How to Inspect Element on iPhone or iPad

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With Apple’s multi device integration, you can enable developer tools in Safari from your Mac and inspect elements of a website on your iPhone. 

Often when you save a small image, it degrades in terms of clarity and sharpness. By using the inspect element for that, its proper size is preserved and it contributes to the clarity of the website even though it is very small. It’s a very cool feature, so don’t be afraid to use it.

How to use Inspect Element on iPhone 

To enable this option and use the developer tools, you must have a Mac computer and a cable to connect your iPhone to the computer. 

Turn on your iPhone and open settings. 

Tap Safari.

Then tap Advanced. 

Toggle Web Inspector on. It is green when enabled. 

Then go to your Mac and open Safari.

In the top left corner, click on Safari in the menu. 

After that click Preferences. 

Click on advanced in the navigation bar. 

Next, check Show develop in the Menu Bar. 

You can now see the Develop option in the Top menu. 

When you come to this step, you need to connect your phone to your Mac with a cable. 

When your phone is connected, click on the Develop tab in the top menu. 

Find your phone from the drop down menu.

To avoid using the cable again, you can enable Connect Via Network. Now you can disconnect your iPhone from Mac. You can still enable inspect webpages without connecting the two with a cable. 

Then open the safari app on your iPhone and go to the webpage you need to inspect. 

With your iPhone unlocked and the desired webpage open, go back to your Mac and open Safari. 

Click on Develop in the Menu Bar and select your iPhone.

When you hover over the name of your iPhone, you can see a list of web pages open on your iPhone. Click on the webpage you want to inspect. 

Then a new window will load up on your Mac and it will show all the information of your selected webpage inspected. 

You can see in which part of the page the line of code points. That’s because when you hover your mouse over it, it will be highlighted in blue. 

How to save an image on iPhone with Safari using Inspect Element

Saving an image using Inspect Element Click Source in the top navigation menu. 

Select Image from Side Navigation. 

Right click on the image you want to save. 

Click to save file. 

Here’s how you can do it. Don’t forget to save your images with a name you remember. Developer tools and inspect element are advanced tools but this information can be very important in the future. Also, watching these devices connect and work with each other is very exciting and it is also special that we can take advantage of Apple’s integrated devices.

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