iPhone Special Features That Android Users Don’t Get

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Are you being proud of your iPhone? Even if you do, you might not know what the iPhone Special Features your phone has. Although the judgment you can make is due to its branding, there are so many reasons why you can be proud of your iPhone device. For example, whatever the memory specifications your iPhone has or the iOS it contains, you will get the maximum efficiency when running your phone. Similar to that there are so many features you don’t recognize when operating the Android device. Here are the iPhone special features that you can extremely be proud of your smart phone.

Higher security

Although you are not bothering about the risks or threats that have affected your iOS device, the platform itself has done so many things to keep you and your data safe. Security is one of the iPhone’s special features that Android users don’t get. According to 2020 security breaches on both iOS devices and Android devices have revealed that more than 97% of the breaches have been targeted Android devices. When it comes to iOS devices, it is less than 2%. 

However, Apple phones or iOS devices are not impossible to penetrate. But, even if the device was penetrated by a threat, the data it can get is less than the Android device. When the comparison is made, that will be an amount that can even be ignored.  

The source code acts a major role in the Operating System which can also secure the user or expose him to cyberspace. As the source code is hidden and having high-security measures the iPhone users are always saved. When it comes to Android users, the OS source code is exposed to third parties. That is one of the reasons why third-party apps also can bring threats against Android users.

 One of the issues to get an improved security level is its update. An Apple user can update his device with the latest released updates. It is not a possible thing for an Android user as there are limitations in the system. Although it is the iOS 1 on the device, the Apple user has got the freedom to update the version to the latest which means his phone knows almost every threat in the world. When it comes to Android users, it depends. Since there are more users worldwide for Androids, scamming and threats are increasing day by day.

Master Search Option Ia Among iPhone Special Features

It is a feature that Android users don’t get to use even now. It just takes just a moment to launch a master search through the settings, apps, contacts, messages, and everything. All you have to do is to touch the display and drag it down to bring the search option. There are many reasons to enable this feature on your Apple phone although it seems possible for every phone. Well established platform, highly efficient Operating System, Free from bugs, coordination between data, and high privacy policy management are a few of them.

Master Search known as the Spotlight is capable of many things. When it comes to the Apple X, the v feature is capable of performing some equations as well. If you type a simple equation on the search field, the answer will appear in the search results. The time you have to search or go for the calculator will be saved. Similar things still cannot be seen on Android devices. Even if there are small signs, they are limited to specific areas such as settings, contacts, and messages.

Updates Come Sooner Than Androids

Quicker updates are one of the iPhone’s special features that Android users don’t get for their devices. As an Apple owner, you get to enjoy the latest features of the updates thanks to iOS. But, if there is an update for an Android phone, there will be so many barriers to reach that to your phone. Phone manufacturers, Google regulations, and even third-party apps are things to be considered. When it comes to iOS, they are well established on the iOS platform. Even if it is an OS update or an update, the users will be able to enjoy it as soon as the developer released them.

The latest example for this issue was the Whatsapp policy update. When it didn’t take more than a day to reach the update to Apple users, some Android users didn’t the policy update. Also, the Marshmallow update was such an incident.  Although it was released for Android users back in October 2015 as the Android 6.0, Samsung Galaxy Smartphone users had to wait until February 2016.

Integrated Coordination Through the devices

Since both hardware and software products are being manufactured by Apple Company, there are several benefits a phone user can get. The coordination that the user gets across all the devices is one of the iPhone special features that Android users don’t get. For example, an iPhone user can manage his data and tasks through any of the Apple devices. For example, he can monitor his cardiac tasks through the Apple Watch while the data can be accessed and processed by either his smartphone or the MAC device.

Also, if you leave an unfinished task on the Apple iPhone, you will be able to complete it on another connected device. Since Applied products are launched by the same company, privacy will remain unchanged. When it comes to answering calls like basic features, you will be able to answer the phone calls if the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Expanding this feature to a brand new level, macOS Sierra has introduced a feature that can paste a file on another device after copying from an Apple device. When it comes to Android devices, the platform designed vendor is not responsible for the hardware manufacturer. When the manufacturers are maintaining a non-stoppable competition among their products, coordination through different devices is always impossible. 

iPhone Users get Apps Earlier Than Android

When it comes to the launch of an app, iOS users have been luckier to enjoy new apps than Android users. The best example to see was the Prisma app which made a huge impact on iPhone users. Apple phone users could enjoy the features of the Prisma app while it took quite a long time to see it on the Androids.

There is not just one reason but many when looking for the cause. One of the reasons why the developers use iOS than Android is a passive income. The payment is done properly in the Appstore platform when compared to the Google Play Store. Although Ad network pays some amount of money to the developers, the amount is comparatively low than the Apple Stores.

Also, developers find that it is hard to develop an app n the Android platform by 30%. The barriers and the coding is a bit difficult thing in the Androids. Also, the system requirements for an app is less when compared with the Android OS. When an iPhone user can enjoy an app with 512MB RAM, the same app requires more than 1GB RAM to run on Androids.

Innovative Technologies

iPhone users get to use more technology than any other smart device user in the world. They were the ones to come with a stable touch screen, maps, a proper display, a high-quality camera. Also the app stores like iPhone Special Features were there. At present they have been able to claim for innovative technologies such as biometric ID, high-quality camera set up, smooth OS platform, iMessenger like apps, and HD display. Apple Company has always been working to bring the latest technology into the hands of customers with perfection.  

Sometimes they have brought the existing features with a new definition as well. For example, wireless charging technology had been included in Nokia 920 in 2012. Since there were few errors, the feature was not much popular among smartphone users. But, when it comes to Apple devices, they had added it without bugs and errors.

As a leading smart device producing company in the world, Apple Company was innovative all along. What they produce today will become a trend for others also. The steps they take at present will be massive and revolutionary things in the future for sure. If you are using an Apple phone, that will be a special thing for other smartphone users after a couple of years as several branded companies are waiting until Apple releases their new device.

After Service Is Also One of iPhone Special Features

The entrustment of the product is one of the coolest iPhone special features that Android users don’t get. Apple devices might not be as cheap as Android devices. After the payment is made, you will be entitled to a warranty that includes both hardware and software warranty. If there is an Apple store in the area, you will not have to spend more than an hour to walk with a new phone.  The hardware and the software manufacturer are the same. Therefore you will not have to wait until the verification is made.

You will have to wait until they decide the origin of the error as well. Most of the time, you will have to walk away with just a repair. Android operating system is from another developer. Therefore the probability to have a bug is higher than iOS as well. Therefore, having an iPhone or Apple device is way better than having an Android device.


After considering all the iPhone Special Features between the iPhone with Androids, you already know how lucky you are. Since most of the time Apple Company introduces new things silently, you will have to surf them all alone. This website will let you know everything that you need to know about Apple products.

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