Share location between iPhone and Android

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Now we can easily share our location through our phone. This facility has now been given to us for our phones. You can easily do this through your android phone or iOS iPhone. Although it is easy to exchange location between android and android phones as well as between iPhone and iPhone, it is not easy to do this between android and iPhone. The reason for this is that these two have two different operating systems. There are several options to bypass these compatibility issues and share location between Android and iPhone. Below we have talked about that method. From this article, you can see what measures you can take for this. 

1st: How to share location from android to iPhone 

There are several methods to share location between iPhone and Android. Among them Google Maps or social media apps which are mostly used by everyone take the main place. Otherwise, many location tracker apps offer more than location sharing.

AirDroid Family locator app is the most user-friendly and options-intensified application to share location from Android to iPhone. Along with the location sharing feature, this app provides tons of other features. You can get geofencing areas and then when the user reaches outside or inside those geofencing areas, you will get notifications. It also allows you to remotely see or hear what is happening around the target android phone. Apart from that, there is no compatibility issue when you use the app.

Android Parental Control 

This is one of the one-stop solutions that can share live and scheduled locations from Android to iPhone. Apart from location sharing, this app has many features. Among them, controlling and managing screen time, mirroring kid’s Android devicesx sync app notifications takes a major place. And you can use this app to block certain apps. That way your children can develop good digital habits. You can see the real time location of your loved ones very easily through this app.

2nd: How to share location from iPhone to android 

Currently, there are two widely used methods to share location from iPhone to Android. Another advantage is that these do not have sharing limitations. These methods are easy to use and some of them have different location sharing options.

Google Maps Google map is the first among these. This app also gives you the opportunity to share location from iPhone to Android. With this application you can share location indefinitely. And it easily covers compatibility problems. Also, here the location sharing method between iPhone and Android is very easy. 

And you can share location according to our requirements for a specific timeframe. You can use messages, social platforms, email or other communication forms to share location through iPhone and Android. Follow the steps below for this.

• Launch the google map on your device. It is usually pre-installed. Or download it through the app store. 

• Touch the blue colored arrow at the bottom of the screen. 

• Then a menu will open. 

• Click the share location option in the menu. 

• Then a prompt will appear. 

• It will ask if you want to share the location now or if you want to share it for a specific time limit. 

• Select the time option as you want and share the location. 

• Finally it asks you the person or mode of sharing you want to share. Like messages, email, Gmail, social media or other communication forms. Choose the person or mode of sharing location you want.

Social Media Apps for Sharing Locations 

You can use apps to share location from iPhone to Android. Also, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Snapchat, which are already very popular social media apps, give their users the opportunity to easily share location between friends and family members regardless of the type of device.

Android users can also share location through social media apps without any trouble. Also, the steps are the same for iPhone and Android to share location using social media. Let’s take whatsapp as an example.

• Open the Whatsapp app. If you don’t have an account, you need to create one. 

• Select the contact chat you want to share the location with. 

• Tap the attachment button next to the send button in the chat box. 

• Then choose the location. Go to share live location there. 

• Choose the duration you want to share your live location. It has a limit of 8 hours. 

• Tap the submit button. Then the group or contact will receive a message with your location data. 

Apart from this, you can also get help to share location through some apps.

1st : Family Orbit 

Family orbit is one of the best apps to share your location. Family Orbit is a parental control app. That way you can control your child’s phone. You can use this to share location from an iPhone to an Android phone with many useful features. It includes a real time GPS tracker, location history, mobile geofence, and check-ins. You can get a range of features through this app. This app works with iOS 9.0 or later and Android 4.4 or later.

Here the real time GPS tracker shows the location of your children on the map. All you have to do is install the app in the phone you want to use. Then you can track their movement. You can check where they have been or where they are going and you can check the location history to see if the places they said are true. Also, the mobile geofence notifies you when your child goes out of the set boundaries. Also, the check-in feature here ensures that your child can check-in with you and contact you if there is an emergency.

No need to jailbreak any phone and you can monitor up to three devices at the same time. And you can get other features at the same time. You can check your child’s other activities. This includes the websites they use, the apps they download or use. 

2nd: Number Tracker Pro 

Number Tracker Pro gives you options to share location from iPhone to Android. Number Tracker Pro is a tool that helps you find someone else’s phone using their phone number. All you have to do is input the number. It can search people worldwide and anonymously. And you can also take care of the other details of the phone owner.

Number Tracker Pro can give you the phone owner’s address and show his location on the map. The app has data collected from a range of sources and is able to provide you with a discreet location. However, there is a limit to what can be done in Number Tracker Pro. Although the app has plenty of data, they do not give a guarantee that this data is accurate. And it is not necessary to find someone’s location. If you have several children, it may not be the best option. This is not familiar with family location sharing. With this you can find the location if you only know the phone number. 

In addition, there are ways to share your location between iPhone and Android. Let’s see them now. Third party apps are prominent among them. Let’s see what good third party apps are. 


Glympse is a dedicated location sharing app. It gives you the opportunity to share your real time location up to a specific duration. You can choose who you want to share your location with and for how long. It works seamlessly on both iPhone and Android. Also, the recipient does not need to have the app to see your location. 


Life360 is a family tracking app. It gives you location sharing, alerts, and the opportunity to communicate in a private circle. It is very suitable for families and groups and works on both iOS and Android

Find My Friends 

Although this is primarily an Apple App, you can use it for location sharing between iPhone and Android by installing the app. It helps you to see the real time location of your friends through the map. 


GeoZilla is a versatile location sharing app that works as a cross-platform enabling location sharing between iPhone and Android devices. It also offers features like location history, geofencing, and real-time alerts. 


Zenly is a social mapping app that focuses on real time location sharing between friends. It is available on both iOS and Android. It helps to take care of the track of each other’s platforms. 


Swiftrun is a straightforward app that can share real-time location between your friends and family. It is designed to work between different platforms. It has made sharing between iPhone and Android devices easier.

When choosing a third-party app to share location, think about factors like ease of use, privacy settings, and compatibility with the device. Review the app’s privacy policy and settings to ensure that your location data is handled securely.

How to share location between iOS devices 

Many iPhone users want to know how to share location on iOS devices. We will show you about it here. 

Find My App 

Find My App is an iOS app that allows you to share your current location between iOS devices. It is very easy to use and allows users to share location with their contacts indefinitely. The location sharing feature should be provided to this app to work better.

•Open the app on the target iPhone. Then tap Start Sharing Locations. It can be seen at the bottom. If you want to share the location of the target iPhone with another phone, you have to tap on the plus icon. 

• Select the plus sign and add yourself to contacts. Your information will be included. You will have to enter the email of your Apple ID.

• Tap on your email in your profile. Next tap send and choose Share Indefinitely. Now you can open Find My App on your device and check the location of the target iPhone.


A built-in tool that helps iPhone users share iMessage location, messages, documents and pictures. iMessage shares location only between iPhone devices. Before sharing location, you need to ensure that location services are turned on on your iPhone. You can do that by going to the privacy option in settings. Next, open iMessage and choose the contact you want to share. Next, click on their profile picture and click Share your real-time location for 1 hour or Send your current location. 

How to share location between Android devices

Google Map is the best and easiest app to share location between android devices. All you have to do is open the app and click on the blue colored arrow in the bottom right corner. Then select the share location menu in the available options. In this way you can share location between android devices. 

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Frequently asking questions and answers 

Question: How can I share my current location from an iPhone to an Android device? 

Answer: You can share your location using iMessage, Whatsapp, or email using the share my location feature. 

Question: What app can I use to share my location between iPhone and Android? 

Answer: Google Maps, WhatsApp, and Apple’s Find My app allow you to share your location across platforms. 

Question: Is it possible to track an Android phone location from an iPhone? 

Answer: Yes, you can track the location of the Android phone using apps like Google Maps or Find my device.

Question: Can I share my real time location with someone using an Android Phone? 

Answer: Yes, apps like Google Map and WhatsApp enable real time location sharing between iPhone and Android phone. 

Question: Do both devices need the same app for location sharing? 

Answer: Not necessary. Some apps like Google Maps allow cross-platform location sharing. Apps like Find My should have the app on both devices. 

Question: How can I stop sharing my location after I’ve shared it? 

Answer: In many apps, you can stop location sharing by accessing the location-sharing settings and turning off the sharing option. 

Question: Is there a way to share my location for a special period only? 

Answer: Yes. Apps like Google Maps provide the opportunity to share location for a set of duration. It automatically stops sharing after the relevant time.

Question: What precautions should I take when sharing my location with others? 

Answer: Share location only with your trusted individuals and be cautious while sharing with strangers. Also, turn off sharing when unnecessary.

Question: Can I share my location with a group of people on different devices? 

Answer: Yes, Apps like Google Maps and WhatsApp allow you to share your location with multiple people on various devices simultaneously. 

Question: Are there privacy concerns I should be aware of when sharing my location? 

Answer: Yes, be mindful of who you are sharing your location with and adjust the settings to control the level of detail you are sharing. Always prioritize your privacy and safety.

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