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How to scan photos by your iPhone

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You can scan physical photographs very easily using an iPhone and you can find apps that can contribute to this in the apps store. Using these you can quickly and easily scan photos. In this guide, we show you some of the easiest and easiest ways to scan your photo prints in this guide. Most of the apps required for this are installed in the iPhone, so it becomes very convenient.

Taking photos of the required pictures 

This is one of the easiest ways to get a digital copy of a photo. All you have to do is snap a handheld photo with the iPhone’s camera. Most of the time this is a good method. But sometimes the scan process is bigger than solving the problems that arise after this.

Use the IPhone’s exposure controls and self-timer to get the best capture 

Touch the preview on the lower left to view the digital photo. Select the Edit button and tune the edges and make other adjustments as needed. Horizontal and vertical perspective correction has been included in IPhone’s crop control to compensate for any alignment errors. If you crop the photo slightly, minor curling of the edges and corners of old photographs can be hidden.

Using iPhone handheld to capture your photo print 

If you are going to capture a physical photo, the support from a tripod or other iPhone stand is not important. With the iPhone locked in place, motion blur from hand shake is eliminated and thus it becomes easier to align the picture and prevent skew. 

The Measure app on the phone can help align 

Go back to your camera to capture the photo. If you see more white area, you can raise the exposure a little. It is always best to use a three-second self timer. Vibration cased by triggering the shutter stops before the photo is taken. And with an Apple Watch or Bluetooth shutter you can speed up the process.

Photo scanning to a PDF file 

You can scan a photo using the scan feature in the Files app, which is another quick method for that. The Files app can accurately identify the corner of each photo and trigger the shutter automatically. This speeds up the process and makes it easier to take multiple photos. 

First you need to open the files app on your phone. Then tap on the three dots at the top. This will open the menu option. By selecting scan documents, the camera preview will open.

Choose to scan documents in the Files app The iPhone usually looks for the corner of the photo and highlights the captured area. If you keep the iPhone like that for some time, the shutter will snap automatically. Then a thumbnail of the image is shown in the lower left corner. You can continue to take more photos by moving or replacing the photo.

Also, you can review the photo you took by tapping the thumbnail at any time. You can adjust it and by swiping to the right you can view the scanned photo. If the photo you scanned is not as good as you think, you can tap the trash icon and remove that photo. 

If the rotation of any photo you have taken is wrong or if it is upside down, you can use the rotate button to make the photo upright. And with the filter button here, you can change the color to grayscale, black or white to suit you.

If your scanner has made a mistake, you can tap the crop button to adjust the corners. It also shows you automatic crop marks if you want. After finishing editing, you can save and rename the file. The output here is a pdf file. Although this is ok for prints, it limits usage. 

Scan with Microsoft Lens 

With Microsoft lens you can scan for free and get a jpeg file as output. This automatically detects the corner of the photo just like Apple files. Here you can save JPEG files to one drive or to the photo app on your phone.

Microsoft lens is easy to use and when you open it, you can see a preview of the picture and you can also see the automatic crop look like. You can touch the shutter and capture the photo. 

When you tap More here, you can see options to adjust the photo. Simple drawing and text annotation tools can also be seen there. When you are satisfied with your photo scan, you can tap done and give it a name and export it to your photo library. 

Scan with Notes app

You can also scan photos using the Notes app on iPhone. Notes can extract JPEG scans contained inside a note. The scanning process in the Notes app is the same as in files. Create a new note and touch the camera icon that appears on the keyboard. If there is no camera button, click the plus button in the upper right corner and find the camera button. 

After capturing the digital scans as you want, tap the save button in the lower left corner of the screen. Pictures are automatically cropped and appear side by side as a window in the note. You can go back to the Notes folder view and tap the three dots on the upper right and select view attachment to view your scans.

To scan negatives 

You can scan negatives with iPhone, but you need a white background for this. A light box used in film works is best. If you want, you can do this by placing an additional smartphone or tablet on top.

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