulnerable to external and internal damages, and a speck of damage can drastically minimize the lifespan of the Lithium battery of the AirPods. 

Another factor that decides how long do AirPods last is that the number of calls you are getting and making with AirPods on. As you would know, they are designed in a manner to activate only one pod when using the microphone while using them for phone calls. Over time what will happen is, your AirPods’ battery life will become imbalanced, leading one to die before the other. 

But is there a way to enhance the battery life? Let’s talk about this.

How to maximize the lifespan of Apple AirPods batteries?

Fortunately, there are some tactics you can implement to improve the battery life. We have listed them below for your observation. 

Keep them in the case

 This is not a difficult task to do, but most users neglect the importance of keeping the AirPods in their case when not in use. The case are built to store 24 hours of charge, so you don’t have to plug it when you keep the AirPods in the case. All you have to do is recharge it in every few days in order to protect the case. 

Disable non using smart features

As you know, AirPods have various smart features to help you with various day-to-day uses. Some of these features are also enabled by default, but you can disable them manually if you are not using them when you connect the device to your Apple devices. This is an easy yet powerful method to maximize the battery life. 

Pay attention to the environment when using 

Simply, do not expose the device to extreme atmospheres. Neither extreme cold nor heat should be allowed. It might not cause sudden damages to them but will definitely have a say if you happen to wear them in unforgiving weather conditions regularly. Also, keep them away from the direct sunlight as much as possible to limit the heat on the batteries. 

Please don’t play with them!

No, it’s not a joke, folks. Both AirPods and the case are not toys for you to play with when you are not using them. As an example, you might instinctively open and close the lid of the case when you are on a phone call. This can cause a dangerous impact on its functionality in the long run as it will spontaneously activate the Bluetooth chip, which obviously has an impact on the battery. 

Lower the volume when possible

This might not do miracles but will help to maximize the battery life a wee bit for sure. Doing so is not a demanding task, and you must not listen to high volumes if you love your hearing ability as well. So, keep them low whenever possible. 

My AirPods batteries are causing issues; what should I do?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring them back to the state when they purchased; having said that, you can apply a straightforward trick to maximize the lifespan of the batteries and the AirPods. That is, using one pod at a time and recharging the other one in the case. This may sound a bit hilarious, but if you want to make them live as long as possible, that is one simple thing you can do. 

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We answered this question right at the beginning of the article. However, as they say, prevention is better than cure. Implementing the easy tactics that we explained will help your AirPods and batteries to live long, and that is the exact idea behind writing this article. Have a great day!

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