Is My Apple Watch waterproof?

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Everyone has the same question. Well the answer is no. But most Apple watches are water resistant. Because of that till a certain depth your apple watch don’t damage if it is under water. But the water resistant capabilities are changed based on the Apple Watch model. So it is best to know how your watch is rated. 

And also the Apple watch warranty doesn’t apply to water damages. Because of that it is really important to know what the exact water depth is for all your Apple Watch models. Not only that, if you want to wear your Apple Watch to sports activities like swimming you want to know about your Apple Watch water resistant feature very well.

If you have Apple Watch series 2 or 3, its water resistance is less and it is not suitable for swimming. But you can plant it, shower, clean or other things. If you have a series 5 or 6 it will not cause any problem to have plants when doing water sports. It is good for swimming, snorkeling or going to and all day river floats. Also, there are several apps suitable for swimmers in the App store and the Apple Watch supports swimming very well. But regardless of the model you have, you should keep your Apple Watch away from potentially damaging liquids such as bug spray, acidic substance, and perfume. They may interfere with the performance of your watch.

Both Apple Watch SE models are rated for 50 meters. Therefore, swimming and sorking them will not cause any problems. The old Apple Watch 8 kept the same 50 meters range and then it has been upgraded with the new version. 

Apple Watch Ultra 

Apple Watch Ultra offers water resistance up to 100 meters. Yes, you guessed it right, it is double compared to other apple watches. It is the best choice for divers. In addition, it has a diving sensor. Therefore, you can take care of the depth of your diving. And you can control the temperature of the water and the time you are there. And the ultra supports the Oceanic+ App. It has added additional diving tools. Among them, undersea GPS tracking and diver’s logbook are found. This is more than most people expect. But the fact that Apple thought so much about the diving field is really a big thing.

Like other electronic devices like iPhone, iPad and other tablets and smartwatches, Apple Watch does not use IP water resistance ratings. Instead, they use standard rating methods based on depth.

However, even though it is rated up to 50 meters, it does not mean that you can use it up to 50 meters. It is only the value obtained from the lab test. It means that it can withstand the pressure at such a depth. But other than the ultra, trying to find the values ​​of the other Apple Watch by yourself can be harmful to your watch. If you need a smartwatch for scuba or diving, the best Apple Watch solution is the Apple Watch Ultra, and you can go for a good solution from another brand.

You should not wear a normal Apple Watch for water sports. While it’s fine to do it a few times, doing it over a long period of time can definitely be harmful to your watch. Apple watch series 1 can stay at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. But it cannot be planted too deep.

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Although the Apple Watch series 2 is recommended for swimming by the Apple company, it is not advisable to wear it for a long time. Also, things like scuba diving and water skiing should be kept away. Also, the waterproof seal of watches like Apple watch series 2 may get damaged depending on the time, so when it gets old, it is not successful to use it in water as before. The water resistance features of the Apple Watch Series 3 are also similar to the Series 2. Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 are similar to both models.

Is my Apple Watch strap waterproof? 

Most of the time, everyone talks about the water resistance features of the body of the Apple Watch. But it is important to know if your Apple Watch strap is waterproof. The sports band of Apple Watch is the best strap recommended by the Apple company as water resistant. Also, classic buckle, leather loop, modern buckle, milanese and link bracelet bands are not water resistant. It is not good to use them in water. 

If your Apple Watch gets wet? 

The effect of getting your Apple Watch wet depends on its type. If you have an Apple Watch Series 2 or later, your best bet is to use a water lock.

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