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How Do I Know If My iPhone is charging? Don’t Guess It. Read This

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A tablet is a type of computer known as a tablet computer; the term is shortened and called a tab for verbal convenience. The tablet is a mobile device that uses smart technology with a touch display and rechargeable battery. Since the tablet is a rechargeable device, the tablet’s battery is charged using a charger, which requires electricity, but how to charge a tablet without a charger? It can sound like a nightmare for most, especially individuals like remote workers, who depend on the tablet in their careers, but this article has solutions to all your problems. Of course not to mention the die-hard iPad users. 

 The tablet is a rechargeable smart device; the tablet has a charger port that can be connected to a charger and the plug through a USB Cable. The plug generates electricity and helps to charge the tablet through the USB cable connected to the tablet and the pin.

The battery in the tablet retains the power of the tablet using a charger, and the charge can last depending on the usage and the quality of the tablet. However, it is estimated that the charge of a tablet can last between 3 hours to 10 hours in general.

Though the tablet can retain the power for a considerable time, there are times when your tablet can run out of battery. Unfortunately, you might have a power cut in your place; it is vital to find an alternative if you face such a situation, and why it is essential to learn how to charge a tablet without a charger. It can also be helpful for travelers on a hike or camp, remote workers, and individuals in the wildlife sector, such as wildlife photographers, who are finding an alternative to charge the tablets without a charger.

How to Charge a Tablet without a Charger?

How to charge a tablet without a charger is not only a need for those mentioned above. But also a vital hack that all of us must know. Below, you will learn a list of how to charge a tablet without a charger to find the best alternatives when you do not have power.

Portable Solar Panel

Solar panels are the most eco-friendliest way to charge your tablet, and it supports the green environment by reducing usage of chemicals or fuels. A portable solar panel can be a maximum of 100 watts; you can carry the solar panel while traveling.

The only energy source for the tablet to charge through the solar panel is the sun, so you don’t have to worry about charging your solar panel even when you are out, as long as the sun shines bright.

You can simply plug your phone into the cable and connect it to the solar panel.

The solar panel can be an excellent choice for people going on a hike, camp, or other outdoor adventure for days.

USB ports

It’s not difficult to come across USB ports as they are in many public places, like hotels, cafes, airports, etc. It will be more convenient to carry a USB cable with you if you don’t find one, but you might find enough multi USB ports. USB cable ports are helpful for travelers and remote workers working in a café or a pub.

 You can also optimize your laptop, but this is not a very good idea as your laptop can run out of charge, but if you want to restart your tablet for a few minutes, this can be a good idea.

Power banks

Power banks have power packs that can help you to charge your tablet. However, to use the power bank, you have to charge the power packs in a power bank; it might take 1 to 2 hours to charge a power bank. The power bank has enough power to charge your tablet, and it is way more convenient than other alternatives used to assess your tablet, as this is a portable device that only needs a small space to fit into your bag.

Each battery pack in a power bank has different capacities, represented as mAh (milliamp hour); the ability of the power bank determines the time taken to charge the tablet.

Optimize your Vehicle

You can optimize your car to charge your tablet; for this, you must turn your vehicle on and plug a USB port into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle. The USB port draws energy from the car; now, you must connect your tablet to the car’s USB port using a cable. The time taken for your tablet to charge in the car depends on the power generated by the car.

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What Happens If You Change Your Tablet Without A Charger?

If you had the idea that you are damaging your battery by using other alternatives to charge, you are not alone.

Though the original charger is much better and is more effective than any other alternative, it doesn’t harm the performance of the battery capacity. Optimizing your vehicle, USB port, or solar panel is not a problem but can be less efficient. It takes a long time to charge; no other problem hinders the battery; this is just a norm of most people. The battery performance in your tablet only depends on the maintenance of the tablet, not the mode used to charge.

Besides, as mentioned earlier, the alternatives make your life so much more convenient to keep your tablet charged in an emergency.


To conclude, the ways used to charge a tablet without a charger can be a helpful hack for most of us; in case of emergencies, it is better to keep yourself updated with the alternatives to charge your tablet.

It is also wise to invest in a good power bank or a solar panel, especially if you are a traveler or remote worker. However, if you are planning to stay out of the city for days, the portable solar panel is undoubtedly the best option for you to invest in. If you are purchasing a power bank, keep a note of the battery’s capacity represented in milliamp hours.

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