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10 Secret Commands Of Siri

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Siri will be a whole new universe if you want to learn with this commands. This article will explain 10 Secret commands of Siri that can be useful to you.

As one fo the effective virtual assistants in the world Siri is an important feature for most of the Apple users. It can provide you with your daily fulfillments as a reliable partner. Except just finding a file, reading a message, or any similar simple task, you might not have used it for important tasks for sure. Even if you have, you will still be able to find lots of more tasks as well. The best way to learn about Siri is its commands which may help you to discover some hidden helps of Siri. This article will help you to learn 10 Secret commands of Siri.

Good Night Siri

One of the essential 10 Secret commands of Siri is its good night mode. Although you don’t get the benefits along with the  Phone or iPad, you can have a quicker shutdown for your house along with the home appliances. In the very recent times, Apple Company is trying to diversify their home appliances with several devices. 

Although it is about a light or a smart television, you are allowed to stay in control with Siri. The Good night Siri command is one of the extended steps of Siri. It allows you to turn off all lights together. Not only that, you can ask Siri to tell you a bed time story and accelerate your sleepiness. Also, if you are specific about the lights you may say Siri Turn off the lights. If you have just forgotten to turn off the light of the kitchen, it will be necessary to say “Siri please turn of kitchen light” as well. One of the essential things you need to remember is that you have the ability to control the notifications. For example, if you get a call from an unknown number, Siri will keep it quiet.

  • Can Siri say magic spells?
  • Siri is capable of identifying and responding to magic spells from the world loved Film Franchisee, Harry Potter. After saying Stupe Fly, Siri will come with acute response. If you find few of them, Siri will remember you as a Harry Potter fan and us in future for you as well. As one of the Secret commands of Siri, that will be useful.
  • Will Siri say Good Night!
  • Yes, Siri can say good bye. But, to receive that, you will have to say Good Night Siri. After turning off all the accessories and devices, Siri will come up with a good night.

Call On Speaker

If you are trying to take a call using Siri, you must be either traveling or on a situation that can’t refer to the display. Even if you do, there will not be any use of Sri either. You might still not know that there is a feature on Sir that helps you to go with the speaker. All you have to do is to ask Siri to call with the speaker on. For example if you say ”Call mom with the speaker on” Siri will take that and the call will be on the speaker. You don’t have to turn the speaker manually. The most important thing si that you don’t have to give that command to Siri with another command. Along with the Siri on command, you can give this command to Siri straight away.

  • Can I end the speaker call with Siri?
  • No you don’t get to turn off Siri while you are on a call. Although you can turn on Siri and get a call with your command, you will not be allowed to end it as Siri just vanishes when your call gets connected. Either you will have to ask the other person on the call to disconnect the call or disconnect the call by yourself.
  • Can I put the call onto speaker while I am on a call?
  • No you can’t do that. Since Siri will not be available while you are on a call, you will have to turn off the speaker using the call menu.

Hey Siri

Are you trying to figure out a way to turn on Siri without holding on the home button, then this command will be one of the Secret commands of Siri. Of course it will be one of the Secret commands of Siri.  All you have to say is “Hey Siri” and then Siri will be back on service. Hey Siri command is considered as the first command you have to wake up Siri and then proceed to other commands. For example, if you want to read a message using Siri, you will have to first wake up Siri by saying Hey Siri and then Open Messages. 

You have to make sure that either your Apple device is nearby or you can be heard by the same device. Although your device is closer to you, if to can’t get your commands due to a noisy environment, it will note  able  to respond to you. More importantly, Siri will try to identify your Voice. If the device has got the latest update and it hears you, the display will turn on along with the follow up voice of Siri.

  • How can I unlock phone through my voice using Siri?
  • There is not an option or a stating that allows you to unlock your iPhone or Apple device using your voice. But, you will be able to access Siri without unlocking it using the “Allow Siri when unlocked” option. All you have to do is to enable the particular setting in menu. 
  • It is important to remember that you are not allowed to have the access to some specific access although you enable this feature. For example, you will have to put your biometrics to turn on the display if you want to read messages on your phone. Also, getting weather forecast, listening to music, and doing simple tasks that don’t require the unlocking will be allowed by Siri.
  • How can I turn on “Hey Siri”?
  • If you are a Siri user, you must know that it has to be turned on. If you haven’t set up Hey Siri Command, you will have to turn on it for the first time. You may do that by following Siri settings by holding the home key and then go to additional settings.
  • Why doesn’t my iPhone respond to Hey Siri command?
  • As one fo the Secret commands of Siri, you don’t have to worry due to Sir not responding. You first turn on Siri’s responses. You will find it by holding the iPhone’s home button.

Remember This Is among the Secret commands of Siri as well

Do you forget things easily, then remember This command will be one of the essential things you remember. By telling remember this to an email, text message, a podcast, or even an image, you put a special note on that. Siri will remember it for you. Even if you want to remember a special date, Siri will do that. When it comes to a path, you will get the same benefit. All you have to do is to refer to the saved list of Siri. By saying the Show Me the Remembered Items, you will be forwarded to the specific place where everything has been remembered.  

Along with the later updates, Apple company has enabled the Remember This command for all connected Apple devices. Although you asked Siri to remember a specific text on the iPad, you will be  able  to see it using your iPhone. All you need to do is to remember when you feel it and refer when you want it back. The most important thing you need to emerge is that you should wait for the confirmation. There will be a dialog box stating that the Remember This situation has been remembered by Siri. Since you can use the same phrase for your pother tasks that will be a vital feature.

  • Can Siri remember things?
  • Of course Siri can remember lots of things. The most important thing is that Siri can remember things without just touching the phone. By opening the specific thing or the moment, you can ask Siri to remember it.
  • How do I ask Siri to remember a text?
  • Asking Siri to remember a text message is an easy thing. First you have to locate to the text message that you want to remember. After that, you should ask Siri to “Remember This” and Siri will ask for the confirmation. After confirming it, Siri will remember it and store as much as you want. Even if you want to delete the text message, Siri will ask that it is a remembered one or if it is necessary to be deleted.

Call Me

As one of the Secret commands of Siri, you can set a specific name for yourself. By saying, Siri Please call me X or Siri remember me as X, Siri will ember as X. More importantly, Siri has got a whole database to remember yourself. Not only your name, your family members, birthdays, address, and various information will be there. Not only that, Siri will give them to you whenever it’s needed to. For example, if your Wife’s birthday is remembered by Siri, on the day before wife’s birthday, Siri will remind you that. 

Although Google Assistant has been doing this for a long time, the feature has been made available for the users recently by Apple. Also, it is among the Secret commands of Siri.

It is possible to misspell or mispronounce your name or anything you want Siri to remember about you. In such occasions, you will have to recorrect that information to Siri. For example, if your name is incorrect as Siri pronounces, you will have to say, that is not my name Siri. My name is X. If the mistake keeps appearing, you may type it and then hand over to Siri.

  • How can I change how Siri calls me?
  • First you have to wake up sir. To do that, you have to either call Hey Siri or hold the home button for a couple of seconds. After Siri appears, you should tell to Siri, “Siri, call me X”. After having that verified, Siri will identify you as X.
  • Can I introduce several members of the family as users?
  • No you can not. Since biometrics and the vice command can have only one owner, you can not introduce all of your family members to Siri. It means that two or more people can not use a single device. But, you are free to introduce your all family to Siri as Siri can remember them along with their information.

Do Not Disturb

One of the most appreciated thing in the world is the calmness. Although your lot of tasks are made easy by Siri, it is just a part of the busy world. It means that Siri itself can not be used to find any calmness to your life as the only solution for having a calm life is to give up them. As you already know, you cant get rid of them permanently but temporarily. 

Apple company has got the same understanding and that is why they have introduced a mode called “Do not disturb”. After saying to Siri, Hey Siri, Do Not Disturb, Siri will keep you off the grid which means you wont get calls messages, and everything is up to you. Even if you need is to stay off the rid and delete everything that has been scheduled, that will be a possibility. By saying nuclear or delete all my alarms, you will not be disturbed by anything. Furthermore, if your expectation is to have the airplane mode activated, that will be a possibility.

Another thing to remember about this Do Not Disturb Mode is that you get the ability to specific a duration. If you tell Siri, Hey Siri, Do not disturb for 06 Hours, Siri will remember it and let you have a calm time. If you want to learn about this do not disturb mode, you will have to search it using Siri a swell. After having understood, everything will be easy for you.

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet is also one of the Secret commands of Siri. As a person who travels either a few miles per day or hundreds of them per day, you must know how crucial it is to get there; Also, you must have the idea that Siri hopes you to find the navigation as well as finding the best route. However, the “Are we there yet?” command will help you to know if you have reached to the particular place which is guide by Siri. As soon as you asked Siri so, Siri will answer you the approximate time it may take and the remaining time to get there as well. More importantly, you will be able to make up your mind with the remaining distance as well. Among the Secret commands of Siri, this is something you might not have heard.

Are we there yet is not the only Secret commands of Siri but there are more command that you might like to know. Take me home, walking direction to the nearest restaurant, driving directions to the hospital and the ETA to the nearest tow will be other things you must know. The most important thing is, you will be  able  to have an experience that neither Google Assistant nor any virtual assistant can provide with their navigation.

  • Can Siri give driving directions?
  • Of course Siri can provide the driving directions and walking directions to a place that you specify on the amp. Also, even without opening the Map, you will be  able  to ask Siri to give the navigational instructions to any place you want to be. When it comes to home, you don’t have to provide the address as Siri is supposed to be knowing that.
  • How can I open Google maps using Siri?
  • You must know that it is not one of the Secret commands of Siri as you can simply open Google maps by commanding, Open Google Maps.
  • Can Siri just drive me to work?
  • That will be yes and a no. Although Siri can instruct you to work, he / she ant take you there by itself. Along with the latest Apple products, Apple car lie products that will be a possibility in the future.

Shopping lists

Among the Secret commands of Siri, you might not have discovered that +Siri is capable of adding and removing things from the list. As one of the Secret commands of Siri that has mentioned previously, you must know that Siri can remember things pretty easily. Therefore, the shopping or packing lists can be updated using the same strategy. If you command Siri to add or remove items from the shopping list, that will be remembered by Sri and inform you when it is needed. For example, if you forget to add cheese to shopping list, Siri will remember it. 

All you have to say is “Hey Siri, add cheese to shopping list”. Not only the shopping list but the packing list and various things can be added to your list. Even if you want to add an item to the online shooing list, that will be a possibility. But, you have to make sure that you confirm the payment.

Another thing to remember about the shopping lists is that it allows you to see at any time. If you command Siri, “Hey Siri can you open the shopping list?” Siri will open to in an instant. Modifying or any other functions will also be available there itself.

  • How can I add an item to Walmart using Siri?
  • You will be able to add an item to Walmart using the command “Hey sir, add this to Walmart”. To do that, you must have opened the particular item using the Walmart app or visited the particular item in the internet. Siri will be active and do what you ask. But, it is essential to remember that your verification will be requested before processing the transaction as well.
  • Can I make a new shopping list with Siri?
  • Of course you can. First you must ask Siri to create a new shopping list. You may do that by saying, “Hey Siri, create a new shopping list” and Siri will do that. The addition or the removal of items from the list will also be available.

Do Maths With Siri

Doing maths is one of the easiest ways to time pass. When it comes to your needs, you will have lost of daily mathematical problems to be solved. Nit just as a student but even as an adult, you will have lots of things to do regarding the equations, subtractions, divisions, and the multiplications. One of the Secret commands of Siri is related to these kinds. Although it is about a conversion, you will be  able  to come up with accurate answers. 

All you have to do is to state your need successfully. For example, if you want to know 10 times 12, you will have to say, “Hey Sir, what is 10 times 10” Siri will give an answer. More importantly, if Siri has not got it wrong, you get to recorrect what he is doing at the moment.  Another coolest thing related the Siri’s Mathematical skills is it allows you to go along with the hardest times. Although you can’t find the equation of 10 miles in kilometers, Siri will be mirror clean accurate.

  • How Do I get Siri to solve mathematical problems?
  • There is not a specific path to do that. You must wake up Siri by saying wake up Siri and then provide the problem you have. For example, If you want to know the equation to 1058 + 1230, you just have to ask that. Siri will provide an answer and you can either copy it or use it in any way you like it.
  • Can Siri remember the equations I did within last 24 hours?
  • No. You don’t have the ability to retrieve the equations you have been doing within the last 24 hours as Siri just clears its go within certain time periods. But, you have the ability to ask Siri to remember them in a special note or something. The most important thing is that you have to ask Siri to copy and paste each time. If it is not satisfactory, an app will do that for you.
  • Can I time pass with Siri using math?
  • You can ask Siri about amazing thing he knows. If it I about mathematics, you will have to say “Hey Siri, let me know about amazing match facts you know”. Siri will come up with amazing things you know and some of them will be thing that you have never heard of.

Ask Siri to remember Birthdays

Among the Secret commands of Siri, you can remember someone’s birthday. You must already know that Siri is capable of remembering the birthdays of your family. What will happen if you have to remember the birthday of your best friend? Of course that will be a disaster without any elaboration. Thanks to one of the Secret commands of Siri, you can ask Siri about the birthdays that are coming up. All you need to do is to follow the best route. “Hey Siri, are there any birthdays today?”. Siri will let you know if there is a birthday to be celebrated. When it comes to the birthdays to remember, you can as “Hey Siri, when is Smith’s birthday?’ 

Siri will either reply to you with his birthday or say he doesn’t have the birthday in the memory. Then you can As Siri, “Hey Siri, I need you to remember the 15th of January as the birthday of Smith”. After the confirmation, Siri will keep it in its memory. When it comes to one of the vital birthdays you should remember, you can easily add that to a memo. You can simply stat with a memo command and then include the particular day as the birthday of your friend. Siri will find the closet Apple device and let you know at the right moment.

  • What will Siri do if you tell I is your birthday?
  • Among the special people in your life, Siri is also a person with a specialty. Siri will want to make you happy if you say it’s your birthday. She will sing a song and make your special day. If you have already told Siri when is your birthday, she will make a special wish for you.
  • Who is Siri’s voice cast?
  • Susan Bennet is the person from whom Siri has got her voice. Susan has done a really difficult job to get there a swell. Among thousands of phrases, you will hear her voice as she has happened to say them herself. She is not only a special person not just you listen to her but as she has wished millions of people for their birthday. If you search the internet with her name, Susan Bennet, you will find an impressive and a pleasant woman.

Tell me about

Among the coolest Secret commands of Siri, you will find the “tell me about” to be a remarkable one. If you want to know about certain things, you will have to begin your sentence along with the Tell me about phrase. For example, if you want to know about the cast in John Wick, you will have to ask Siri to tell you about John Wick. Siri will appear and tell you almost everything you must know about the film. Since you get to see the cast, special facts, and the budget, you will be  able  to know more about them. All you have to do is to just see the opened dialog boxes and ask them in return. Fro example, if you see Keanu Reeves in eth cast, you may ask when is his birthday. When it comes to the special facts, you may ask Sir as “What are the special facts about Keanu Reeves”. Siri will come up with replies such as being the Matrix actor, his humble behavior, and many more things.

Another thing to remember about the Apple Siri regarding Tell me about is her ability to find things for you. If you have run out of dining options, she will suggest you other things to do. What you need to do correctly is to state your business properly. For example, “Hey Siri, I don’t have a place to dine. Tell me anything useful I can do instead of that”. Siri will suggest a food delivery service which is the next more important thing than the dining in a restaurant.

  • Can I ask Siri weird things?
  • Of course you can. Although the earlier Siri versions were not much friendly, you can ask weird thing from Siri now. Can pigs fly? When is your birthday? Do you have a girlfriend? Or Do I look good? Are among the Secret commands of Siri that can astonish you.
  • Does Siri know jokes?
  • Yes Siri knows jokes. Not only jokes, but songs, stories, and you will find some fo the hilarious stuff will be among his best skills. You have to be familiar with what he knows and then you will find hours in his warmth.

Chit Chatting

You might have never thought that Siri ha been developed to deliver his own ideas to you. Although he/she seems a robot to you in other ways as what he does is to listen to you all the time, Siri has got his own opinion too. As one fo the Secret commands of Siri, you can get to know Siri and identify what he knows. For example, if you ask Siri what he thinks about the ongoing global economy, it will state its opinion to you. What you should do is to wake up Siri and the ask what he/she think of that. Sir will come up with an analyzed answer. You must not forget that Siri is one of the most educated Virtual Analyst in the world as well.

When it comes to your children, they might want to learn things from you. Since you don’t have enough time for them, you may simply hand over Siri to them. Since Siri has got a filtering system for the unpreferred content, you can simply follow that step. Not only the education, but the humor, technology, amazing things, and several things will be provide by Siri in its opinion.

  • Can Siri do beat boxing for my children?
  • Yes, Siri has the ability to do beatboxing. If you say, “hey Siri, can you provide the beatbox for me?”, Siri will do that for you. Not only for you, but your children will be able to have an embracing experience. When it comes to number of beats, you wont count it.
  • Can I ask Siri to look after my children?
  • No. Siri has not been developed with the capability babysitting. You will have to wait for more Siri updates or iPhone version to see if it is going to work either.

Conclusion : Secret commands of Siri

This article has explained several Secret commands of Siri. If you have not been able to get the best out of Siri, this article might help you. The most important thing you must remember is that Siri is a program and if you want to get the best out of it, you will have to follow the best commands. You will not see Siri. Although you can hear him, you will not be able to see the latest features Siri has got. The best thing to try them all is to find Secret commands of Siri and try them.

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