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Does The iPhone 13 Need A Screen Protector?

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Table of the contents 

•IPhone 13 specifications 

•What is a Ceramic Shield?

•Is this Ceramic Shield available on other phones? 

•Need a screen protector for iPhone 13? 

•The best screen protectors for iPhone 13 

•Benefits offered by a screen protector for your iPhone 

•Most asking questions about iPhone 13 Screen Protectors 

IPhone 13 specifications 

Are you looking to buy an iPhone 13? Or already have an iPhone 13? Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup includes the iPhone 13 mini, the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Pro, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. And many new features like A15 series chips, camera improvements, and new colors have been included in it. The iPhone 13 has a display very similar to the display of the iPhone 12. You can see the Ceramic Shield which is the special display technology found in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models.

What is this Ceramic Shield? 

The new generation of iPhone phones use glass-ceremic. This is a type of glass that can be considered completely transformed into crystalline ceramic. The company that produces this is Corning. This is produced by Gorilla Glass. According to Corning, this happens under an intense heat application. Take carefully controlled ingredients from those seeds for crystal to grow on it. These serve as ‘nucleating’ elements and agents are added. Therefore, they can produce building blocks if they want. This advanced formula has been added to iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. Even though the technology is slow, this is still glass. That means there are chances of scratches. This screen has a Mohs mineral hardness rating between 5 and 6. It can be scratched by objects that measure at or above 6 Mohs. Sounds hard to imagine? Let me explain. What happens if you drop your iPhone?

The bad thing here is that the Ceramic Shield display is not bulletproof. That’s why you need a screen protector. Although it is called ceramic, it is also glass. The idea is that it can cause scratches. As mentioned earlier, this shield has a Mohs mineral hardness rating between 5 and 6. But here even the objective above 6 can be easily damaged. 

If you are still thinking about getting a screen protector for your iPhone 13, I would like to tell you that replacing a damaged ceramic shield on an iPhone 13 costs more than repairing a broken shield on an iPhone 11.

Is this Ceramic Shield available on other phones? 

Ceramic crystal technology is something that will be around for a while. That’s why this can be seen not in iPhone 12 first. Other smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Xiaomi Mi Mix series come with glass-ceramics screen. However, this is often used for the back cover. Meanwhile, Gorilla glass is used on the front. However, Apple uses glass-ceramics to protect the screen of iPhone 13.

The iPhone 13 phone series can be seen in 4 different models and three screen sizes.

IPhone 13: 6.1 in display 2532×1170-pixel resolution 

IPhone 13 mini: 5.4 in display 2340×1080-pixel resolution 

IPhone 13 Pro: 6.1 in display 2532×1170-pixel resolution 

IPhone 13 Pro Max: 6.1 in display 2778×1284-pixel resolution 

Many people tend to use a case with their iPhone to protect it from falls. But the back of your phone is mainly protected with a case applied like this. In addition, the side of the phone is also protected. So, while the case we use reduces the impact of your iPhone falling, it also helps to reduce scratches on your screen. We all know that a case does not cover the screen. But a case is offered with a raised ridge or lip around the display. So, even if your iPhone is face down, the display will not connect to the ground. This is only protected if the group fails completely. What I am trying to say is that you cannot guarantee that your iPhone will have a case that will protect your display.

Need a screen protector for iPhone 13? 

This is a problem that everyone has and I have seen it everywhere. Need a screen protector for your iPhone 13? Not really necessary. But if you are someone who usually drops your phone quickly and many times and thereby damages your phone display, it is best to apply a screen protector to your iPhone 13. But according to Apple, the Ceremic Shield in the iPhone 13 is the best and most durable smartphone screen currently in the market. That’s why you can use it even without a screen protector. Here it is your responsibility to use your iPhone 13 carefully.

The best screen protectors for iPhone 13 

We all know that Apple launched the 2021 DI iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. In relation to that, the display is 6.1 inch OLED and there is support for 120 Hz refresh rates for Pro models. As mentioned earlier, even if Apple uses a Ceremic Shield for protection, if it is too much for you, you need a screen protector to protect your investment. You can find many options for that in the market. We try to bring you the best options here. If you use a screen protector with a case, it will be the best choice. Remember one thing, if your phone falls on the ground, screen protector may not necessary protect your screen to prevent its screen from cracking. It will undoubtedly protect your screen from light scratches.

Both iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro models have the same front size and same measurements, so the same screen protectors work with both of them. But the cases available for these two are not cross-compatible, so you have to choose a suitable case. Only Screen Protector is cross-compatible. 

Best protectors In Market 


ZAGG is a famous name in the industry when talking about protectors. It is very famous because of the quality products it provides, and this InvisibleShield Glass Elite is the best glass protector for your phone. This is expensive. But you can get top-notch protection. Also, they are a popular name among many people due to their durability, scratch resistance, and advanced features like self-healing technology. 


In addition to its excellent cases, ESR provides superior screen protections. For example, the Armorite tempered glass protector comes with an easy installation frame and is well-liked.

TPU film protector 

Although many people usually use tempered glass protections, some people prefer them. A good option for these people. This is produced by Skinomi company. This is toughx self-healing and crystal clear. 

JETech Privacy Screen Protector 

This is a screen protector suitable for you if you care a lot about your privacy. This ensures that the screen of your iPhone is visible only to those who are directly in front of it. Therefore, if there is someone next to you, you will not be able to listen to your iPhone screen. This is the specialty of JETech Privacy Screen Protectors.

Mr. Shield screen protector 

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your screen protector, Mr. The Shield screen protector gives you a decent protection. And you provide three protection in one pack. 

IQ Shield clear film 

IQ shield clear film protector is a TPU-based screen protector suitable for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. It comes with high-quality material and a lifetime replacement warranty.

Tech21 Impact Glass 

The tech21 Impact Glass is another best tempered glass protector. A problem that many people have is the formation of bacteria on glass. To prevent this, an advanced antimicrobial coating is used in this tempered glass. 

Spigen Tempered Glass protector 

The spigen tempered glass protector is one of the best glass protectors you will find in the market. This comes with an auto-alignment kit. It makes the installation process super smooth. And you get two protectors per pack. 


amFilm is another good screen protector known among iPhone screen protectors. This is because of the famous high-quality tempered glass options and the super protection against scratches and impacts.


If you have used an iPhone before, this name might be familiar to you. This is a trusted name among phone accessories companies. This provides high-quality screen protectors. 


Maxboost gives you a good high-quality protection for your iPhone screen combined with privacy features. And it limits viewing angles. And thereby reducing the ability of others to view the content on your screen. 

Here we have brought you some of the protectors options available to protect the screen of iPhone 13. We recommend you to look at customer feedback, reviews, and find out how to match the specific features of iPhone 13 and choose the best iPhone screen protector you need.

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Benefits offered by a screen protector for your iPhone 

1. Scratch protection: Generally, a screen protector acts as a sacrificial layer, and absorbs scratches and scuffs and thereby protects the screen, otherwise they will damage your actual display. And it helps to preserve the pristine condition of the screen as well as maintaining the resale value and overall aesthetics. 

2. Impact resistance: Some screen protectors, particularly tempered glass ones, provide an additional layer of protection against sudden drops and impacts from your hands. It absorbs shock and prevents your screen from cracking and shattering. It protects you from costly repairs and screen replacement.

3. Smudge and fingerprint resistance: Screen protectors with oleophobic coatings repel oils and reduce fingerprint smudges. These features help your screen to be clean and clear. It improves visibility and maintains a more pristine appearance. 

4. Glare reduction: Anti-glare screen protectors can minimize reflections and glare from bright light sources. This makes it easier to see the view of the screen outdoors and in harsh lightning conditions. This feature enhances usability and readability.

5. Privacy protection: privacy protectors use a micro-louver technology to reduce viewing angles. This ensures that only you can view the content on your iPhone screen. This feature prevents others from glimpsing your sensitive information. 

6. Easy installation and removal: Screen Protectors are easy to apply and can be removed without leaving residue or causing damage on the screen. This makes it convenient for those who want to periodically use new screen protectors and those who want to switch between protectors.

Most asking questions about iPhone 13 Screen Protectors 

Question: Can I use an iPhone 12 Screen protector on the iPhone 13? 

Answer: It is recommended to use a screen protector specially designed for iPhone 13. Dimensions and notch placement may differ from iPhone 12. 

Question: What type of screen protector is best for iPhone 13? 

Answer: The best type of screen protector depends on your preferences and your needs. For options, you can use tempered glass protector for enhanced protection or film protectors for flexibility and affordability. 

Question: Will a screen protector affect the functionality of Face ID on iPhone 13? 

Answer: High-quality screen protectors are designed to be compatible with Face ID. This allows seamless functionality without hindrance.

Question: Are there privacy screen protectors available for the iPhone 13? 

Answer: Yes, there is. There are privacy screen protectors and thus the viewing angles are limited. Therefore, the ability of other people to see your screen content is reduced. 

Question: Can I install a screen protector by myself? Or should I seek professional assistance? 

Answer: Most screen protectors come with easy installation instructions and tools. Therefore, you can apply yourself. But if you are not sure about it, it is important to use professional assistance as an option. 

Question: Do screen protectors affect the display quality of the iPhone 13? 

Answer: High-quality screen protectors do not significantly impact the display quality. It maintains clarity, brightness, and touch sensitivity.

Question: How durable are iPhone 13 screen protectors in terms of scratch resistance? 

Answer: Tempered glass screen protectors generally offer excellent scratch resistance. It protects the display of iPhone 13 from everyday wear and tear. 

Question: Can I remove a screen protector from the iPhone 13 without leaving residue? 

Answer: Many screen protectors have been designed to be easily removed without creating residue. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer and get the best result.

If you know more information about this topic and these phone models, please feel free to add that information to comments and help others to get a proper idea about this. And also share this article to your friends , family members and other persons, who are interested about Apple accessories.

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