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Apple tv setup full guide

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As we all know, Apple TV was first released in 2015 as a fourth generation Apple TV. Now it is called Apple TV HD. In 2022 this came out as Apple TV 4K and it adds a lot more to Apple TV HD and comes to you. The first among them is the Apple A15 Bionic chip. Also working with brands like Apple FOX sports, Red Bull TV, Canal+. Here we show you step by step how to setup the latest Apple TV. 

First let’s see what to do before setting up the Apple TV

Update to the latest version of iOS.

Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and turn on two-factor authentication for your Apple TV. 

Turn on iCloud Keychain in iCloud setting.

Turn on Bluetooth and connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

Plug in the power and HDMI cables.

Turn on your TV.

Now let’s see how to setup Apple TV step by step. 

First we need to take the Apple TV out of the box. I also want to see if it works for the order. Depending on the Apple TV you bought, the box should contain the Apple TV, the cable, and the Siri remote. If you have an Apple TV HD or 2021 Apple TV 4K, it comes with a USB-A lightning cable.

Plug it

1st step: 

Connect the small end of the power cable to the appropriate spot on the back of the Apple TV. Connect the other end to the power bar or wall socket. Then your Apple TV will start to power on. 

2nd step: 

Then take the HDMI cable. Connect one end to the Apple TV and the other end to your TV, soundbar or receiver. Make sure that this HDMI cable is a 2.0 cable. 

3rd step: 

Plug in the Ethernet cable if you don’t want to use Wi-Fi. Both Apple TV 4K 2021/2022 versions have Ethernet ports.

Turn on your TV

Now everything is plugged in. Now let’s move on to the next step: 

1st step: 

Turn on your TV and change its input selection to Apple TV. If you’re going through a receiver or soundbar, make sure your TV is watching. 

2nd step: 

When everything is booted up, you can see the Apple TV setup on the screen. 

3rd step: 

With the new version, the Siri remote will auto pair with the Apple TV. If it doesn’t, you can do it manually. Press and hold the back button and the volume up button on the second generation siri remote for two seconds. For older first generation remote, press Menu and Volume up button and hold for two seconds.

Then you have to go through few setups asking things like country and language setup. Then you can use your iOS device for setup. 

Using your iOS device for setup

If you have an iPhone or iPad the rest of the steps are very simple. Make sure you are using the latest version of iOS. Sign in to iCloud with Apple ID.

1st step: 

Your device must be unlocked. 

2nd step: 

Make sure you are connected to your home Wi-Fi network. 

3rd step: 

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on. 

4th step: 

Place your iPhone or iPad near the TV to connect to Apple TV. 

5th step: 

When prompted, enter the authentication list on the TV screen. 

To finish up

If you do not get the authentication progress, you have to do that step manually. 

1st step: 

Your Apple TV will tell you that it is activating and that the iCloud account and Home Kit will be connected. Access to your iOS device. Continue following the prompts and your TV screen. 

2nd step: 

Next you will be asked if you want to apply a password for purchases. You will get three options for it. That means always require, require after 15 minutes and never require. You can get protection through it.

3rd step: 

Apple TV will automatically change to match the display type of your TV. If you agree with it, select OK and continue. You can change this later if you want. 

4th step: 

Then you can see other options. In between, you can see the setup of your screen saver, home screen, etc. Then, if the other Apple TVs are connected to your Apple ID, they will also get the same settings and Home screen. 

This is the main setup process. Everything you do here can be changed later.

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