08 Free Smart Apps For Macbook Air

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Apple MacBook Air is a device with plenty of capabilities. Here are ten free smart apps for MacBook air that you can fulfill all your tasks.

As a MacBook air owner, you must have a load of free apps that have come as pre-installed apps. They fulfill an elegant duty for the ones who need it for business and study purposes.  If you have purchased a MacBook air, it means that you have smart tasks to be fulfilled. Therefore, you should have more than something that has come as pre-installed apps.

Since you have already expended more than $1000 on the MacBook air, it will be better if the apps come for free.  Here are 10 free smart apps for MacBook air in 2021. They will bring everything that other paid apps can achieve for you.

Duet Display

The system performance of the MacBook Air device is as high as a desktop Mac computer. One of the limitations of this amazing apple product involves the monitor. The touch sensitiveless display keeps the special professionals such as graphic designers away due to that. As a solution for them, Duet Display app has served the ability to turn the Apple iPad into a secondary display. It can save the time that goes for window switching.

When it comes to other features of the App, it lets the user use the iPad as a touch screen. Since the MacBook Air doesn’t come with a touch display, the App will be a nice way to deal with that. Being one of the free smart apps for MacBook air, the duet will be a great app for a graphic designer or a person who works with multiple windows.  

If You Are Looking For The Best Free Smart Apps For MacBook,Todoist WIll Manage Tasks

As one of the free smart apps for MacBook air, Todoist comes as a task managing app. You get the ability to highlight the tasks and arrange them as you like. Also, the app lets you share the tasks among your friends, and it informs you when they put comments on that. 

The greatest part of the App is its mark system. It lets you see scores after you achieve them. When it comes to the achievements, you get to see your productivity and achievements of the goals. The App has got an impressive user interface, and the graphics are suggested using different colors. Themes are available, and you have the freedom to choose them as you like.


It is a video-making tool that has been introduced as a free tool. Also, it has the ability to convert video files into the desired file type of the user. Apple users are frequently using the App for uploading videos to Facebook and similar platforms as well. Cropping, resizing videos, Variable Frame Rate support,  and the cool interface are the other things you need to know as a Macbook Air user.

Since there is enough hardware compact for video editing and viewing the content using the retina display, this App will be a nice one to have for the device. As one of the free smart apps for MacBook air, HandBrake will have to be on your MacBook Air for a sudden need.


AppCleaner is a great app to get rid of apps, files, fragmentation, and cache memory. The App is capable of freeing space for your storage. It can perform a quick scanning and lets you see the apps that are not in use recently. Not only the unused files but bothering apps can be easily uninstalled using the AppCleaner as well.

The simple drag and drop interface will make things simple and short for cleaning. If you are bothered about unwanted widgets, data consuming plugins, Appcleaner will get them removed from your MacBook Air device.  Being a unique tool, it is one of the free smart apps for MacBook air.


Being one of the free smart apps for MacBook air, the LastPass app remembers your password. Since it is essential to clean the internet cache, you will have to enter the password every time you visit the specific website. The Lst Pass is a great option for you to select on such occasions. Not only the remembering part, the App suggests strong passwords with numbers, symbols, block letters, and different variations. Therefore, you will not have to bother either form forgetting or filling up the storage.

The utmost feature about this App is its ability to share your notes with others. Besides, you can have your passwords shared with family members as a backup option. Therefore, LastPass is a great choice for you when looking for free smart apps for MacBook air.

VLC Player Is One Of The Best Free Smart Apps For MacBook To Watch Videos

You might have seen that there are different file extensions regarding the video codecs. When it comes to watching a movie, the entire occasion can be ruined by a player that can’t even identify the extension. VLC is a great app with almost every codec sup[ortability. It is simple, user-friendly, and can play any video format you have. Not only that, DVDs, Audio CDs,  VCDs, and most of the Audio extensions support this player. As recently introduced videos, 360 degrees videos can also be played using the VLC player when it comes to the 8k videos, and the player can play them too. 

Being one of the free smart apps for MacBook air to entertain your movie, you will not get any malware, ads, or even user tracking like similar players do.


Being one of the writing-focused apps, DayOne is a must-have App on MacBook air. It allows the user to write stories without effort. The supporting interface facilitates a backup option along with security. It lets the user add videos, audio, notes, drawings, and any sort of attachment for ease of writing. Since the end to end, encryption is stood for the DayOne App, and users get enough security for their ideas and writings when it comes to unlocking, biometric protection has even facilitated.

The interface has offered rich text format, which means the user can arrange the written text according to any format. Since there are several saving formats for the App, working will be easy with the App.


The mentioned apps are useful for any Apple user. Even if you are not related to the App’s specific food, you can keep them for a future need. Most importantly, they are for free and don’t cost much space from the storage. It means that you don’t have to bother keeping them in the MacBook Air device. Keep them, try them, and delete them if you don’t feel exactly what others felt.

All of the named free smart apps for MacBook air are available in the App store.  All of them are for free, and you don’t have to purchase them. Therefore, you don’t have to buy them from third par yap stores as they may contain malware and other harmful programs.

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