Apple tvOS 14, It’s Simply Divining

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It was not a one-day trip made by the Apple TV. Years have passed and things have brought Apple tvOS 14 is the latest Apple tvOS 14 that has been introduced for Apple users. It comes with so many impressive features such as picture in picture, audio sharing, home kit, multi-user support for gaming, and improved features from its previous version. 

As an Apple product user, you are going to enjoy more features in the later tvOS 14 versions such as fitness, and home theatres. Most importantly, Apple tvOS 14 has spent almost a year as an Apple product and the tvOS 14.4 is out with some of the most breathtaking features an apple user can have. This is about the beginning of Apple tvOS,  Apple tvOS 14 and its advancement towards the tvOS 14.4.

This is how the simple things became more attractive until the day you see its 14th Version.

  • Apple company started accepting preorders for a new experience for Apple users. Claimed to be a new TV version, Apple iTv was supposed to be the name for the new Apple product. In 2008, Apple declared that they were about to introduce a new version for the TV which was to be named Apple tvOS. It would require neither an Apple device nor special support from any hardware except Apple TV. 
  • Also, a user did not have to download content or media from other stores that belonged to the Apple Company. It seemed the Apple TV was making a rushed way towards its own identity.

It Was A Journey Without A Competitor

  • A competitor is not a vital part of becoming the number one brand. Apple Company had to prove it about one decade ago. Since the Fire TV, which belonged to Amazon, was started as a main competitor for the Apple TV, the competition didn’t last long. Amazon stopped selling Apple TVs on their platform and took some special steps to make things on their way. Apple TV had the win without much effort in the marketing field. 
  • When it comes to the specific things that happened in 2008, the podcast was introduced for Apple users. Also, the iTunes remote was one of the most delightful choices for Apple TV users. They could download the app from the App store. Apple’s Remote App was one of the most revolutionary things introduced to the users. Then, Apple TV users could use their iPhones or iPad, or iPod Touch to control the TV. Since most of the Smart device manufacturing companies don’t have such coordination, Apple TV could build their own identity in the smart TV concept.
  • It is the 14th version of the Apple TVs that has been introduced in 2020 since its first version from the year 2010. Although it was introduced as an iOS at the very beginning, now Apple TV has been able to build its domain in the Apple company with a successful audience grabbing. The Apple Company has been able to introduce a new version each year along with impressive features. 

Apple Company Has Its Own Vision

  • Unlike most smart devices, Apple Company has been looking for changes and revolutionary upgrades each time they introduced a new product. Even if it is an Operating system, that was a common thing. 
  • When coming to the second OS of the Apple TV, it came up with the support of Airplay and VoiceOver in menus. Then, more TV channel SIRI, Apple Music, Improved Streaming, home kit, developer apps, and so many features have been added. When it comes to the latest hardware content of the Apple TV, the latest Apple TV belongs to the 5th generation which is a revolution for television hardware.
  • Apple TV 5th generation is not much different from previous versions from outside. But, it is capable of many things compared to them in playing, 4K and HDR movies, 32GB or 64GB models, more graphics, 3GB Ram, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology, USB‑C, and more hardware specs had been added to the model. Therefore, the TVOS had to come in great shape. 
  • From that moment onwards, Apple Company used to send updates and their later Apple tvOS versions focusing this hardware combination. For example, tvOS 11 and later versions came with the supportability of this hardware.

Where Is Apple Company On Apple Tv At Present?

At present, Apple Company is more likely focusing on a 6th generation which could include more technology than the 5th generation. They need to have 5G, upgraded RAM, more integrated memory as well as the hardware that supports the latest features. 

As a result of this Apple tvOS 14 was introduced to the world in 2020. They have stepped out with quite new versions and the tvOS 14.4 is already in the hands of Apple TV customers. When it comes to the difference or the gap from tvOS 14 to tvOS 14.4,  analysis has stated that the new version of tvOS will be a new thing as the Apple company has been trying to gnaw things for the next big thing. The best example is tvOS 14.5 beta version having 120Hz refresh rates. 

Although a higher refresh rate is not a big deal in displays for having a great experience, most of the analysts state that it will be a bigger thing for Apple was not concerned about that before. Also, it can be a good clue to state that they might have been working on a new hardware package. Gaming, smoother controlling, and a fluid UI will be the next signs for this clue.

Less Updates

The Apple Tv platform is famous as a platform that doesn’t require so many updates and enjoy the existing features along with a satisfied mind. Even if you are new to the Apple tvOS 14, you will not feel unsatisfied for more couple of years without an update. Being a specific feature of Apple products, that is a crucial characteristic for tvOS 14 as well. 

Apple tvOS 14 is one of the updates that had been delivered by Apple Company last year on annual basis. Although some of the changes were claimed to be minor changes, you might feel ridiculously awesome when coming into your entertainment. Here are a few of the changes that came along with the Apple tvOS 14.

Multiple Use Accounts With Game Center Logins

You might not be a complete fan of this feature if you have a previous version of tvOS 14 that has been launched in 2019. But, when it comes to the fall of 2020, Apple Company introduced multiple accounts along with the Game center login which means you can see the latest games updated in the arcade. When things change for each account, they will not be shown to each individual who has set different preferences. As an Apple tvOS 14 owner, this will be useful in many ways.


As one of the most crucial tools for multi-tasking, you must be enjoying the picture-in-picture feature on many devices. Thanks to Apple’s latest tvOS 14, that will be a feature that makes things easy for you.   You will be able to PIP is not a new thing to Apple TV users as it is included even in the previous versions. But, users had to struggle with the programs they were watching, because some media and channels did not have the Picture in Picture feature. When it comes to the Apple tvOS 14, users can see almost every TV show, media, or any other things using the latest version of the Apple tvOS 14.

The Great Sharing

Apple Oss are famous for having things shared. When it comes to tvOS 14, you will be able to extend the sharing. Most importantly, you might know that Apple devices have got the best input tools. Apple cameras, audio recording, and video recording are such things. You have to accept that Apple phones, tabs, and even the MAC books don’t have the largest displays. 

Things will be crystal clear with the Apple TV for sure. Along with the latest Apple tvOS 14, you are being able to share captured media files to be shared through the Apple TV. You will see 4k images and videos captured from the device. Not only them, but audio files and even music videos will also be played on the Apple TV seamlessly.

Home Controls Added

In a modern-day home concept, you should be able to manage things easily. Thanks to the tvOS of Apple, you will get that feature too. It means you can add and control some of the devices at your home. As a beginning step, you are only going to see the home kit-connected devices such as security cameras. Although the things have different Oss or hardware combinations other than the Apple, you will get to do that pretty smoothly after the tvOS 14 version. 

This is a feature that previous versions didn’t have either. However, those devices need to be home kit connected devices that are linked with the Apple OS to use the feature for tvOS 14.

4K Video premiering

Being one of the criteria to know if it is a smarter TV, 4k video streaming will have o be available. Although a little bit of time has passed to enjoy the feature, Apple tvOS 14 has included the feature to watch videos in great quality. Other than that, a 4k image viewing feature will be available for the users as well. Most importantly 4k streaming facility has been added to the YouTube codec making things much comfortable for you.

When it comes to sharing, you will be able to share 4k streaming videos among the devices you have. Also, 4k streaming is available in Picture in the picture to facilitate a better streaming experience for the users.

Modern Gaming Experience

If you are a gamer, that will not be a specific thing for the Apple tvOS early versions as they were focusing on home entertainment. Thankfully, some game support platforms have been established on Apple tvOS 14 for the sake of gamers. When it comes to the specific models, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controllers models have the support for gaming. Making things clear for the later Apple tvOS 14 versions, more models will be added for gamers later.

More Screen Saver Options

You must have enjoyed the screen saver. You didn’t have the freedom to choose the screen saver for your Apple TV in the older Apple tvOS versions. The latest Apple tvOS 14 is coming with the screen saver along with the customization. You can select the screen saver and make changes as you like. Also, you will see that the group section has been added to be filled according to your desire. Ocean, cities, and space-like things will be available for your reference.

Has Apple tvOS 14 missed anything special?

Most of the Apple users were keeping their hopes on having a parental lock. Unfortunately, any clue was not shown in the introduction event either. Since the channel list is being expanded and the Apple television channel has got more programs in the future plants, it will be better to have such things. 

When it comes to the minor updates like Apple tvOS 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4 such things had not been included except the minor UI improvements. It is up to Apple Company if they are going to propose that in the next big thing somehow.

Apple tvOS14.4

This is the latest version of Apple tvOS that has come along with few new things. It was available for 4th and 5th generation Apple televisions in facilitating a better experience. It came into the release after a month of Apple tvOS14.3 release. The Apple tvOS14.4 was officially released on January 26 after having a beta version. It has come with few bug fixes that existed in earlier versions. Also, the installment is for free. Anyone can have the Apple tvOS 14.4 version for free in the updates section.

Although there was not any specific release note that came with the update by the Apple company, it must be coming with stability enhancements, more user interface enhancements, and some hidden things the customers should not know. When it comes to the supporting platforms, you may see it on the updated settings. Also, if you are using an Apple TV that belongs to either the 4th or 5th generation, the updates will be for you.


  • How to update my Apple TV to the latest tvOS version?
  • Updating your Apple TV is not different from the previous updating protocols. It can be implemented by choosing the System > Software Updates > Update Software. If you have got a new version of the Apple tvOS, you will be able to see it on the display and you have to select and press ok. The things will happen from that moment onwards. 
  • Does my Apple TV run on the latest Apple tvOS 14?
  • If you have an App Store on the television, that will be it. If yes, you will be able to install the Apple tvOS 14 and run it on your TV for better entertainment. Also, you will be able to verify yourself if you have a 4th generation model. However, you have to make sure things by going into the updates menu. If there is an update for being installed, you will be able to install and run.

More FAQ..

  • Can I still use Siri on Apple tvOS 14?
  • Indeed, you are free to use Siri at any time. The latest version of the Apple tvOS 14 contains SIRI for your things. All you have to do is to summer Siri in any of the ways you did before.
  • Is Home Theater available in Apple tvOS 14?
  • Yes and NO. You will be able to get the latest update to enjoy the feature. Unless you have installed the Apple tvOS 14.2 version Home Theatre feature will not be available for you. This feature has been introduced for Apple tvOS 14.2 version and above, you have to install it for previous versions. Along with the Home Theatre, few bug fixes, UI enhancements, and small improvements will be available for you?
  • What is Apple Fitness?
  • As you know Apple watch is the thing you have to be wearing to monitor the fitness level. Now, you have been introduced world-class fitness experience through Apple television. All you have to do is to get subscribed to the feature using a suitable device.
  • Must I install the update for Apple tvOS 14?
  • Indeed you don’t have to do it necessarily. As you have read in the articles, Apple tvOS 14 has offered some of the coolest things for your entertainment. 4k streaming, multiple gaming, PIP, improved UI, and many things are there for you. Although you must not install things, you are recommended to do that. Unlike any of the manufacturers, you have the liberty to experience the latest software advancements without having slower performance. Apple tvOS supports only 4th and 5th generation Apple TVs which means devices with proper hardware acceleration.

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