08 Apple iOS 15 New Features

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Apple iOS 15 has delivered some amazing features for its users. Here are 08 Apple iOS 15 New Features you can enjoy.

There are two kinds of Apple fans in the world, those who are counting days for Apple devices and those who are waiting for the new Apple iOS. Apple iOS is one of the most embracing products in the world without a body. Although it doesn’t have a body, its soul is capable of enlightening your whole life. Here are 08 Apple iOS 15 New Features that can bring a new experience to you.

Focus is one of the Apple iOS 15 New Features

Focus is a newly introduced feature for Apple users. Its purpose of function is to bring up priorities for the notifications. For example, you won’t like to see the notifications coming from blocked contacts. Those notifications will be hidden as a feature of this option. Not only that, the feature has got the ability to identify your modes and occasion and then give the focus accordingly. When it comes to a person who is about to have a nap, the device will detect the money and set things for his need. More importantly, there is a custom focus feature which allows the users to stick to their usual habit as usual.

Share Play

Among the Apple iOS 15 New Features, the Share play feature is a dominating one. It lets the users to share their entertaining values with other when they are using facetime app. Media can be added while syncing and the users will be able to enjoy the moments at the same time. When it comes to the options, play, pause, rewind, backplay, and lot of options have been added. Along with the sub-feature of Share Screen, users will be able to do lost of things. What others say, what others want to see, and lost of thing can be shared along with the Share play feature.

The FaceTime Feature

As one of the latest experiences given to the Apple users, the facetime is crucial. A spatial experience is given to a user when he/she is in a call. The new microphone is capable of identifying your vice from the background and deliver the outcome in two waves. It means you are free to enhance either of the waves that are used when having a conversation. Also, you can have a different outcome by adding a special background sound to the voice you use. That will be a better feature than you had used in some Android Apps. Since the hardware acceleration is already there, you will find it more impressive in many ways.  

The Map in 3D view

Along with the Apple iOS 15 New Features, the MAP has been given a new look. The map will deliver detailed cities than it was earlier in Apple devices. For example, it will have added the buildings, pedestrian crosswalks, bike lanes, and the special signs a person needs to see. Also, pinned transition features have been included in the latest iOS version such as pinned lanes.

The Live Text

The live Text has been delivered to Android and iOS users as a third party app. Since it required to have a subscription for most of its feature, users had to waste their money necessarily. Thanks to Apple development team, you will be able to capture a text in an image using the live text feature. You can translate a board sign, copy and paste a note on a friend’s book, learn new words, and do lots of things entertainingly. When coming to Spotlight, eth same feature is useful to find musicians, actors, movies, TV shows and numerous things thanks to this new feature.

Weather App

The weather app is not a new thing to you at all. The latest Weather App has given you new things making it a whole new app for you in iOS 15. You will be given more details in the Weather app. Ne graphics, animated backgrounds, improve refreshing, and Ai improved notifications have made a great impact on the weather App.


The new Photos interface and its new options have made the photos app a latest feature for the apple users. As one of the Apple iOS 15 New Features, the Photo App is capable of identifying gnaw memory types as well. Trends over time memories, International holidays, child memories, cats and dogs memories, and ether will be lots of new memories to be discovered by an Apple iOS user. Also, you are free to edit the all memories using the bird view. It allows you to save your time and discover hundreds of photos within just couple of minutes.

The people identification has been given more life in the latest iOS version, iOS 15. You will be able to identify people buy their appearance. When you have renamed them wrong, you will be able to re-correct them as well.

When it comes to the details to be entered in an image taken by an Apple phone such as camera, lens, and shutter speed, the file size, from whom you got that photo like lots of new details can be stored in the image. You will be able to edit them as well.


Although wallet is not a new feature in Apple iOS, home, office, corporate, or hotel room key cards are supported in the IOS 15. As a new feature to the Wallet, you will be able to unlock your vehicle without taking your iPhone into your hands. The Ultarband is responsible for this action and it can deliver the spatial awareness for your needs certainly. Its latest uses such as not allowing you to lock your car with your iPhone inside it or when your iPhone is not without you when trying to start your car are unique feature. Among the 08 Apple iOS 15 New Features, the Wallet has been a vital one due to that.

Conclusion : 08 Apple iOS 15 New Features

This article has explained 08 Apple iOS 15 New Features that can embrace your mind. Although there can be few bugs and errors that have associated with them, you will be able to fix them with the latest updates. You can enjoy them along with the latest Apple devices.

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