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The Best iPad keyboard, 05 Buying Choices

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There is no denying the fact that the products of Apple including iPhone, iPad, and MAC Book are the innovative ones, and we provide authentic information about Apple products.

The iPad comes with a touch screen which sometimes can be frustrating to use. For example, if a user wants to type a mail, or write an article, he/she cannot feel comfortable while using an on-screen keyboard for typing. Therefore, to solve this problem, many iPad small size keyboard are available in the market.

Some keyboards are connected through the wire while some are connected through Bluetooth and Bluetooth keyboards are rather friendly to use. If you are looking to buy a keyboard that is comfortable, compatible, and user-friendly, you come to the right place because we are going to provide in-depth information and recommendations about the Best iPad Keyboard.

On the basis of different prospects, iPad Keyboard can be categorized into five main types which are 

Logitech K380, Apple Magic Keyboard 2017, Logitech Slim Folio Pro, Brydge 10.2 Keyboard for Apple iPad, and Obinslab Anne Pro 2. 

These are small in size and some are even portable which makes them more enticing and easy to use. So, we are going to show you the main properties, pros, and cons of these five best iPad keyboards which are small in size. 

iPad Keyboard Logitech K380

It is a wireless connected small iPad keyboard and it is good for carrying around. The most enticing thing is that it is lightweight and compact in size. It generally comes in light black color looks aesthetically good while using with a black colored iPad. The other major aspect of this Keyboard is that it can be connected simultaneously with your iPad and with other two mobile phone devices via Bluetooth.

Due to integrated hotkeys, they can be used in any type of environment and these hotkeys are very quiet and comfortable to press. It can be used for academic purposes, chatting, composing emails, and office work. It also comes with integrated hotkeys for media control but in addition to these pros, it also has some cons. This keyboard has poor software control system and support and comes with minimum options of customization, but one thing is good that both Windows and MacOS have Logitech Options. It does not possess any type of backlighting but in the end, it is a good choice if someone wants a small, decent, and portable iPad keyboard for office or some other purposes. 

Apple iPad Magic Keyboard 2017

It is also a type of iPad Keyboard which comes with the function of wireless connectivity and it is more durable to use. Its aesthetics are comparatively good as compared to other small keyboards for iPad available in the market. It comes with a rigid aluminum frame having no flex. The worth-mentioning fact is that it is the slimmest keyboard ever made and looks good with iPad. Buttons are comfortable to press and very responsive. If someone is loyal to Apple, he/she would definitely buy Apple products like Apple Magic Keyboard 2017. It has also some cons.

The main difference between Logitech K380 and Apple Magic Keyboard 2017 is that Logitech 380 allows users to connect multiple devices with it while on the other hand; we can only connect one device, which is iPad at a time with Apple Magic Keyboard 2017. The other major con is that it cannot be connected with Android or Windows devices because it has been made only for the Apple Products like the iPad. 

Logitech Slim Folio Pro

This is another small, and portable wireless keyboard for iPad which comes like a portfolio. Its dimensions are 11 inches and 12.9 inches, 3rd generation pro, and have an aluminum bottom frame. In addition to the slim and portable design, it can also protect your iPad and have backlighting.

It has integrated with three different brightness settings. Also, comfortable media buttons and these buttons are made very light and responsive. Like Logitech K380, it can be connected with an iPad and with other devices simultaneously. It is rechargeable but the company does not offer a USB-C. It is a con of this type of iPad keyboard as well. 

Brydge 10.2 Small size Keyboard for iPad

This keyboard is ideal to use for iPad 7th generation. It has aluminum built and contains hinges. Like Logitech, this type of keyboard is compatible with all operating systems including windows, android, Linux, and iPadOS. It is lighter than the rest of the discussed small keyboards of the iPad. If you are looking for a portable or folio keyboard or want a beautifully built keyboard that will make your iPad like a MacBook, go for Brygdge. The charging cable for this type of keyboard is an android cable. Also, it does not support USB-C cable like others. It can be taken as either pro or con, depending on the taste of the user. 

Obinslab Anne Pro 2

It is considered the best iPad keyboard having mechanical switches. The compact level of Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is 60% . Also, it can be connected easily with four Bluetooth devices like the Logitech k380. It comes in relatively small in size and is compatible with windows, Linux, iPadOS, and android. The small frame of this keyboard for the iPad is made up of plastic, which feels substantially solid and well-built. 

Like other keyboards mentioned above, it is not slim but thinks and takes much space in the bad. Including these aspects, it does not offer an incline setting or wrist rest. It may or may not be comfortable to use for anyone. Unlike other iPad keyboards, Obinslab Anne Pro 2 does not have any media keys. That all of the integrated keys in this type of keyboard are macro programmable. Therefore, if someone is looking for a mechanical and durable keyboard, this is the best option for them. 

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