07 Best Apps for Apple iOS 15

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It has not passed many of days since the arrival of Apple iOS 15. Here are 07 Best Apps for Apple iOS 15 to increase the excitement.

As you might have seen, Apple Company has not included some of the features in its iOS 15 such as 3D Map, ShareTime, Privacy Reports, and lots of missing features are there. Although Apple Company has insisted that they would send them as updates, you might not be willing to wait. So, what you have got as an option is to get some apps and increase eth excitement. Here are 07 Best Apps for Apple iOS 15 that you can be impressed.


Managing your passwords is not going to be an easy task. When it comes to your Apple Account that will be even harder. You cannot compromise your credentials at any cost. Although you can lose your phone, your missing password or forgotten passwords can cause losses in millions.  Although your latest iPhone is capable of applying passwords onto the spaces, you will have to wait for that.  The 1Passwrod app is considered as one of the Best Apps for Apple iOS 15 due to its impressive User Interface. You won’t see much but feel it when you are in trouble.


If you are just a typical person, the Calendar App on your Apple iPhone will be good. When it comes to a person who needs excitement, he/she will need something best. The Fantastical app will be a great app for that. Since the app gets the ability to analyze data using the location, date, and time, user will get a better service from the app. Also, the meetings like communicational features will be available on this app.


Are you a person who just tries to go on trips and flies often? Then the Tripsy will be one of the best apps that you can try. The app lets the users to have many adjustments such as notes, arrangements, alarms, as well as the notifications. Literally, the Tripsy will arrange everything for you. Also you have to do is to add the facts, and the app will do the rest. The reason to keep this among the Best Apps for Apple iOS 15 is its ability to view flight schedules. Literally, you will be able to do anything regarding trip planning along with this app.

Halide Mark II

Halide Mark II is one of the best Apps for Apple iOS 15 due to its professionalism. If you have seen the world using the iPhone’s Camera Pap, you might have missed lots of things. Although there are several apps that can be used to capture images for iPhone, the Halide Mark II is a special one. It allows you to stay in control all the time and capture RAW images. Its filters can be applied on to theh images reliably without changing details as well. As a paid app, you will have to pay about 11 USD per year.

Things 3

If you want to stay organized the Things 3 App will be a vita app for you. As a smartphone user, you might have understood that there are this between the Alarms and notes. His app has been introduced exactly to fill that gap. You can easily set up tasks to be fulfilled, Schedule things, set memos, set priorities, and do lots of useful stuff.

Carrot Weather

If you have tried iPhone’s weather app and feels okay, that will be fine. If you want to try things, the carrot app will be among the Best Apps for Apple iOS 15. It is animated, ahs got lost of adjustments, notifications, quick updating, and lots of things in your favor. When it comes to the notifications, you will receive notifications when you are in the middle of a nature’s main event. Even if you are uninterested, you can limit the notifications.  Once you start to use this app, you will feel this app to be better than the usual Weather App of iPhone.

Flighty 2.0

Even if you are a fan of flights or not, the Flighty 2.0 will be an awesome app for you. What it gives is the information related to the flights in the sky. The latest version, Flight 2.0 lets you have a global view along with vibrant graphics. You can see the flight schedules, track the flights, and see details of the flights in an enhanced manner. Since it worked with the GPS, you will get accurate details all the time. Most importantly, the notification Apple will keep you updated all the time.


This article has explained 07 apps that you may find useful for your latest Apple iPhone. These apps have been nominated for a person who uses a smartphone for day to day work. It means, that you may find a few of them to be useless. However, you must have found at least one app that can be useful for your tasks for sure.

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