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How to insert SIM to Apple 14 pro max and new eSIM experience

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First, let’s see where to add a physical sim card to the Apple 14 pro max. Remove the SIM card holder from your phone. Turn your SIM card so the angled corner of the SIM matches the angled corner of the SIM holder. Remember that your phone only supports Nano SIM. Place your SIM in the SIM holder and insert the holder properly into the phone.

Also, Apple gave a shocking announcement to the US models of Apple. That is the reason why physical SIM cards were removed from Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro as well as iPhone 14 Pro Max. Most of the times when we switch phones, we switch SIM cards between phones. It is a very easy and very quick way to do it. But now it is going to disappear in the Apple phone world. Many people think that this will soon come to Android phones as well. 

Apple removed the physical SIM card from the iPhone 14 series and introduced a new type of SIM. That is the eSIM module. Their couple of eSIM has been introduced. It allows you to connect to two networks simultaneously. But that is only after the integrated eSIM register for your carriers.

Also, the Chinese versions of these iPhones do not yet have eSIM. They still use physical dual-SIM. Because they are not big fans of eSIM.

 eSIM is a type of SIM that cannot be removed from your phone. Subscriber’s carrier account should be registered to your phone. That means it can be configured over the air.

SIM options for iPhone 14 series 


iPhone 14 – Dual-eSIM

iPhone 14 Plus – Dual-eSIM 

iPhone 14 Pro – Dual-eSIM 

iPhone 14 Pro Max – Dual-eSIM 


iPhone 14 – Dual Physical SIM

iPhone 14 Plus – Dual Physical SIM 

iPhone 14 Pro – Dual Physical SIM 

iPhone 14 Pro Max – Dual Physical SIM 

Rest of the world

iPhone 14 – Single Physical SIM , Dual-eSIM 

iPhone 14 Plus – Single Physical SIM , Dual-eSIM 

iPhone 14 Pro – Single Physical SIM , Dual-eSIM 

iPhone 14 Pro Max – Single Physical SIM , Dual-eSIM 

Other SIM cards type 

Physical SIM – This is a type of plastic SIM card. You can replace or remove it. 

Dual SIM – Dual SIM phones have two physical SIM cards. This allows you to operate two networks on the same device. 

Dual-eSIM – This is the latest one introduced by the iPhone 14 series. Dual-eSIM devices have two eSIMs. 

Hybrid SIM – Hybrid SIM card devices can use both physical and eSIM modules.

Pros of eSIM technology 

Creating physical SIM is very trash. This plastic SIM has to be replaced from time to time. Also, when switching between technologies, like 5G, you have to get another SIM. Thus eSIM is better than physical SIM. 

It is convenient 

Convenience is the second advantage. You need an internet connection to activate the eSIM. You can do it with Wi-Fi. That means you don’t need to go to a store. And you don’t need to deal with customer service representatives. 


Also, the eSIM module is very secure because of its build in nature. You cannot physically remove or replace the eSIM.

Cons of eSIM Not all carriers support eSIM 

The bad thing about eSIM is that it is not supported by many carriers. This often affects outside the USA. That is, it may be difficult for American iPhone 14 users to get service while traveling. Of course you can always roam internationally. But taking a physical SIM card and putting it in a smartphone and enjoying local pricing seems to be good in every way.

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