How to invert a picture on an iPhone?

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Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. That way you will not only receive calls but also get many other handy features. Especially if you have an iPhone, it has many additional advantages. Nowadays, we get many editing tools right in your iPhone. It allows you to retouch photos, crop, adding filters, edit backgrounds, adding texts and many more things to photos to get a good look.

One of the features of these editing apps is the invert option. That way you can reverse or swap the colors in the picture. This is a very valuable feature. By inverting a picture, its colors are flipped. This makes the darkest area light and the lightest area dark. For example, a green mango can turn red and a yellow flower can turn purple. In this article, we show you how to use this feature on your iPhone. Let’s see where that is.

For this you can use the iPhone to invert the photo in several ways. First, let’s see why we want to invert a picture. There may be some special reasons for that. 

1. Better Artistic Expression

If you are an artist or a photographer and you want to give your photo a different outlook or a creative way to present it, you can invert it. It helps you to get your photos more visually stunning. It helps you get the depth and complexity you want.

2. Easier Color Correction 

When you invert a photo, you can easily see which areas are overexposed or underexposed. This way you can see which area needs color correction and how to achieve a perfect balance.

3. Better Accessibility 

Inverting a photo can be very beneficial for people with visual impairment. Especially such as Photophobia or sensitivity to light. And other conditions that compromise the sensitivity belong to this. When you invert a photo, its brightness decreases, so it becomes easier to view the photo. Because the brightness decreases. Also, by inverting a picture, it becomes easier to distinguish between shades and hues. People with color vision deficiency can benefit from it. From all points of view, it creates accessibility.

How to invert a picture on iPhone: 

Step 1: First open the Photos app 

Launch the photos app on your home screen. This will be the default gallery for all pictures taken or saved on your device. 

Step 2: Select the picture 

Select the photo you want. For this, browse in your photo library and select the desired photo, tap on it and get a full view. 

Step 3: Edit the Picture 

When you open your picture, you can see an edit option in the top right corner. Tap on it. It appears as three horizontal lines with sliders.

Step 4: Access the Adjustments 

After tapping the edit tool, you can see many editing tools at the bottom of the screen. Swipe left or right on these editing options. Find the adjustment tool from these. It is represented by a dial icon. 

Step 5: Choose the “Invert” Option 

You can see several editing options in the adjustment tool. Meanwhile, you can take care of things like light, color, and B&W. Scroll to the end and find the invert option. Tap on it. Then you can see that the color of your picture will be inverted immediately. 

Step 6: Preview and Save 

Once the picture is inverted, preview it and ensure that you are satisfied with the result. If you like it, tap on done. It can be seen in the bottom right corner. That saves the image.

Step 7: Save a Copy 

If you want to keep the original image separately and save the invert option separately, click ‘Save as Copy’. Replace it with ‘Done’. This will apply the changes you have made and save a separate image and the original will be seen as well. 

Step 8: Share the invert picture (Optional) 

When the invert picture is saved, you can share it with others via messages, email, social media or any other preferred method. Simply locate the picture in your gallery. Tap the share button. Usually this is represented by an upward pointing row. Then choose the desired sharing option.

Thus you can successfully invert your picture. Also remember that Photos apps editing tools are relatively basic and may not provide advanced control over color inversion compared to third-party photo editing apps. If you need advanced editing features, use a third-party editing app. You can see the necessary details for this at the bottom of this article. 

And when you save the inverted picture at once, it overwrites the original picture. If you want to keep the original separately, it is best to create a copy before making changes.

Additionally, iOS updates bring changes to editing tools and user interface. Therefore, the steps mentioned above may change a little with future iOS updates. However, the core process of inverting a picture is to open the Photos app, select a picture, access the editing tool, and choose the Invert option. 

How to color invert an image on iPhone

Let’s enable Classic invert • For this, open the settings app on your iPhone. • Select accessibility in Settings. • Tap on its Display & Text Size. • Scroll down on the next page and turn on the Classic Invert toggle. 

Then the colors on your screen will be instantly inverted. Under this you will get an opportunity to take care of colors temporarily after opening any photo and inverting it. 

If you find it difficult to go to the settings and turn the toggle on and off, you can instead create a shortcut to turn on Classic invert. You can add any accessibility feature to accessibility shortcuts in iOS. This also includes the Classic Invert function.

Enable this shortcut, 

• Open the setting app on your iPhone. 

• Select Accessibility in Settings. 

• Scroll down on the screen and tap on the Accessibility shortcut. 

• Here you can see a list of available accessibility features on your iPhone. You can see a tick mark for the features you are already using. 

• Add Classic Invert as an accessibility shortcut, tap on classic invert in this list. When you select the option, you can see a tick mark on its left side. 

• To activate the iPhone classic invert using this shortcut, triple click the side button of your iPhone. 

• If Classic Invert is the only feature you have selected in accessibility shortcuts, it will be enabled straight away. If you select more accessibility shortcuts, you will see a menu appear at the bottom.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express: 

Adobe Photoshop Express is a powerful photo editing app that offers a wide range of features. This also includes the invert picture ability. With its user friendly interface, you can quickly and easily flip the colors in your image. To invert a picture, simply open your app. Import the image you want from your gallery or take a new photo. Next, access the effect menu. Here you can see the invert option. That way you can flip the color of your picture.

Key features: 

• In addition to inverting, it offers you many editing tools, such as cropping, rotating, adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation. 

• Selection of effects and filters are provided. With that you can enhance the creativity of the image. 

• You can save edited photos with a high resolution and directly share them on social media.

2. Snapseed: 

Snapseed developed by Google is one of the powerful photo editing applications. The inversion feature has been added to this. It is known for its advanced editing tools and non-destructive editing capabilities. To invert a photo using Snapped, simply open the app. Select the image you want to edit. Click on its tool icon. Select its ringtone. You will see the saturation option there. When set to extremes, the colors are inverted.

Key Features: 

• It supports RAW image editing. It is suitable for photographers who want to fine-tune their photos. 

• Selective editing tools are included. That way you can apply effects to specific areas. 

• Variety of filters and styles are offered. It gives a unique look to your image.

3. VSCO:

VSCO is a photo editing app that is more popular among photography enthusiasts. That’s because of its minimal interface and high-quality presets. It doesn’t have a dedicated ‘Invert’ feature, but you can use its editing tools to achieve effects. To invert a picture in VSCO, open the app. Import the image. Next go to the edit tab. There you can adjust the Exposure and Contrast sliders Value to the minimum level. It effectively inverts colors. 

Key Features: 

• Wide range of film-inspired presets provide a classic and artistic look to your image. 

• Also allows you to adjust various aspects of the photo. Such as temperature, tint and grain. 

• The app provides social sharing options in the community.

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Frequently asking questions and answers 

Question: Can I invert a picture on my iPhone without using any third-party apps? 

Answer: Yes, you can directly invert a picture using the built-in editing tools in the photos app on your iPhone.

Question: How do I access the editing tools in the Photos app? 

Answer: To access the editing tools, open the picture you want to edit in the Photos app. Next, tap on the edit button. It is in the top right corner. 

Question: Where can I find the Invert option in the editing tools? 

Answer: You can find the Invert option under the Adjustment tool. The adjustment tool is represented by a dial icon. When you scroll to the end of the options, you can find Invert.

Question: Can I preview the inverted picture before saving the changes? 

Answer: Yes, after applying inversion, take some time to preview the picture. If you are satisfied, tap on the Done button. That will save the changes. 

Question: How can I keep the original image while saving the inverted version as a separate copy? 

Answer: Instead of tapping Done, select Save and Copy after inverting the picture. This creates a new copy with changes, while the original remains the same. 

Question: Are there any limitations to the built-in inversion feature in the photos app? 

Answer: Compared to other third-party advanced apps, the built-in version provides basic features and does not provide advanced control over color inversion. 

Question: What if I want to have more options and advanced features for inverting pictures? 

Answer: If you need more advanced editing features, use third-party apps like Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop Express. Which offers additional features beyond simple color inversion.

Question: Can I share an inverted picture directly from the Photos app? 

Answer: Yes, when you save the inverted image, you can simply share it to other social media platforms. And you can do it through messages, emails, or any preferred sharing method. 

Question: Will inverting a picture affect the original image permanently? 

Answer: Yes, applying changes like inversion in the Photos app directly overwrites the original image. If you want to keep the original unaltered, keep a copy before making changes. 

Question: How can revert the picture back to its original status after inverting it? 

Answer: If you save the inverted image as a separate copy, you have access to the original unaltered version in your photo library. If you only have the inverted version, you can apply the inversion feature again and revert to its original status.

These are some common questions about inverting pictures on an iPhone. Understanding how to use the Photos app’s built-in editing tools and considering third-party apps for more advanced editing can help you get the best results when inverting your images. 

If you know more information about this topic and these phone models, please feel free to add that information to comments and help others to get a proper idea about this. And also share this article to your friends , family members and other persons, who are interested about Apple accessories.

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