11 Best Safari Extensions For Apple Users in 2021

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As an Apple Web surfer, Safari App is a must for you. Here are Best Safari Extensions in 2021.

The Safari browser is the best solution for surfing the internet. Although it is called Safari, you will be able to reach every corner in the world thanks to the Safari Browser. But, if you intend to get the full use of the safari, you will have to use extensions for a better experience. Here are Best Safari Extensions in 2021. Along with these awesome extensions, you will be able to achieve more than you expect from the Safari web browser.


Since there are plenty of sign ups and logins that you have to accomplish prior to get the entertainment, you have to remember passwords. Since having the same password for multiple pages can be a privacy issue in the future, you will have to use different passwords for the logins. When it comes to remembering them along with block letters, numbers, and symbols that will be a hell of a thing for sure. The 1Password app has been introduced for those who need to remember passwords which makes it a universal product for every Safari user. But, as a mini version of the 1Password app, you have the ability to add the 1password extension for your Apple device.

One of the duties the approves is informing you about the exposed passwords. After that, you have the freedom to have a look and change the existing password. Since the password suggesting is one of the things the app does, you will not have to bother at all.

This app has the ability to get the access to all your passwords related to hundreds of logins in an instant. There I nothing that you have to do. You will get an auto filled login field when the 1app is added to the Safari. You can download it for free and use it for 30 days trial period. After the 30 days, the fee will have to be paid. Since the app is a bit complicated and time consuming, you will be able to get more benefits with the app.

ScreenShot Annotation

Screenshots is a great way to save images. Why do you go a long process when you have the ability to SS the selected part? Although it is about the ease of use, screen shot has been introduced through the apps. Being one of the 11 Best Safari Extensions in 2021, ScreenShot Annotation allows the Safari users to capture screenshots in a huge range. Although capturing a screen shot was just about the existing window, the Screenshot Annotation allows you to capture the whole tab

The way the extension works is extremely simple. After clicking the icon, you will be asked if it is just a customer screen shot. If not the extension will save the screen shot for the whole tab. Most importantly, what you have to do is to select a folder to save the file when starting. After that, everything will be as normal as surfing the internet.


Reading a page in Windows is not as easy as you do in windows. Although you have the ability to refresh the existing tabs using the F5 key, that will not be a possible thing when considering the Safari or Apple Oss. Also, it is important to note that there can be numerous eays to get a sticky web page which requires the refreshing or reloading. Even though the stickiness is not something common with the macOS or the iOS, internet will create similar situations while surfing the internet. Thanks to Reload extension, you will be able to refresh the current page without much effort. All you have to do is to click on the reload icon.

Working with the extension is as simple as clicking on a link. As the first step, you have to locate the icon on the Safari. Although you are not left with more choices but placing either on the left or the right that will not be a huge impact as the icon is a small one. When it comes to the keyboard, you can simply assign the shortcut key as F5 which is the same in Windows. After that, reloading a webpage will be as simple as reloading in Chrome browser.

Universal Tab Translator

Although it is hard to compete with the Google, some small choices have made people great competitors. The Universal Tab Translator is one of those small developers whose intention has been to compete and gain the trust of people through the translation. 

If you are used to copy an entire text from an alien language and get the translation from an online translator, the Universal Tab Translator will be a great choice. Making the extension one of the 12 Best Safari Extensions in 2021,  you can easily translate an entire tab within a couple of minutes. It doesn’t matter how lengthy the tab and the number of words in the tab as well.

The best thing about the app is its functioning. Although Google translator takes few steps for the translation, you can simply translate the entire text by double-clicking. The only thing that matters when translating the speed of the internet. The speeder the internet connection get, the more quickly you will get the results.When it comes to the maximum efficiency, you can simply choose the Alt+Shift+T to get into the translator mode.

123 Languages

The number of languages the Universal Tab Translator understands is 123. Also, the number is increasing. Although the extension had less than 50 languages in the last few years, they have improved a lot regarding the literacy. Not only languages, but the syncing is a great way to deal with the extension. Although you just referred to a text using your phone, you can simply refer to it using the extension. When it comes to the history, you are going to see as much as previous attempts that you have made. The phrasebook is also a good way to improve your language skills.

Save To Pocket Is Among The 12 Best Safari Extensions in 2021

When you are going through a fine content in the internet, you must be looking forward to bookmark it., When it comes to thousands of bookmarks that have been saved in your Safari browser, you might have to struggle. The struggling is not only about saving the bookmark but memorizing it as well. Save to Pocket is an app that has been made to perform similar tasks, basically saving proper content found on the internet.  One of the setbacks for the typical bookmark feature is not having enough introduction. For example, if you are going to save a media file, the bookmark will not mention it as a media file. Sometimes you have to browse every bookmark in your memory to get the right book mark as well.

Just A Click Is What It Takes

The best feature about the save to pocket is letting you to save the content into your list with just a click. Although the content is a thing that you can manage, the app manages them along with just a Click.

All you have to do is to click the app. Then, the app will store the bookmarks and necessary things until you want to refer. Another feature the app has is its ability to switch the device. First, you have to add the extension for all the Apple devices and then login into the app through all of them. After that, the data will be synchronized and you will be able to have the access within a couple of seconds. Since the links are just a matter of a few kilobytes, that will not take more time, even in a difficult place where the internet connection is low.

It is important to note that this app is coming along with some premium features. After purchasing the full version, you can download special fonts, mark special texts, and make changes to the content that you have bookmarked. As a professional who works more in the internet, you will find the features to be more convenient. Also, as a student, you will be able to enjoy more benefits along with the premium features.

Turn On lIght

When you are watching a movie, a distraction is the last thing you want to see. Even if it is someone from the outside or from the display itself, you will not like to see. When coming to the attention of yours, you might lose lots of things in a small distracting duration. The lights off extension is one of the 12 Best Safari Extensions in 2021 that can get rid of unnecessary distractions. Simply, it can dim all other elements and features in the safari except the playing video.

There are lots of things that you might like to this extension. Being the utmost and the most embracing feature, the functioning lies on a simple action. All you have to do is to click on the bulb. Then after all the distractions will go into the dark mode. Since you have the ability to customize things, the experience will be a great one. Also, you can use the extension for several video streaming websites including Vimeo, YouTuber, and FaceBook.  As a great way to skip the time that you have to put on the full screen, the Turn Off Light extension will be an efficient choice.

Ghiostery List

As one of the 12 Best Safari Extensions in 2021, Ghostery Lite is something that you must keep in the Apple device. Android surfing or Google Chrome in Windows might have been an experience filled with Ads and unnecessary things.  When it comes to the Apple company, they have more concerns for the privacy keeping than the Androids and other operating systems in the world. 

The best example is their statement regarding the websites and apps that keep the tracking records of the users. As they have stated about it in a higher concern, Apple users are more careful about the privacy. The Ghostery lite is an extension that has been developed to improve the privacy.

Although you are a safari user, some of the tracking details and privacy details might not be available for you. For example, if you are using an older Safari version that came few years back, you might not be shown the tracking details. Although you get to see thanks to the latest Safari version, some of the details are still hidden, such as ad showing content, lack of details, and the origin. When it comes to the Ghostery Lite, you can easily identify the origin, tracking details, as well as block the ads on the page.

A Quick Start

As the very first thing that you can do using the app, you can set the default privacy settings when surfing. When it comes to the custom options, you can simply use any security you need. For example, if you want to disable trackers for a specific website, that will be available. Similar to that, you will be able to get what you want. Being one of the privacy apps belong to 12 Best Safari Extensions in 2021, you have the ability to create whitelists as well.

Adblocking is another benefit that you can enjoy. Although Apple operating systems are not sticky as Windows or the Androids, you will have to limit the number of extensions in the browser. Since the Adblocking is available as a preinstalled feature, you will be able to reduce the Extensions that needed for the Adblocking.

Time Tracker Is the Best to Track Your Time

People have used to lots of things. Social media, gaming, reading, academics and lots of things. Although the internet is one of the things that you can addict easily, you might not have a proper way to track your time waste in the internet. When it comes to the history checker, you will not be able to find it as an impressive and efficient way. 

The Time Tracker is a great app that can manage your time. As the very first thing, it lets you to track the time that you have spent on each site. You will be shown a list of websites where you have spent the time most. If you are wasting time on YouTube, FaceBook, or any other lower productive website, you will get an idea yourself.

Block Certain Websites

An addiction is something that you do unknowingly, which means you need to have a persuasion to avoid. Therefore, this app is a great way to make your persuasion as it can block visiting the selected websites. All you have to do is to right click and choose block. Other than that, allow list, block list, and advanced list like features allow you to stay in full control for the restrictions.

Being the most embracing feature of the Time Tracker extension, you can set a time duration for a specific website. For example, if you can allocate 30 minutes or less for the Social Media per day, you will be notified in each day. As a parent, you can try this as well.

Translate App

Since Chrome is facilitating the web page translation, you might have not wanted the translation. But, Apple Safari or any other web browser doesn’t have the automatic translations, which makes the users have to find the extensions or apps themselves. The Translate extension is a must have app that counts as one of the 12 Best Safari Extensions in 2021. 

Apple iOS, Web SurfOS, Safari like web browsers support the extension which makes the app a perfect match for the syncing as well. The best feature about the extension is its scope. You can either translate the complete web page or a specific part of the web page. Even if it is a copied text, you will be able to get it translated within few seconds.


There are several languages that range from American English to more than 120+ popular languages that include French, German, Spanish, and Hindi. Here are some of the embracing other features that you may like in the app.

Having facilitated both translated and untranslated texts is the first benefit. Although you are not satisfied with the translation, you may simply compare both texts to get an understanding.

You don’t have to be limited to websites. The extension has the ability to work on emails, written texts, and imported texts like so many origins of the texts. When it comes to the translation scope, you will even translate the texts from the forums as well as exported documents. For example, if you want to upload a pdf, the extension will perform a quite impressive job within a minute. Also, you will be able to download the same pdf or copy the plain text.

It is important that you know, some features are exclusive for the premium users. But, if your intention is to translate a webpage just like the Google Chrome, this will be the perfect match. Besides, expending $5 is not a cost when compared to the unique duty the extension serves as well.


Being eth best choice for your grammar and Spelling mistakes, Grammar is one of the must have 12 Best Safari Extensions in 2021. What do you know about your grammar? Even you are an Englishman with a wide knowledge, it is usual to make mistakes. When it comes to the perfection, you should have the ability to use the accent according to the audience. For example, if you need to write a Social Media Post addressing United Kingdom, you will have to know about the United Kingdom English/received English which is hard to process. That is why you are going to need a special option such as Grammarly to get things write.

Although Windows Microsoft Word package comes with the grammar re-correction, it doesn’t have the ability to focus on more options. For example, it cannot get adjusted to various English accents. When it comes to the range of the coverage, newly added words, less used words, and some special terms are not available. Since the Grammarly developers update the database on a daily basis, you will not be left any day.

The Scoring System Is Great To Learn

The scoring system, auto suggestions, and appropriate replacements like features have made the Grammarly extension a better choice.  Therefore, Grammarly is not only one of the 12 Best Safari Extensions in 2021 but an extension that should be used for any browser the user can. It is important to note that the extension is coming along with premium features that allow you to have 120% score. Also, you will have a standard Grammarly version that can identify your basic spelling and grammar mistakes. Even if you intend to go for a budget extension, Grammarly will be the best choice as it can almost clean your Grammatical and spelling errors.


As an online user, you expend lots of money unnecessarily for the products. What you forget is that they all together cost a huge amount in the end. Honey is among the 12 Best Safari Extensions in 2021 as an expenditure tracking extension. It lets the users to have a complete idea about the things they purchase online. For example, at the end of the month, you will know how much of money you have expended on the products. Along with the expenditure tracking, you are allowed to find the most appropriate product in the online store comparing different criteria as a sell.

As a feature, you are allowed to scan more than 30000 websites where the same product is for sale. After comparing the price, features, and special gifts, you will find the best product in the end. It is usual to have the same product in different stores with different expiry dates. Honey extension allows you to see that as well.

Amazon Is A First Priority

When it comes to the Amazon, you will get a more convenient service than other online stores. You will be made aware of the seller considering his ratings, comments, and other essential criteria.

Unlike typical apps or extensions that run as just a plain program, Honey has got a huge collaboration with the sellers. What you get to enjoy are unlimited promotions and exceptional offers that you cannot reject. More offers will be available for you when you find more sellers in the market. The best thing about the extension is its acting as a expenditure tracker. You will be notified about the expenditure that you had in the last month. After that, you will have an idea about the products that you need to purchase and others that don’t.

You Will Need More Memory To Run This Extension

If you intend to use this extension, you will need to know more couple of things. The first one is that the complaints it has got. Although it is one of the 12 Best Safari Extensions in 2021, you will have to observe a high memory consumption. Some of the users have complained asking about the High-Performance GPU mode. Since it is something familiar with the Google Chrome Extension, you will not be happy either way. When considering the other factor, the battery drainage, you will get a higher memory consumption. The end result will be the battery drainage accelerated by 50%.


Being an extension created to facilitate the picture in picture feature, you will find PiPifier to be more responsive. If you are using a MacBook, that means you have got plenty of work to do. Watching a movie or an academic video is not the only thing that you expect from the computer. When it comes to other works, writing, designing, reading, and many things will be for you. Although there are plenty of PIP apps in the Appstore, they are complicated to use as well. For example, if you need to use the pip app to save time, you will have to expend more minutes to get in to the app and get done what you need. But, PiPifier is a great extension that takes a snap time to get in control.

As the first benefit, you will be able to simply drag and drop the pip video where you feel more comfortable. When it comes to the majority of the apps, they come as apps that have got fixed spots for the pip video. Other than that, you can use the extension for any video file that has been created using the HTML 5 engine. It means that even the flash videos are possible to be played using the extension.


As a person who surfs the internet using the Safari browser, all these extensions can be tried for free. Although premium features are available for a user, most of the features are for free. After trying all these features, you will get an idea about the appropriate extensions that need a premium subscription.  The mentioned 12 Best Safari Extensions in 2021 are essential for a typical web surfer. But, it is important to remember that the mentioned list has been prepared for a typical web surfer. It means you may find more extensions for your complicated needs.  

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