Most Common Mac OS Monterey problems

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Apple’s latest operating system is mac OS 12 Monterey. It arrived in October 2021. As an apple user, you should know about the newest version of macOS 12 Monterey. Therefore you can see about it in this article. However, Mac os Monterey has problems such as USB connectivity, networks, wi-fi, and hardware. Now you can learn about it.

Monterey won’t download or install

Mac os can’t update the main problem. It can be caused by storage space, network or device compatibility, overheating, or battery life problems. Therefore you should be installed a new version of macOS. The notification bar shows a message regarding updates.

Battery life issues

Battery low is the main issue of macOS users. It may cause problems with Bluetooth. According to the reports, the MacBook device’s battery level shows low after a few hours of sleep mode. In the 12.2.1 version was solved the battery issue. Therefore we can think about the problem of battery life in macOS 12.2.

Display not working

Display not working is a problem of macOS 12.3 .1. Most of the users had companied regarding this matter and they had happened to uninstall the version they installed. Although Apple released several versions after this issue, users had been afraid to go for them. If you have a these kind of issue, we recommend you to uninstall the updates you have installed. 

MacBook Pro won’t turn on

Most MacBook users complained that was stopped working suddenly after upgrading macOS12 Monterey. It happens every 10 seconds, leaving the power button pressed. After researching MacBook’s website, most users complained about this trouble. It is a trouble for MacBook users because it may cause time wasting and dullness.

Apple is trying to solve this problem. They advise trouble with users to connect to the AC power and working display. Then it would help if you held the power button longer than 10 seconds and then released it. Suppose you don’t have any changes. You should press and release the power button typically. Then you need to check your power connection. If the power light is orange or green, you must connect the power source correctly.

This trouble is the weak point of apple devices. They examine this trouble. But they were not given the correct solution.

Face time not working on Mac

As an apple user, it is a famous brand in the world. All phone, iPhone, laptop, and notepad users like to buy apple brand. When researching the apple brand, we can see it has much trouble. We can find on their web page about problems in apple.

Face time not working on Mac is another trouble of Mac book. According to the user’s complaints, they say they can’t make or receive face time calls on Mac book pro when someone in an online call is dropped after a few seconds. Then shows a massage “user is not available on face time.”

After that, Apple said that face time, camera, or microphone is not working on your mac book. They give some solutions for that problem. One is to restart the mac book by clicking the apple menu. The other one is to use a fast wi-fi or mobile connection. Another solution is the date and time set by using the apple menu.

These solutions are given by apple company. However, these troubles are harmful to all users.

MacBook Pro mouse not working

The mouse is the primary input device of a laptop or computer. It’s used for entering the data, for control the movement of the cursor, for selecting the text, folders, files, or icons on the computer. If you can’t do these options using the mouse, it can slow our work. Also, it may be fed up with us.

Some apple users complain that the mouse is not working problem. It is a black mark for the apple brand. Therefore Apple is trying to solve this problem. They advised users to turn off the mouse by using a sliding switch. After that, turn on the mouse by using the slide switch. Then you can see the mouse green visible.

They gave another solution by using settings. After that, apple told on the blue tooth feature for lost Bluetooth connectivity.

A low mouse battery can be another reason for the disappearance of the mouse pointer

However, Apple is trying to produce a new version without this problem. They always try to win customer mind for their devices.

Sound not working on mac

Most of the time, we use the Macbook for watching videos, audio, listening to lectures, or another thing. As a student or teacher, or another user, you have to face significant problems with sound not working on a mac book. If you buy the best brand of Mac book, but its sound is not. You are a worry about it. You can’t achieve your targets.

Apple advised checking the volume control. Because it can be muted, another solution is to check the system preferences and select the built-in speakers.Otherwise, check the Bluetooth connection for turning on it.

Using these techniques, you can solve the problem of not working sound.

iMessage is not working on Mac Monterey.

Some Apple users are complaining that iMessage is not working on their Mac book. Some are trying to solve the problem by updating apple support.

Apples accept their trouble, and they give some solutions for it. They ask users to check the connection of wi-fi before sending your iMessage. The other answer is to set the date and time correctly by using a setting app. You must sign out your apple ID and sign in again by using preferences. Apple has tried to solve all these problems and give the best products to customers.  

The Mac camera is not working

All apple users are interested in the camera. The camera is used to photograph, take a selfie, or entertain. But the camera is not working on your phone, laptop, or other devices. What are you thinking about? It is an entire sad event. Most mac book users complained about not working the camera on the mac book. Someone said that after upgrading macOS Monterey, the camera is not working.

After that, Apple said to use your camera in another app like a photo booth. But users said after the open photo booth; it said not connected camera. It is a massive problem for apple devices. But they try to find that trouble and produce the new version.

AirDrop is not working on Mac

Airdrop is a particular part of apple Inc, IOS, and the macOS operating system. It was introduced by Mac OS X Lion and Ios 7. AirDrops are used for transferring files by wireless connection. This feature is helpful for all mac users because they can share their files very easy and speedy.

These days, some mac users complain AirDrop is not working on their devices. The apple company is present, and they provide small solutions. They ask to turn on the Bluetooth manually. If not, you can restart your mac book. But users are not satisfied with these solutions. Therefore apple tries to produce new editions without these matters.

The Mac keyboard is not working

The keyboard is one of the main parts of a computer. If the keyboard is not working, it is an amusing point. But most apple users complained regarding this cause as well.

Some small solutions are given by apple for this matter. They said that if you use an external keyboard, you should be reconnected it. Also, they said that sometimes maybe the USB port is malfunctioning. However, the mac book is not in a low battery mode. Otherwise, you should open the system preferences and solve the critical board problem. Most popular apple company products got a black mark from these problems.

AirPods are not connecting to Mac

AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds. They are designed by Apple Inc. AirPods are hand free and used for listening to music, audio, video, radio, and more. Also, it uses enjoyful men and women. But you do not believe me. Some AirPods are not connected with the Mac book. Therefore most people don’t like to use the apple mac book. We can see people ask a question regarding AirPods not connecting to mac.

Some minor solutions are given by apple for these matters. They said you should be sure that your mac is macOS 10.14.4 or later. After that, you can disconnect and reconnect by using system preferences. Another solution is charging the AirPods before connecting the MacBook.


The MacBook Pro battery is not charging

You know, the battery is the essential device in the MacBook. If the battery is not charging, what are you doing? It is a significant matter for you. We can see some mac users complain that the battery is not charging when connecting the charger. Also, they said that it happened after the mac or Monterey update.

Some solutions are given by apple for it. They said to shut down and unplug your MacBook. Then press and hold the shift + option+ control keys and press the power button and hold it until 10 seconds. After that, release the keys and connect the adaptor. Then you can see mac is usually changing.

Other solutions are to restart the mac book, check the power adaptor, and properly connect. Also, the connector should be clean and free from water.

Bluetooth is not available

Bluetooth is a connection for short-range communications between devices or devices to peripherals like wireless headsets, keyboards, mice, video games, audio speakers, and more. Enjoy users like this connection. 

However, some people complained that Bluetooth is not available for mac users. Apples are trying to solve this problem. They said to restart the mac book and check the connection. These matters are not suitable for apple’s future. Therefore they try to solve these problems well.

The screenshot on Mac is not working

A screenshot, also called a screen grab, or screen capture is a digital image. It can image the content of a computer display. The screenshots are created by operating systems or software. Screenshots are the most important thing on the computer. It helps take, save, and share important things. Do you know that world 1st apple has a problem regarding not working screenshots on mac? Mac users complained about that.

But apple tries to get away from shame. They advised users to restart the mac book. Another option is given, which is to check the modified destination folder and press shift +command+5. Then open the screenshot app and then click the option.

Mac book pro screen flickering

Do you know what the screen flickering is? Screen flickering in windows is usually caused by display drivers. They are also called screen blinking on and off. Some people complain regarding this matter. But apple said it is not a standard Mac OS Monterey update issue. Also, they said that they didn’t get too many user complaints. However, they were given troubleshooting tips.They ask users with this trouble to use the display setting and switch off automatically adjust brightness.

Safari is not working on mac book

Safari is a graphical web browser. It was developed by apple. Also, it is supported on mac OS, Ios, and iPad os. However, mac book users complained that safari is not working on mac Monterey.

Apple producers are given solutions for this matter. They ask users to for reloading it. Another solution is checking the network setting. However, you can press command Q and select the safari app, and reopen safari.

These problems are presented in Mac os Monterey. Most savvy phone users select the apple brand as the best choice. Therefore this brand is famous among phone users. But trouble presenting is not suitable for their future. However, they try to update the new version without problems.


We have explained some common problems you may see on the Apple mac OS Monterey. If you see these kinds of errors, we recommend you to either update the version or uninstall the mac OS version you have just upgraded. Please be with us we bring you a complete guide about getting rid of these errors. 

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