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05 Useful Macbook Air Apps For Students

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Most of the students use MacBook air for their uses. Here are 05 MacBook air apps that you can use to increase the value of the MacBook air device.

Although each of the Apple products is elegant with the finish, only a few of them are for students. MacBook air is such a device that can be used by students. Although most of the businessmen and the other professionals use MacBook air, students are the most specific group of beneficial who can get full use. Following 05 Apps will bring the maximized use of the MacBook air for a student. If you intend to gift a MacBook air, these apps will have to be in it before gifting.

 Startup Disk Full Fixer

It is always necessary to have a cleanup app. Since the students are using the internet for several purposes, a cleanup app is essential. Besides, image cache memory, system speeding, and defragment-like tasks should be performed using a specific app for the Apple device. The Startup Disk Full Fixer is a great one to do that. Also, speed up, and boosts are necessary things while doing the studies. This app will do an amazing job to fulfill those needs along with a quick startup.

MacFly Pro

The filling of the space is a frequently arising problem for the Apple MacBook air users. Since the maximum available space is 256GB, students have to use the limited space effectively. This app will delete duplicate files, larger files, and even junk files. After a thorough examination, the user will be notified about all types of files that are available on the storage. After the confirmation of the user, the files will be deleted.

Alfred App

As one of the MacBook air apps for students, Alfred is a signature app for exploring information. The app is capable of doing many things for you. When it comes to its utmost duty, Alfred will find files in the MacBook air device for you. Exploring the activity history, use of hotkeys, browse the internet quickly, voice recognition, extended tasks, and there are several things that a student can fulfill.

The app can be considered as a special app that has got all the qualities of Siri.  Most importantly, it can fulfill more than a typical file manager app can do. Therefore, Alfred has to be in the MacBook  Air as one of the MacBook air apps for students.

Giphy Capture

There are not so many things that can link a couple of generations. GIF is one of those rare things. Students have to create different types of videos. The creation of playable GIFs is such a thing. GIFs can say thousands of words that a whole video can not state. Even if it is for entertainment or academic purpose, GIFs have been vital for the students.

The Giphy Capture Will help them to create as many as GIFs they want. Even if it is a whole clip, the gif clips will be produced by this app. Also, the simple and easy-to-handle interface is a great one to interact with.  Though you are someone with less knowledge, the tutorials will let you know vital facts.


What do you remember when hearing the words “Typical Student”? Noting things down will have to be at least one of the early ten guesses. Evernote is an app that has been dedicated to the students to Note things. The user gets to share what he just noted with the servers. It means the probability of losing notes is less than the typical noting down. Adding images, texts, audios, and attachments have made this app a popular app among the MacBook air apps for students as well.

When it comes to formatting, students will be able to make their own signature way along with the formatting tools. Categories, instant share, and searches like features have made this app a unique app for college students as well.

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