Fitbit Surge vs Apple Watch 2 Comparison: which One You Should Choose

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This article will provide you with facts about Fitbit Surge vs Apple watch 2. The manufacturer of smart watches is both Apple Inc. and android companies. The smart watch connects to your iPhone or Android phone depending on the device you use. And the first Apple Watch was launched in 2015, while the android launched its first smart watch in 2014. Fitbit Surge and Apple Watch 2 are smart watches that fall into the category of fitness devices. 

What Are Smart watches?

Smart watches are the digital device that works similarly to a smartphone. By the term watch, you know watches are for the wrist. Yes, smart watches are also the same. You can wear it on your wrist. Hence it is easily portable. Unlike traditional wristwatches, smart watches provide many innovative features while you can also keep track of the time.

Smart watches offer a variety of features and are capable of connecting to your smartphone. The smart watch will notify you the new message, emails, and calls. The latest versions of the smart watches have a colored display, a pedometer (to track steps), and heart rate monitors the help to track health. 

Some smart watches facilitate receiving the call, and you can attend the call using the watch itself. You can classify these watches according to the features and usability that attract the target customers. Smart watches, hybrid watches, and fitness trackers are the main types of smart watches.

How to Use a Smart Watch?

First, charge your new smart watch and turn it on. Via Bluetooth, connect the smart watch to the smartphone you are using (you can connect android smart watches on both Android phones and iPhones, but the Apple watches only to Apple phones). Download all the apps and features you prefer (you can do this in the same way you do on smartphones). 

If it is a hybrid watch, you can also turn the notifications on to get messages and calls (Apple watches are often hybrid, but Fitbit Surge will not allow this option since the companies design it for fitness). Please charge the battery entirely so that you can use it for a longer time.

What Is Fitbit Surge?

Android introduced the Fitbit Surge fitness device especially for sports enthusiasts to track their sports activities. There are many Fitbit products, and the Fitbit surge model is one of them. The first smart watch of Fitbit is the surge model, introduced in 2015. 

The Surge is a fitness device that works in real-time. The Fitbit surge tracks steps, the distance traveled, the number of calories you have burnt, active hours, rest (stationary) hours, heat rate, and the hourly activities completed.  

What Is Apple Watch 2?

The Apple Watch 2 is a popularized smart watch manufactured by Apple Company. Apple Watch 2 is a fitness-oriented watch used for sports purposes that can keep track of your fitness and health. The watch shows real-time results. 

And similar to Android’s Fitbit Surge, this also tracks steps and the distance traveled, the number of calories you have burnt, active hours, rest (stationary) hours, heat rate, the hourly activities completed, and many more.

Although the purpose of Fitbit surge and Apple Watch 2 is same they differ in the features provided. Hence let’s discuss further on Fitbit surge vs Apple Watch 2.

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Fitbit Surge Vs Apple Watch 2

Fitbit Surge and Apple Watch 2 are for the same group of customers who are interested in sports. Many features provided by both the watches are standard, but still, there is uniqueness according to the company. Let’s discuss Fitbit surge vs Apple Watch 2 and what differentiates them from the companies.

  • Fitbit Surge provides a variety of smart watches when compared to the Apple watch.
  • Fitbit Surge can perform well as a fitness tracker but fails to work well in terms of a smart watch; hence Fitbit does not mention Surge as a smart watch but instead calls it “Fitness Super Watch.” The Apple Watch 2 will excellently work as a smart watch and fitness tracker.
  • The battery’s life span is more in Fitbit surge than Apple Watch 2. A fully powered Fitbit surge will last for around seven days, but the Apple Watch 2 has shorter battery life.
  • Cyclists can use the Apple Watch 2 to track their outdoor cycling, and this feature is not available in Fitbit surge.
  • Both the watches, as discussed, keep track of heart rate, steps, calories burnt, etc., but Fitbit Surge will specify what activity you did. In an Apple Watch 2, some activities fall into the “other” category.
  • Fitbit Surge has a GPS Tracker while Apple Watch 2 doesn’t. If you lose your Surge watch, using the GPS you can easily find it. Since Apple watch 2 does not provide the GPS option, it might be hard to trace the misplaced/ lost watch.
  • You can upgrade with upcoming features in the Apple Watch, but it is not possible with Fitbit Surge as they don’t have an app platform.

Now you know about Fitbit Surge vs Apple Watch 2. Please continue reading to learn why Fitbit Surge is better than the Apple Watch.

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For aesthetic/ fitness purposes, Fitbit Surge is better than the Apple Watch. You need to know why? Fitbit Surge has an excellent battery lifespan, GPS tracker, silent alarm, and inactivity alerts. Also, it is water resistant and dustproof, supports both iPhone and Android phones, provides sleep reports, and keeps track of your calory intake. Therefore, Fitbit Surge is often a recommended product for sports enthusiasts.

Although many suggest Fitbit Surge as the best option for sports, The iPhone user often values the Apple watch due to their passion for Apple Inc. products, and as Apple watches work as hybrid. 

Connecting an Apple watch to an iPhone will be more appropriate than an android watch. But in case you are using android, you must use the android smartwatches since the apple product is not compatible with android devices.

This article might have helped you to learn in detail about smartwatches, specifically the fitness watches, Fitbit Surge vs Apple Watch 2, and many other essential things you must know about fitness watches.

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