How to Clean MacBook Screen | 3 Easy Methods

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How to Clean MacBook Screen? Is this what you are searching for on the internet? If so, you have landed on the correct article. Yes, you want your MacBook to look refreshing every time you work with it, and it should be kept as clean as possible for safety purposes as well. If your life activities involve extensive traveling or you keep your laptop in a dusty atmosphere, you would want to know how to clean MacBook. 

Today, we will discuss several methods to clean MacBook screens and answer some frequently asked questions to sort every concern you have over cleaning laptop screens. Let’s do this.

How to clean MacBook screen – Methods

Method # 1

The first and most important thing you need to do is shut down your MacBook and disconnecting the power source. In this method, we are using a dry cloth for the cleaning, so one might think that disconnecting the power source is not that important. Still, there is a considerable chance of the fabric creating friction and cause damages to your computer. 

Use a microfiber cloth and move it gently across the screen in small circles. If you are in a position to find optical microfiber cloth, it would be ideal for the task. For those who can’t find an optical microfiber cloth, you can go with a soft piece of cloth as far as it is not abrasive. While you clean it, make sure your other hand is holding the lid of the laptop, and do not force the cloth on the screen irrespective of the state of the dirt.

Depending on the condition of the dirt, you will have to give a good rub of up to five minutes and as said, make sure you hold the laptop to prevent damages to it. 

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Method # 2

In this method, you can use a dampen microfiber piece of cloth; having said that, you don’t have to plunge the cloth into the water; just a tiny bit of moist would do the job for you. Please stay away from soaked materials as it will lead to drip water inside your MacBook when you are cleaning it, which will cause unwanted damages. 

To start with, switch off the laptop and disconnect it from the power source. Apply a little bit of water on the cloth, and it would be great if you use distilled water in place of ordinary tap water as minerals of the tap water can work as a conductive. Another serious error people make is that spraying water onto the laptop screen, which is something you should avoid at all costs.

Now you can wipe down as we explained in the first method until the dirt is gone. You may have to dampen the microfiber cloth again depending on the dirt on the screen, but it should be done with utter delicacy to prevent water from getting into the computer. 

Method # 3

When we are talking about how to clean MacBook screen, another easiest and safest way you can perform the task is by using LCD wipes. You will have to use a brand that doesn’t contain alcohol as alcohol has the tendency to damage the screens. 

As we did in previous methods, it’s better to start the process by switching off and disconnecting the MacBook from the power source to prevent moisture from creeping inside. Then apply wipes to a soft cloth and buff the screen in circular motions. LCD wipes are way better than water; hence you don’t have to apply much pressure to get rid of dirt. Also, the formulas that are used to produce LCD wipes are generally safe on electronic devices as well. 

We think the above three methods will sort your question of how to clean MacBook screen. Let’s move ahead and answer some FAQs.

How to clean MacBook screen – FAQs

Can I use eyeglass cleaner on my MacBook screen?

First, you have to check on the ingredients of the eyeglass cleaner before you apply it to the MacBook screen. Most of these cleaners work well with the anti-reflective coating on LCD screens. Still, if you are using them constantly, even the best of the coatings can fade away over time. So, please use substances on the screens if you really need to and don’t make it a habit. 

What are the products in my household that I can use on the MacBook screen?

The best possible solution is using distilled water; as we said, tap water contains harmful minerals for the screens. If your screen consists of heavy smudges, you can use an equal amount of white vinegar and distilled water to get rid of them. But, stay away from apple cider or such kind of products; stick only with white vinegar. 

Can I use hand sanitizer to clean my laptop screen?

Nowadays, hand sanitizers contain an alcohol percentage of more than 60% to effectively kill viruses and bacteria, which will cause damages to laptop screens. We have seen many people say yes to this question, but according to our reading, it’s a NO.

How can I remove fingerprints off my MacBook screen?

You can use one of the methods we elaborated on as a solution. The easiest out of them is to use slightly distilled water dampen cloth, do not spray water on the screen; just follow the instructions we provided. 

Can I reuse microfiber cloths to clean screens?

There are two types of microfiber cloths; reusable ones and disposable ones. The reusable cloths can be used over and over again without much of a problem when used and washed properly. 

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How to clean MacBook screen – Conclusion

We hope now you know how to clean MacBook screen. Actually, there is no rocket science in cleaning a laptop screen, but we know you love your MacBook, and that’s why you have searched this on the internet. Before we say cheerio, please take a minute and look at our website as it is all about Apple products. Have a great day!

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