Best app to hide photos and videos in iPhone

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We all have our personal things in our phones. As you know, we don’t like to share photos and videos with others. That’s why we often try to hide them. But when we let our friends use our phones and turn on the gallery to show some photos, it is difficult to hide such photos. You have been given an option for that from the iPhone itself. But some people don’t like it. Instead, you can find many third-party apps that you can use in the app store. You can hide your photos and videos using a password through them. We are going to tell you about it through this.

App list:

1. Safe Lock – Secret Photo Album

2. Private Photo Vault

3. KeepSafe

4. Pick Lock

5. Best Secret Folder

6. HiddenVault 

7. Secret Photo Album 

8. Secret photo – KYMS

9. Picture Vault Lock Photos Safe 

10. Pic Lock – Photo Video Vault 

11. Locker: Photo Vault 

12. Hide It Pro

Safe Lock – Secret Photo Album 

This is an advanced camera app for iPhone that comes with an embedded camera. That means you can take photos and share them to hidden folders immediately. Here your photos are protected by PIN code, Touch and Face ID. In addition, you can use DotLock, numerical and alphabetic passwords as additional security. With these feathers, you can keep your photos and videos safe here because others cannot access them.

You can see the selection of passwords here to use as you want. It is integrated into cloud storage for photos and videos. Among them you can see Dropbox, Yandex, Disk, Google Drive, iCloud and box. If you want, you can quickly export files using your mobile device and protect them with a password. Also, this app provides the highest protection to your files if your files are in peril through anti-theft break-in reports. 

Key Features –

Offers 7 types of passwords 

Several types of passwords 

Embedded camera 

Export from cloud storage 

Email passcode recovery 

No free version 

2. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is the best application for users who want to protect their personal photos and videos from third-party users with password and pattern lock. You can also use a pin lock with a 4-digit pin. And in addition to all these, you can use a face down lock function.

Here you can see some additional things. Among them, you can mainly deceive people who are curious about your things with fake password. You can use one password for your personal photo album and one master password for your regular photo album. If someone tries to view your protected media, Private Photo Vault will send you an email telling you when and where the unauthorized user is trying. This is important if your iPhone is lost or stolen.

Key Features –

Defines location of a device 

Break-in report with photo and GPS 

Face Down Lock

Fake password feature 

Slideshow of hidden pictures 

No password recovery feature 

3. KeepSafe 

This is one of the best apps you can find in the app store and it uses fingerprint lock, TouchID, PIN protection and military-grade encryption to hide photos and videos. This application provides the highest protection to your files and manages your storage using some photo organizing software.

If you want to hide your photos and videos quickly, I can say that this app is the best. You can hide and protect your files using a simple basic PIN. Then, through a simple process, you can get access to those files without any trouble. This app automatically compresses clips and photos in secret albums and maintains a full-size backup in the cloud. 

Key Features –

To quickly hide photos and videos 

PIN code protection 

Clear interface

Back up hidden albums on iPhone 

Custom hidden albums on iPhone 

No advanced options

4. Pick Lock

If you are looking for a free app for hiding photos and videos on your iPhone, Pick Lock is the perfect app for that. This is really very user friendly and reduces access to files on your phone by PIN and Password. You can create secret folders and organize them as you want.

If you need more security for your data, you can use the complex pattern locking system. With the integrated slideshow viewer, viewing the content of hind files becomes a breeze. You can use the video player provided by this application to play videos.

Key Features –

Uses pattern locking

Integrated video player and slideshow viewer 

Easy setup of passwords and pin codes

Supports pattern locking

Unlimited photos albums for organizing 

Free version without updates

5. Best secret folder

This application comes with custom secure folders. You can keep your images, clips, and other media files here. This not only protects your data but is always inconspicuous for prying eyes. You can disguise it like any other standard program on your iPhone.

You can access secret files using pattern, Face ID, TouchID and password. When a third-party user tries to hack a folder, the application’s built-in camera takes a photo and sends the GPS data to the owner of the iPhone via email. Also, if someone enters the wrong password more than 4 times, the best secret folder will show a fake video and send a lot of notifications to be displayed on the app icon. You can also set an alarm to detect an unauthorized attempt to the secret folder. From that point of view, you can say that this is the safest app for you.

Key features –

Alarm for instant break-in alerts 

Break-in alert for unwanted intruder attempts

Several lock option 

You can set an alarm 

History of all operations performed

Frequent crashes

6. Hide Photos Videos HiddenVault 

HiddenVault is an ultimate user privacy protection app. You can safely store all your private pictures, videos and passwords on your iPhone without any problem. This HiddenVault app is created with zero knowledge security architecture. That means only the user has access to the content. As a security improvement, there is a break-in-alert system that captures a photo of the person trying to access your folders.

And here as an additional feature you can see a built-in password manager. That way you can manage your iPhone password. It also has a built-in private web browser for you to browse the internet. Considering all this, HiddenVault is the best app to hide your photos and videos. 

Key features –

Highly secure architecture 

Built-in private web browser 

Fake album

Break-in Alert 

Built-in password manager 

7. Secret Photo album

Talking about security, another best app I can recommend is Secret Photo Album. Seriously, this is not a joke when it comes to that topic. A really good app. A PIN is provided to lock the app here, and above all, you can use the PIN separately for the album.

Also, you can take care of the usual features that you can see in other apps. Among them, you can see fake PIN, break-in alerts, and cloud storage. As a special feature here, you can see that there is a media player. You can play your photos and videos through it. This not only helps you hide photos but also helps you recover your deleted files. Also, you can see a built-in camera here. 

Key features –

Highly secure cloud storage 

Customizable themes and album covers

Customizable app icons

Built-in media player and camera 

8. Secret photos – KYMS 

If you want to do a lot of things with one app, this is the best app for that. You can take care of this as a features pack. First of all, I want to tell you that this app is not an app that is only used to hide photos and videos. You can also use this app to hide your documents. Also, the media and document types supported by this will impress you a lot. 

You can hide PDF, Word, text, Excel, PowerPoint, and many other document types easily through this app. Also, like other apps, there is a built-in web browser and a password saver here. With that, you can easily protect your credit card information and other important passwords and prevent them from being forgotten without anyone’s fault.

Key features –

Military-grade AES encryption 

Real-time decryption of files 

Import or create hidden contacts

Hide photos, videos, documents, password, credit card info & audio recording 

9. Picture Vault Lock Photos Safe 

Another best app you can find in the app store is Picture Vault. This app has the usual function to protect your pictures and videos securely. You can also see a built-in camera and decoy password function. Apart from this, a media player and a built-in camera can be seen as additional features. And you can share photos to other platforms securely. There is a special function here to share them directly to Snapchat.

Many apps can hide photos but they are weak and more than easy to hack, but Photo Vault provides Military grade AES 256 encryption. Just look through your phone’s photo gallery and tap photos or videos to import into the Photo Vault App. Once imported, you can choose to easily delete those photos from your phone’s public photo gallery if not deleted by default while still view them in your Photo Vault App.

Key features –

Simple & Easy-to-use interface 

Fake PIN features 

Unlimited cloud storage option 

Built-in photo & video player

10. Pic Lock – Photo Video Vault 

Pic Lock is another best app for iPhone to hide photos and videos. It provides you with a 4-digit PIN, intruder alert, and fake PIN protection to keep your content protected in the app. It has an inbuilt video player and an image viewer. That way you can view your media files directly from the app. And the app provides you smooth import and export of photos and videos. 

All the standard functions that a Vault app should provide are provided by the Pic Lock app. However, these days it is reported that the app crashes all the time and the photos and videos you add cannot be found. Apart from that, this is the best app.

Key Features – 

Break-in alert & Fake PIN security 

Inbuilt Photo & video player

Sync your media files with iTunes

Easy import & export of media files

11. Locker: Photo Vault 

This is a multi-purpose application for hiding videos, photos and clips. Like other apps in this list this app is also free to download. Also this works as an app locker. It works as a private photo locker, where all your data is kept secret and safe. 

You can use several encryption options for protecting your pictures and videos. Like FaceID, TouchID, or PIN. And also you can change the app icon, replacing it with a timer or calculator icon. And also you can place links to an app on the iPhone’s home screen. With that you can get quick access to hidden folders and files and you can get access to apps even if it is hidden. 

Key Features – 

Locker for iPhone 

Different locking methods 

You can change the app icon 

App links on the screen for quick access 

Automatic subscription renewal

No way to restore access to files if the app crashes

12. Hide It Pro

This app can hide your photos and videos on your iPhone securely. In addition to the ability to protect your images, Hide It Pro also supports GIF files. It comes with some good features you expect to see in private photo sharing apps. So you can share an unlimited number of photos and clips safely. 

With the integrated photo and video player here, you can watch multimedia directly from within the app. You can share encrypted media files between folders in the app and send them back to the iPhone gallery. You can turn on the disguise screen when someone else tries to access the app. And when you exit from it, you can provide automatic blocking for further security.

Key features –

Integrated file viewer 

Private Photo sharing options

Masking mode

Automatic block when exiting the application 

May freeze when transferring files

Convenient multimedia sharing options

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