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07 : Apple iPhone Features You Might Not Know

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Your Apple iPhone is a collection of surprises. This article will bring you 07 Apple iPhone Features You Might Not Know and Apple didn’t say.

The first Apple device was something embracing for sure. It had lots of things including a touch display, the most colorful phone display, sharing, internet speed and lots of things. Since then, Apple started to send lots of amazing things along with their phones and the users had been much busy with discovering them as well. This article will explain 10 Apple iPhone Features You Might Not Know.

It has a sleep timer

Do you have the idea how nuisance it is to play your podcast session all night? Of course, Apple has identified this issue. Although you have started to play a music album or listening to your podcast sessions, phone will identify your sleep. All you have to do is to set the sleep timer. After that, you will be able to sleep as the phone gets to silent mode. You can find this setting in the lock App.

It has got lots of vibrating variations

If you have tried up lots of ringtones for your calls, SMS, and alarms, changing the vibrating might do that. If you feel the vibration a bit regular, you may change it by going to the 

Sounds and Vibrations in the settings app. More importantly, you will be able to set this amazing feature for your contacts. It means, not only the ringtone, but the vibrating pattern will tell you who’s speaking out there. In an office meeting, that will be a blessing for you. Won’t it?

Time Stamping Is Available for your iMessage

When you want to find the time for a particular message, you must have happened to do lots of things. As one of the Apple iPhone Features You Might Not Know, you are free to see the time stamps any message that you have sent or received. All you have to do is to go to the particular message that you want to see its time and then swipe the screen from right to left. Then after, it will show when you have either sent or received that particular message.

Character Count

Are you worried about figures and the counts? Then the Apple iPhone character count will be an embracing feature for you. You will get the ability to count the number of characters you have included in your text. All you have to do is to go to the Settings app and then proceed to message option. You will have to put a tap on the character count. Soon you start typing the message, you will start to see the characters and that will show how speed you are in sending messages.

Started Recording without Others alerting

You dint have to go to third party apps to start a hidden video recording as it is already on your iPhone. Although the screen is locked, you will be able to record a video in the background. You should lock your phone first. Then you must press the shutter button. Then, you should slide the bottom right camera icon halfway up and don’t give up that. As the next step, you must keep your finger on the camera slider mode still halfway up and then slide the camera mode to record the video. You must remember that this is going to be a video which means you have to keep your finger still halfway on the slider. Then the iPhone will turn off its screen. You are doing a great work now. You will stop recording the video when you unlock your phone.

Rewinding Audios and Videos

Although you don’t have an idea about the player in iPhone devices, it also belongs to one of the Apple iPhone Features You Might Not Know. Since it can rewind, fast play, and do lots of things you never knew, it can unlock whole new features for you. All you have to do is to identify the Yellow and red areas when the video is playing. When you tap on that area, your video will react to your response.

Cleaning Your RAM

As one of the speediest phones in the world you might not have happened to clean your phones Ram or the cache memory. But, as a user who has spent years with the phone, you must do that. Besides, it will be better if you can keep things clean and clear all the time. 

The RAM cleaning option has been given you in the iPhone which means you are not going to need a third party app for that. You should hold the Sleep/Wake button until you start to see the ‘slide to power off message. Then after, you should release that button and then tap and hold the home button. After a couple of seconds, you will be sent to the home screen and you will feel better with iPhone’s performance.

Conclusion : 07 Apple iPhone Features You Might Not Know

This article has explained 07 Apple iPhone Features You Might Not Know. They will help you to unlock a whole new world of iPhone. Video recording without alerting, cleaning the Ram memory using shortcuts, and time stamping like features will be able to prevent you from downloading third-party apps from the App store as well. If you read the article, it will be a whole new lesson for you.

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