15 Tips To Use Siri Better

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You must be feeling that you take the best out of Siri now. But, you must learn these 15 Tips To Use Siri Better and the best way you can get improved.

Although you are not an Android person or an Apple person, you must know how to get the best of things. If you don’t, you will have a lot to get fulfilled from your own life as well. If you are an Apple person, you might be thinking that you already get the best out of your virtual Assistant Siri. But, you have to know that there are more things that you should know about Siri. More importantly, if you have get to hear some of these things, you will become a Siri fan instant, even if you are an Android fan. Here are such 15 Tips to Use Siri Better and a maximized way.

Sending A Message To A Specific Contact

You must know that Siri is capable of sending messages. All you have to do is to mark the content and ask share when Siri decides to send it to those whom you want.  But, you might not know that Siri has the ability to send an instant message to anyone whom you share in your contacts. As one of the Tips To Use Siri Better, you will find this feature to be useful as a sure thing. All you have to say is “Hey, Siri, send X a message telling that I’m going to visit them tonight”. Siri will confirm the command and will have typed the text that you had wanted him to. 

The most important thing is the way Siri uses to write. Although you want to record it as “Hey Siri, Send this message to X. “I will visit you tonight” and Siri will identify that command too. When your intention is to send the message while referring the contact book, you can simply skip the adding of person part. For example, if you are in the contact book ad it is X whom you have chosen, you can simply ask Siri to send the message to him/her as well. 

Although you have not the ability to send the particular message to a group of audience, you are free to forward the same message to several people. All you have to do is to open the message and then edit and then ask Siri to forward it. Along with the latest updates, Siri will have the ability to add more recipients into the messaging through Siri.

  • How can I wake up Siri when sending messages?
  • You can wake up Siri in the  same way you wake him up for other tasks by telling Siri. Also, Wake up Siri, Siri, and you can just give the command when Siri is wake up since your earlier command as well.
  • How will Siri Guide me to send messages?
  • When you have asked Siri to send messages, Siri will automatically include the words you have included in the command. For example, if you have mentioned, “Hey Siri, please tell James that I am ill and I can’t report to the  duty today,” Siri will get “I’m ill and I can’t report to duty today” as the body part. As one of eth Tips To Use Siri Better you will find it as an awesome thing for sure. When you haven’t specified the particular body part of the text, Siri will ask “What your message wants to say”. After adding that, all you have to do is to say send. The message will be sent.
  • How can I learn to send messages using Siri?
  • One of the Tips To Use Siri Better is to take into your mind that Siri is capable of doing lots of things and teaching every one of them to you. For example, if you want to send a message, you will have to start with just one step, saying “hey Siri, I want to send a message”. After that, Siri will guide you step by step. After learning the whole process, you will be  able  to see the message with a single step from the next moment onwards. 

Tell Her The Way To Say Names

How many names can you count with one breath? Then you must multiply that with hundred to identify the number of names you have to pronounce in your lifetime. If you let Siri to Misspell it, you will have to bear that torture until you get rid of Siri which means most provable never. Apple company ha identified this thing and include a feature to let Siri to learn names from you. As one of the Tips To Use Siri Better, you must learn this tip too. 

Although Apple iPhone 15 don’t have this, you will still find it in the Apple iPad 15.  Assume that there is a persons name as Y and you want to correct it as X, then you have to follow this step. First you must tell, “Hey Siri, learn how to pronounce Y.” After listening to you, Siri will find few suggestions for that particular name. After being verified, Siri will remember it. Even if you have thousands of names, that will not be a hard thing to do as Sir wont mind it at all.

  • Will latest Apple devices support this function?
  • although it was available for the earlier iOS versions such as iOS 14 and few, the supporting had been removed from the Apple iOS 15. However, it is still available on Apple iPad 15. It can not be predicted if it is due to an upgrade or an attempt to remove the name pronunciation function.
  • Can Siri remember even thousand names as I want him to remember?
  • That will not be a problem at all. Although you want Siri to remember thousands of names as you want, that will be a possibility. All you have to do is to follow the specific phrase by saying it. However, you will have to say thousand times if you have thousand names to be modified.

Let Siri Learn From The Mistakes It Did

One of the coolest thing about Google Assistant is her self-learning ability. You will not have to worry about the mistakes it does as it has the ability to learn from its on mistakes. When it comes to Apple Siri, you have to admit that it has got one of the weakest algorithms in self-learning. It means that you can not expect any kind of self learning ability from Siri. However, Apple has given the gift of teaching to the users. 

All you have to do is to identify the mistakes Siri does and let him correct them. Since the updates take some time to identify these kinds of errors, you will be  able  to find the best outcome. The most important thing is that Siri will learn the questions from you as well. If Siri doesn’t get what you mean, you will be able to recorrect to using the text. For example, if Sir gets the weather as Rainbow, all you have to do is to type the text again.

In the next time you ask for weather, Siri will remember it as one of the priorities and respond with the answer. When it comes to spelling, you don’t have to worry about that either as Siri will give u some suggestions below. If you can find it among those suggestion, that will be much easier than typing. Although Google has enabled this, you will find this to be one of the Tips To Use Siri Better and more effective as Apple had not introduced in its earlier versions.

  • Who Is the best Lerner, Siri or Google assistant?
  • Siri is the best learner as he can remember as much as you want. All you have to do is to ask him/her to remember what you want. When coming to the Google assistant, he can not remember things much. For example, there are situations that it fails to remember your closed ones’ birthdays as well.

Let Siri To Share Your Stuff

As you know, the Apple platform is one of the friendliest platforms in the world that has a higher sharing ability. The images, music, videos and various stuff cab be shared from one your device to another in a short time. Not only that but you can send them to your friends, family, and any person you want as well. 

The most important thing is the security which you should ensure before sharing. Although you can share a file that has located in your contacts, podcast, Music, News, and Safari with your other devices instantly, you might not be willing to trust Siri to send them to someone. But, the truth is Siri is not only capable of sharing but keeping the security.  

On the other hand, you don’t have to spend minutes trying to figure out a way to share the things you have selected.  After saying, Siri share this with X, Siri will start the conversation, and all you have to do is to follow the instructions. If the person’s name is unclear, you will be asked to type the name and the process will complete successfully. As one of the Tips To Use Siri Better, you must know this sharing assistance as well.

  • Can I send files from my iPhone to another without Siri?
  • Yes you still can. All you have to do is to go to the preferred folder and mark the files. Even if you want to send the entire folder, you can do that. If you want to share a location, news, or safari, you will have to find the sharing option under options.
  • How can I send a file in iMessage?
  • First you have to go to the iOS and then copy the file you want to send. After copying, you must go to iMessage and then paste it. Now you can send it to the person you want or ask Siri to do that for you. What you have to say is “Siri, send this message to X” if you want Siri to get involved.
  • What will happen if I misspell the name when sending a message with Siri?
  • There is a probability to misspell a name as a sure thing. If Siri can’t hear you or don’t have the particular spellings for the word you say, he will get it as something else. You can simply correct the text and recorrect what Siri got from you. Also, you are free to use the suggestions bar a swell. As one of the 15 Tips To Use Siri Better, you will find that text recorrecting tip in this article a swell. 

Customizing Siri’s Responses

When you are in the middle of a class or a place where you should keep the silence, you must not want to alert others. Since Apple iPhone or any other Apple devices that has Siri on it can alert others simply. Also, if you have a friend that has a name similar to Siri, your phone will start to send Siri into the duty. That can be a nuisance a swell as an embarrassment to you in both ways. 

When it come to the exact opposite way, you not feeling Siri at all, that will also be a problem. For example, even if you talk to Siri and doesn’t get the reply to you, you will feel that it is something that has gone wrong with Siri. The most important thing is that you don’t feel the way to continue the conversation. As one of the 15 Tips to Use Siri better, you get to control this feature of Siri.  The most important thing is that you don’t have to worry of the inconveniences occurred from Siri as Siri has the ability to be controlled through its responses.  

You can have the access to this settings, through Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Responses. And have couple of changes in its content. By changing the setting into Always, you will get the wake up response from Siri.  When you have turned on the silent mode of Siri, you will not be hearing the wakeup call of Siri. If you are in a class meeting, or any other place where you need to maintain the silence, you will find the Silent mode to be useful. 

The captions are also important to any person as it shows what take place between you and Siri. The things you say as well as the things you get from Siri in return will be displayed in this option. If you are jogging or doing any other stuff, these things will not be needed. You can simply turn off Always Show Siri Captions and disable Always Show Speech to hide Siri’s captions to avoid the trouble. When it comes to you, who needs to know what you are doing, you will have to reverse what has mentioned in here a swell.  

When considering the same thing with Google Assistant, it has got more adjustments regarding the wake up call responses. More importantly, it has got two types of voices, male and female. Since this is something new and Siri has got lots of cool things regarding Siri overall, you will find this customization to be a hats off among 15 Tips to Use Siri Better.

  • What does it mean by A Siri caption?
  • When you speak and Siri responds to you, the same conversation will be displayed on your Apple device. That is considered as the captions. The feature has been facilitated by Google to maximize the user experience as there can be possibilities for misunderstandings. For example, if you misplace a word or Siri mishears it, you get to recorrect it. Although Siri captions is not among the 15 Tips To Use Siri Better, you must find it as one of the coolest things for sure.
  • Is it good to turn Siri’s voice into Jarvis?
  • There is nothing wrong with turning your Siri’s voice into Jarvis. All you have to worry about is the file you downloaded from the internet. Since the process involves directly with the UI sounds, you must have downloaded the exact field and updated Siri into the latest version.
  • What does it mean by 000?
  • If you either Siri 000 or “call emergency services” Siri will take it as a dangerous situation and call the emergency services including the local police. After giving the command, Siri will wait for 05 seconds to you to cancel the response as well. Even if you need to call before that five seconds, you will be  able  to do that by pressing the call option.

Improve The Communicational Skills Of Siri

One of the known thing about Siri is that he is not capable of keeping the conversations. Lie Apple inc. said once, “Siri is not for time passing or even keeping conversations with you but increasing the  effect of yours”. As an Apple user, you might have felt the loneliness as Google Assistant, Alexa, and various Virtual assistants have been able to get into higher communicational skills. Sometimes, the Assistant will keep asking questions and be a real closed one to the user. 

Although Apple Company was working onto developing Siri into next bigger thing, they have not been able to make things go in their favor. But, you have to manage thing as they are now as a sure thing. It means, you still have the ability to keep a lengthy conversation with Siri. All you have to do is to extend the conversation step by step. For example, if you ask “Hey Siri, can you please tell me where the Independence Statue is” Siri will state the location along with the shares. 

If you then ask Siri to show it on map, Siri will eventually identify that you referred to Independence Square by It and the map will show the location. if you ask Siri to navigate to from your location to there, Siri will do that. As you can see, Siri has guided you with three steps regarding the same matter. If you find this conversational skill to be more effective, it will be among the Tips To Use Siri Better as well. You will be  able  to spend hours if you want Siri to be in that particular manner.

  • How can I improve the quality of the conversation carried out with Siri?
  • There are mainly two ways to make that happen. If you can use a hands free and a quiet environment, that will be the first way to do that. As the net thing, you may use the above guidance to make effective conversations by not letting Siri to escape the conversation you are having.
  • How can I keep Siri without ending the conversation?
  • As the above mentioned method, you can keep talking to Siri to keep her by your side. As you know, after answering eth questions, Siri will leave you as Siri has been developed to do that. If you want Siri to be by your side without talking, you may do that by holding the home keep of your Apple device for few seconds. Yu will be able to know that by hearing the couple of boop-bop sound.
  • How can I time pass with Siri?
  • Among the thousands of questions you can ask Siri to improve your knowledge, you are free to ask Siri some questions in the purpose of time wasting as well. For example, if you ask if Siri has a girlfriend, where he lives, what are his interests in the internet, and the things he knows about you, it will answer you for sure with some quality replies.
  • What can Siri do except time wasting?
  • Although your intention is to time pass, Siri will have lost of capabilities beyond that. The creators of Siri, the apple company has been abel to train Siri to follow, commands, translations, bed time stories, car parking and many more things you did not know. Even if your intention is to refer to Google assistant, that will be a possibility with Siri as Siri can make Google assistant talk.

Announcing The Caller

Although you have been using Siri for a long time, you might not have been aware of this cool feature. When there is a call incoming, you will be spoken by Siri regarding the caller which is going to be this thing. As a busy person, you might not have enough time to see the phone display while doing your daily work. The feature has been introduced by Apple for such people who can easily answer or reject the call that they don’t like to answer. You will be  able  to proceed to this setting by Settings > Siri & Search > Announce Calls . 

You have to remember that call conferencing comes with a couple or few callers in the same line. In such occasions, you will not be able to see all of them but the caller who is attempting the particular call you receive. When it comes to disabling the feature, you will not have to use the feature for the moments when the Apple device is on your palm. All you have to do is to follow the Settings > Siri & Search > Announce Calls and disable the feature.

Another amazing thing regarding the call announcing is that you have a choice when answering the call. If you want to reject the call, you will have to say “Decline”. You must remember that you don8t have to say Siri to wake him up as he is already waken when this happens. If you want to answer, just say “Answer”.

  • Can you end a call using Siri?
  • No. you can not end a call using Siri. The most important thing regarding Siri is that you can’t summon Siri after answering the call. Since Apple company is more interested in saving your privacy than comfort, Siri will not be present as soon as you have accepted a call.
  • Can I reject a call using Siri?
  • As one of the Tips To Use Siri Better you can reject a call using Siri. When the phone is ringing, all you have to do is to say “Reject”. Then Siri will end the call. If you have activated Call Announcing, Siri will state the name as well.

Announce Notifications

Notifications have got a less priority than the calls and messages. Therefore, you don’t get the ability to set the priorities and get a higher range of customization when compared to calls and messages. Although notifications are less important to you, they surely have a value. What if you have the ability to listen to the notifications when you are available for them.  

Thanks to Airpods introduced by Apple, you get the ability to listen to them soon after you wear them. After proceeding to the Settings > Siri & Search > Announce Notifications, you will be able to enable notification announcing onto your apple devices. The most important thing about the Announce notification is it allows you to hear them only after you are available, wearing Airpods.

Another one of the Tips To Use Siri Better is the replying to notifications. If you are busy while driving, the Siri has the ability to send a message without even opening the notification. For example, if you have a notification from Whatsapp, you will be  able  to send a message to the sender without opening the relevant notification. But, as it says, you have to have an AirPod. If not, you will have to use CarPaly while driving.

  • What does it mean by Airpod announce messages?
  • You get the ability to messages and notifications using the Announce messages. You are going to need Airpods that have come as the second or the later version to enjoy this feature. After hearing the chimes sound, you may ask Siri to read them for you. If you have not connected Airpods, you will have to connect them and then ask Siri.
  • What are the other accessories that support Announce notifications except Airpods?
  • You must have Airpods to listen to the messages you received. If not, you carplay’s Siri will have to read them for you. If it is about a 360 degree covering accessory, that will only be the Airpods.
  • Can Announce Notifications work 100% without failures?
  • Siri has got the ability to spell almost every English word. But, you have to remember that the self-learning is a thing that Siri has not got yet, which means there can be special terms that Siri still can’t figure. Along with them, names and places will be among the struggle Siri has to face while reading the messages. The most important thing is that you can enjoy this feature as one of the Tips to Use Siri Better.

Changing Siri’s language and Voice

If you are tired of listening to Siri’s voice again and again or its English language, as one of the amazing Tips To Use Siri Better you may change voice. Not only voice but Siri’s language is among the things that you may change. Although you are free to use several text and system languages for the operating system, the Siri’s language preference is still less than the other language preferences. 

However, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and other numerous languages will be available for you. The Apple company has taken necessary measures to introduce the language terms to the dictionary as well. It means, that the  specific terms that come with the language will be available for you. You may proceed to the language change using Settings > Siri & Search > Language path or ask Siri to change its language as a command. After saying Hey Siri, you will have to ask “Open the language options” to launch the particular action.

When it comes to the typical male voice, you must have heard it like thousands of times. You are free to change this voice into female and its accent too. In the Siri’s settings, you will be able to set both things without much efforts. Along with a new voice , accent, and a  language, everything will be new for you. More importantly, you will be able to turn the language back to English whatever the language you have chosen. For example, if you are in German, it will be quite enough to say “Please Change Siri’s language back to English”.

  • Has Siri’s voice changed?
  • No. You will not be able to feel much of a difference. But, as one of the Tips To Use Siri Better, you must know that a female voice has been introduced along with accent variations. You will be able to change the voice for a variation or just leave it as it is.
  • Can I change my Siri’s voice into Yoda, Robot, or any other?
  • Yes you can. But, you have to download the particular file from the internet and it has to be a reliable source for the download process a swell. If you have made a fault change you will have to go for even resetting options.

Conclusion : Tips To Use Siri Better

This article has delivered some vital Tips to Use Siri Better. Although you are a newcomer or a veteran for using Siri, the guide will surely help you to fulfill your tasks. You must remember that the mentioned Tips To Use Siri Better will help you with the latest software. Also, some features will work along with specific hardware. Such things will have to be taken into the consideration a swell. If you have any doubts, just please leave us a message to our email and we will help you with the issues you have.

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