Best free iPhone Music apps

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If you say that music is the way of the soul, I am right. Recently, many people turn to music to calm their mind. The type of music we listen to changes according to our mood and experiences. Many people now use their phones to listen to music. If you are an iPhone user, know about the app that you like and you can easily listen to music for free. We hope to make a review about it in this article.

01. spotify 

Spotify is currently the biggest name in music streaming. It has a bigger fan base than any other streaming service around the world. It has a large music catalog, social features and Pandora-style radio stations. It recently added the podcast to their collection. This opens the door to all types of media.

iPhone users need to pay to use spotify. There is also a free trial here. You can see it there without a subscription. But you have to create an account. And here you have to listen to ads. A premium subscription is required to unlock all the features of Spotify. With that you can listen to music without ads and save music to listen offline. And you can listen to music in high quality audio format.

02. iHeartRadio 

As the name suggests this gives you lot of radio. iHeartRadio delivers live stream in radio stations across the country. If you like traditional radio experience, you will definitely like this app. Apart from this, you can also tune in to news, talk, sports and comedy stations. And podcasts are available from iHeartRadio affiliated sources. You can create custom stations by searching for songs or artists. 

You can get all that through the free app version. But the upgrade version provides more features. This subscription allows you to search and listen to any kind of songs. It also gives you the opportunity to skip unlimited songs and immediately replay a song you heard on the radio station. Similarly, iHeartRadio gives all access to adds full offline listening. And gives you the opportunity to create unlimited playlists.

03. Pandora 

Pandora is one of the free music apps that many people download from the play store. It is simple to use and works well. It has a radio style approach. When you enter a song or an artist into it, it creates a station of music according to your choices. And you can add new artists or songs to this station. Pandora is a terrific tool to discover new music. It is because of the gigantic database of music and relationshipa powering.

The free version allows you to create playlists. But as you have to listen to ads, it also limits the number of sobgs you can skip in an hour. Pandora’s paid membership gives you an ad-free experience and allows you to listen to up to 4 music stations offline. It also provides high quality audio.

04. Youtube Music 

Although YouTube is considered a video site, it is also a very popular place to listen to music online. You are given the opportunity to listen and watch a large number of music albums and videos through this site. 

You can search your favourite songs through YouTube and listen to them and add them to create playlists or stations. Also, like in other apps, new music tracks and songs are automatically suggested according to your likes. 

By upgrading to youtube premium here, you can get ads removal experience in the app and download songs and videos to watch offline. It also allows you to play music even if your phone screen is locked.

05. Apple Music 

It comes pre-loaded with the iPhone and you can unlock the Apple Music streaming music service with it. Apple Music brings the entire iTunes store to your iPhone for $10.99 a month. If you don’t mind missing things like lossless audio, on screen lyrics and music videos, you can sign up for a Voice plan. Available monthly for $4.99. You can get a 30-day free trial before signing up. 

The service also includes a radio service and features beast 1 station. Beast 1 includes a Radio Pandora style music service and creates playlists based on your favorite songs and artists. Beast 1 is an always on radio station program. It is done by top DJs, musicians and tastemakers. Apple Music offers all the features you would expect from a streaming app.

06. Amazon Music 

Although many people use Amazon Prime, there are very few people who use Amazon Music. Amazon Prime Music offers more than 2 million songs to stream. This service is available with your prime subscription and provides an ad-free service. And you can register for a family plan of six people. 

Here you can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited and this version gives you access to more than ten million songs, radio stations and playlists. It also gives you the opportunity to download music offline. 

All users of the Amazon music app get Alexa, which is a cool feature. This is the Amazon voice driven digital assistant. This is powered by Echo devices. This integrates with the app and delivers all Alexa features and abilities to your phone.

07. SoundCloud 

You can easily experience SoundCloud through your iPhone. Like the other app in this list, this one also gives you good music enjoyment. But the special thing here is that this is for DJs, musicians and other creative people trying to distribute their creations around the world. It is not possible to upload through this app. The SoundCloud Pluse app is there for that. 

Through this app you can easily find new artists and musics. The free version gives you access to 120 million tracks and playlists. Upgrading to SoundCloud Go+ gives you access to over 30 million songs. SoundCloud Go gives you offline listening and remove ads features.

08. Uforia 

If you like Latin music more, you will definitely like this app. This app uses both English and Spanish languages ​​to display text. Here 65 Latin radio stations have been given access to broadcast live. And these are streaming only stations that are exclusive to Uforia. You can find this channel according to your city, genre, and language as well as local playlist. 

Here, there is the car mood that provides easy access while driving and convenient features like saving your favorite station for easy access later are also found. Like the other apps you can see here, this app does not have an upgrade version. You can get everything for free. That is the specialty of this app.

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