macOS Sierra 08 How-Tos

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It is usual that you still can’t set things right on your macOS sierra version. Although it has passed a few years since the introduction, you can be a person who still loves keeping macOS sierra on your mac computer. Here are 08 “how to dos” for your mac computer. They will let you know to improve the quality of features along with the correct procedures. Also, it is vital to have the macOS Sierra installed on your computer with the recommended mac version. Although it is free to download, you still require to have the hardware requirements according to the Apple specifications.

How to Use Apple Pay On Web

As one of the embracing features presented by Apple Company, Apple pay has been included in the macOS sierra. Safari web browser is required for the process along with few other things such as Apple watch, Finger ID, and the macOS sierra OS. Along with the mentioned requirements fulfilled, users can be eligible to pay online for transactions related to PayPal and similar methods.

To authenticate the payment method, the user must have either an apple watch or an iPhone with a fingerprint ID feature. Although it is an Apple watch, the user will get the ability to make the payment.  The best thing regarding Apple pay is that world-class getaways like Time Inc., Wayfair, and Apple store itself accepts Apple Pay as one of the official payment options. If the user is happy to purchase music, clothes, fancies, toys, or an online booking, that will be a possible thing for sure.

This Is Exactly How To Do That

Paying for the online store is the first thing you need to do. Even if it Amazon or any other thing that can link Apple Pay to Paypal, that is a possible thing to make payments.

Then you should choose the item and add it to the bag or select a similar option.

As the next step, you have to finalize the addition to the bill. Even if you expect to purchase few items at once, you will be able to add them to the cart by clicking on add to the bag or cart each time needed. After finalizing the adding, you have to proceed to the checking out option where you have to add Apple Pay as a paying option.

After Apple Pay is checked in the box, you have to add the delivery option under Apple Pay. Since the delivery details remain unchanged, the user can proceed to the next step, finalizing Apple Pay.

If an Apple watch is nearby the payee, a macOS sierra user will be able to finalize the purchase by tapping on the watch. Double tapping on the right side of the watch will let the user authenticate the payment if it is an Apple WatchOS3. If the Apple watch is not a possible thing related to the payment option, authentication can be launched using the Apple iPhone. A confirmation box will be visible on Apple iPhone and the user has to confirm it. If the Apple iPhone is locked, the touch ID will have to be required to finish the process.

After the confirmation is completed, the purchased item will be sent to the address confirmed by the payee.

How to Optimize Disk with macOS sierra “Optimize Storage” Feature

Since there are so many third-party apps for windows users, it is not vital to have an inbuilt disk optimization app for them. When it comes to Apple macOS, the requirement of having disc optimization had not been a necessity as Apple macOS had almost become the perfect OS without bugs and building cache memories. That almost perfect feature went down with the macOS sierra OS as they had introduced a new feature known as the “Optimize Storage” feature to make the macOS sierra the best OS with the Optimization.

The entire process includes removal of unnecessary files, emptying unused storage, cleaning up the cache, and storing barely used files in iCloud. It is a good way to get some free space for the disks and to have extra luggage on the remaining space as well. Since the Apple Platforms themselves have got the required speed, the speed is not a bigger thing to achieve thing with this feature. However, that will be a similar experience to the Windows third-party apps.

This Is How To Do That

As the first thing to do, the users have to click the Apple icon on the menu bar. Then you will have to select “About This Mac” among the list of tasks to do.

It is about the storage and the selection of the storage icon will take you to the relevant factor from where you can optimize the storage that you have. Also, you may know how much memory that is already consumed by the data on macOS sierra.

Soon after clicking the Manage option on the storage, you will be made aware of the things that you can do to free the space on your device. When it comes to the sorting options, users will get a range of options to free the space. Applications, iCloud Drive, iOS Files, iTunes, Documents, GarageBand, iBooks, Mail, Photos, and Trash are the file types that the macOS sierra uses to categorize the data. Also, the user will get to see that last accessed date, size, and few options. If you want to get into the place where certain data has been installed on the disk, you will be able to get there by clicking on the app.

A recommendation is an option that lets you have options to do with tey space that has been allocated for the app or the specific data. For example, if the MacOS sierra Optimize Storage wants you to upload the data to the iCloud storage, it means that you haven’t used that file for a long time. Similar to that, there are few other options a user has got such as photo optimization, keeping the recent emails only, removing iTunes content, and many more. Also, you can check the box for emptying the trash bin automatically which will keep some space voluntarily.

Storage Is A Pros

The storage on the iCloud is a new thing that a macOS sierra user needs to know. Once a file is uploaded to the iCloud that will be available for all kinds of linked Apple devices. All it needs to stay in touch with the file is to link the devices. However, the 50Gb limited space is a factor you need to manage.

How to Use macOS sierra Copy Paste Cross Devices

One of the most elegant things to be introduced for all kinds of digital equipment is the copy-paste option. A user has been able to find and use the copy-paste option across several apps. If a person needs to find information for an assignment, he will be able to use the copy and paste option to collect information. Not only that, sending messages, copying links, and many uses are available for this feature. When it comes to the loss of copied text for the clipboard, that will be a huge loss sometimes. If you are a windows user, a refreshing window will be quite enough to lose the copied data. Although several third-party apps have replaced the typical copy, and only the inbuilt version has been the perfect one.

When it comes to macOS Sierra, it has been able to take the Apple users to a new dimension with their Copy and Paste Cross devices feature which is always a relief for all kinds of users. If you copy a text or a specific link with your mac device, you will be able to retrieve the same data to the iPhone or another linked apple device. 

Once a text has been copied to the clipboard, it is being uploaded to the iCloud servers so a user can get that copied text to another ID device in the links. All you need to have is the Apple ID.  It has not only been available for text copy and pastes but any kind of data as well. For example, if you want to upload an image to other devices, the same procedure will be to perform the task as well.

This Is How To Do It

The best thing regarding the universal copy & paste feature is its simplicity. The interlinked copy and paste are not visible from the outside as it works similar to the copy and paste.  Although it says that you just copied a text, it directly uploads into the iCloud storage. Only your device knows that. You may find the Paste option in any other linked Pelle devices. It means that the paste is available for you.

There are few limitations that you need to know. For example, the universal copy & paste feature is available just for few minutes.  You have to use the copied text within few minutes to save what you have done. When it comes to the moment when you have copied an image, you will not be allowed to use it for any app. Only selective apps are in the range of processing an image that has been copied into the copy and paste wizard.

If you expect to use this universal copy and paste feature you will have to have these devices.

MacBook (2015 or onwards)

 Mac mini (2012  or onwards)

 iMac (2012 2013 or onwards)

 Mac Pro (2013 or onwards)

Bluetooth is necessary to switch on to activate this feature. If you have turned off the settings for turning on the Bluetooth automatically, the device will not be responsible for transmitting the data to other devices over the copied text. Wi-Fi is not necessary to function the feature as well. It is vital to remember that there have been some complaints regarding the actions of the feature backward. It means that you cannot copy from an iPhone and paste on the macOS sierra OS.

How To Use Siri in macOS sierra

One of the greatest achievements for macOS was Siri. It could link with the Apple Virtual assistant to get so many things done. If a sure wants to know the weather forecast, send messages, make calls, and do thousands of things on the internet, Siri will be at your help. When it comes to Apple macOS sierra OS, the OS had included few more features as well. For example, if a user wants a document found in the storage, Siri will do that in an instant with the given instructions.

Getting Started Siri

There are four ways to start with Siri. All of them have got specific ways and the fourth method requires hands-free or headphones produced by Apple.

The first one to start Siri is by clicking on the Dock icon and the site will be there to serve you. As the simplest way to do that, this will do.

The next way to start up Siri is by finding the icon on Spotlight search and Notification Center icons. If you are already in the search bar trying to figure out something, this will be easier than going back to docks.

As the third method, you have to keep holding the command button and the spacebar for about 2 seconds to fire up Siri. Since the keyboard is much comprehensive than searching for Siri here and there on the computer, this will be a better way as well.

What about a simple “Hello Siri” to your cutest pal. Indeed, if you murmur those two words to the hands-free, the reply will be a constant.

If you haven’t enabled Siri on your Mac device, you will have to enable him manually. There are two ways a user can activate Siri. The first one is at the installation process. You will be prompted to enable Siri at the very beginning. The other way involves in Siri section of System Preferences. Also, a user can differentiate so many Siri preferences such as voice, language, feedback, and shortcuts. It is important to note that after setting up the keyboard shortcut, you have to enter it to call Siri not the macOS sierra given Shortcuts.

What are the Special Gifts for Siri in macOS Sierra?

There are so many things that Siri can do for you. If you are an iPhone user, the things you do will be unique from the things that you can do with macOS sierra. When it comes to Siri on macOS Sierra, you will get a whole lot of special gifts.

The very first thing with Siri in macOS Sierra is its Multi-tasking ability. Unlike Siri in iOS, it doesn’t take the whole nine yards to let you have the results. What it consumes from the display is only a portion. Therefore the user can perform another app launch and import the data that he has collected from the device. 

Also, if you want to send a message to a friend regarding a trip that you have planned, you will be able to send it while searching the pinned points on the map. Since Siri allows you to have the best route, you can include it in the message.

Dragging and dropping media to Email

Have you troubled with dropping or locating the attachments to the emails? Then this feature will be a relief to you for sure. As it is difficult to find a single file from search results, you get the ability to drop it directly into the email. All you have to do is to search the file with the remembered points. For example, if you searched it the last week, you will be able to track down the file with that details. Then you may send it using Siri or open the emails and forward it to the desired recipient. Since the display is not entirely used by Siri, you will have plenty of free space to get things done. Not only media files, even the maps, locations, links, and any other thing can be included in the messages and emails.

Settings with Siri

A macOS sierra user can set some of the settings related to macOS Sierra macOS. Although it is not a much common or a mostly used feature, it will be a great way to deal with some of the specific moments. For example, if you want to change the settings of the display while watching a movie, you will be able to get it done using Siri. All you have to do is to give an audio command.  Here are a few of the things that macOS sierra can change in the settings.

Changing the Wallpaper

Although voice commands look hilarious with Siri its practical applications have got a deeper meaning. When it comes to the exact meaning of such settings, activating g the sleep mode or sending the computer into sleep can be considered. If you want to put the mac device into sleep, all you have to say is “Siri, put the macOS sierra into sleep”. If you are in the sleepy mode, you will not have to step into the mac device.

It is not essential to discover the images or wallpapers that you have saved on the computer. Assigning the duty to Siri will do the thing perfectly. “Sir, change the wallpaper” command will be quite sufficient to do the work. If you are tired of finding the setting for changing the wallpaper, this will be the best way to do that.

Changing the Display Settings

Similar to changing the wallpaper, there are few other settings that you may find interesting. If you want to increase the contrast, adjustments, and resolution of the windows, Siri will be at your service to get things done. Most importantly, macOS Sierra users won’t have to discover the settings as Siri will do that for you.

Connectivity switching on/off

It was not a new thing for an iPhone user. But, that was the first time when any of the desktop computers got the ability to turn on or off things in the computer. If you want to simply turn on Bluetooth to act, Siri will do that. Similar to that, Wi-Fi can also be turned on or off with the assistance of Siri. All you have to do is to ask Siri to do that.

Get to Know about Your Mac macOS sierra

One of the best persons to get to know about the mac device is Siri. All you have to do is to ask him about your computer. There are many things that a person can know from Siri. How much storage is left on the computer, how fast is the device,  what is the serial number of the device,  what is the macOS version of the device, and even the remaining space on iCloud?  Since the required details are shown as both verbally and written, you will get to proceed to the analysis straight away as well. When it comes to opening the relevant data, you can free data by opening the settings on the device. For example, if you are running out of space, you will be able to see the available space using Siri and ask him to open Optimize Storage feature on the device.

Siri will be available for any kind of service. If you are not going to need him, you can simply turn him off by clicking the x sign on the dialog box. If you want to bring him back, it will be enough to “Hey Siri” Once again.

How does iCloud Drive Syncs work

An Apple user could share his files between a couple of devices or a few linked devices using the iCloud service. If the file volume is less than 50GB, you will get to send one file into the iCloud storage. Also, you may receive it using another iPhone., When this feature comes into the macOS sierra, you are asked if the file-sharing of iCloud is going to be available on the device when you are about to install the macOS Sierra on your Mac computer. When your local storage is almost filled or you’ve just permitted the computer to upload the unnecessary or unused files to the iCloud server, those documents or files will be uploaded automatically. If you are not aware of how to do that, this is how to do that.

If you haven’t enabled this feature on the Mac device, you will have to enable it manually. Since it I a step you have to take when installing the macOS Sierra, that will not be forcibly asked of you unless there is not enough space on the storage.  System Preferences> iCloud> iCloud Drive> Options> path will take you to the settings of iCloud storage. Checking the boxes that state “Desktop & Documents Folders” will enable you to upload the data of your apps to the iCloud server which are also retrievable using another Apple Device.

Desktop Sharing Enabling Is Essential

Once you enabled the desktop sharing feature among iOS and macOS devices, you will be able to get access.  Even if you have a windows device, you will be able to download the data using Windows iCloud app as well.  Since it is the very first time that the iCloud synchronizing feature id s for macOS users, the feature will be up to the hands of Apple users with so many features. Whatever the iCloud use you expect to get, you will get it with the perfect speed and stability with the macOS sierra OS.

How to get Picture in Picture Feature for Safari and Videos

Picture in Picture or several tabs in the same display was a great feature that macOS sierra users could enjoy. When it comes to Siri and its uses, multiple tabs were also important. The latest step macOS had taken was to introduce Picture in Picture for the macOS device. It means that you can watch two videos in the same window. Also, the developers had included Pictures in Tabs to locate the maps in the safari as well.  Users could increase the size and drop the frame of the player as well.

In a moment when the user is watching a movie, he could work on a document without being disturbed. Even if he is surfing on the safari app, the user can keep watching a video. macOS users can enjoy another video in the video with this feature. Pinning, unpinning, resizing, and locating were a few of the options the user got.

When it comes to safari pictures in picture mode which is also featuring the same options. Only a few websites could provide the picture in picture mode. YouTube, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal could facilitate the features. The macOS later versions contained the ability to play videos under a picture in picture mode but not macOS sierra. Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter websites didn’t support this feature in the macOS Sierra version.

It is simple To Do

Picture in Picture cab easily is accessible using the right-click. After you entered the destined website, you may proceed with a right-click and see the feature titled “Enter Picture-in-picture mode”. Also, it is vital to know that there is not a specific keyboard shortcut nor any kind of extension. They don’t allow to get into the picture in picture mode on those websites. Probably the right click will do that.

How To Unlock your MacOS sierra Using The Smart Watch

As an Apple macOS sierra os owner, you can unlock your computer using the smartwatch. It will automatically unlock the mac device without asking for the password. Apple Watch is usable as an authenticating device and you can save your time in hours per year. There is a recommended way to do that and this is how to do it.

How to do that

You should select the Apple Logo on the right corner of the mac device and then select the system preferences.

Next, you should choose “Security & Privacy” and there you can find the general section.

Then after you will be able to find a section called Auto Unlock and you may put the tick on. Then the device will be set to unlock automatically.

You will have to enter the password from this moment onward. Because you are not going to need it with the Apple watches.

After setting up the settings, you will not have to enter the password to unlock your computer. You need to keep the Apple watch near the mac device. Even if it is few feet away, the device will unlock. Instead of a password filling window, you will see “Unlocking with Apple Watch…” Also, there will be a notification for your Apple watch saying that you have unlocked the mac device. If the sierra os doesn’t unlock automatically due to some kind of setting, you will have to wait for 10s until the password filling bar appears.

This feature is available only for the devices that have been after 2013. It means Apple WatchOS3 and Mac models introduced in mid-2013 are only going to support this feature.

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