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MacBook Air Pros and Cons Explained

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MacBook Air is an Apple product that came up with several benefits. As an Apple user, you will have plenty of Macbook air Pros and Cons to be considered prior to buying. This article will let you have guidance through Macbook air Pros and Con.

Here are more things that you need to know about Macbook air Pros and Cons.

06 Pros About MacBook air

It is 100% environmentally friendly

Along with the Macbook air Pros and Cons, you might not have known that the Apple Company has been running on renewable energy. It means their offices, stores, factories, and everything depends on green energy.

Similar to that,  You might not have known that the MacBook air product is almost green. At a time when the world is talking about green Information technology, Apple company has come forward along with this design. It doesn’t have any of the environmentally hazardous chemicals. When it comes to the edge of the outer cover, 100% recycled aluminum has been used. Being the most powerful laptop for traveling professionals, Apple company has tried its best to deliver the green concept.

Also, the power consumption of the laptop is more efficient than any laptop in the market. Since it is vital to maintain a high power consumption efficiency, the company has tried new things. The modified operating system to maximize the power efficiency, hardware combination, and the fewer toxin releases are a few of the things they have tried.

Retina Display

The retina display is an eye-satisfying one with more than 48% colors with the previous one, Appel MacBook air 2018. The text quality has been sword-sharpening. Also, the border has come up with 50 percent thickness.  The blurring and other malcolorizations have vanished in this model. This thing has made the laptop an eligible one for the professionals who have engaged in graphic designing as well. Since the graphic employees needed to see their creations in CRT displays, they had got away from the laptop use. Since there are other tools such as Appel pencil, that will be an easy thing to do.

When compared to the typical laptops in recent history, they have constantly been coming with poor performances. When it comes to Apple’s Macbook air version, it comes with a 2560X1600 resolution with 4 million pixels. It means it is over the limit of the latest desktop monitors as well. 

Since the power efficiency is mainly depending on the poor display, the overall laptop experience has been a poor one for the traveling businessman. But, the Apple MacBook Air has made a revolutionary comeback k with this approach. Since they have managed the power consumption in other ways, the display doesn’t have to be the only one to save energy.

Increased Security With Touch ID

As one of the Macbook air Pros and Cons important factors for the laptops, security is taken into the attention. The latest MacBook air comes along with a touch Id. It allows the employees and professionals to keep their trust in the data that have been stored in the device. The fingerprint of the power is turned into a password in the process. All you have to do is to turn yourself into a pass3word by adding the fingerprint to the laptop. Unlocking is capable of doing several things along with the tough ID.

Locking/Unlocking specially declared documents, securing phone records, getting the access to other Apple products under the same username, protecting the personal journal, sign sensitive documents, provision of approval are few other things. When it comes to purchasing, you might be enjoying online purchasing. This feature can be used as a purchasing verification as well. Since it is applicable to you only, there will not be an issue with the thefts of the device and purchases by third parties.

Improved SSD

As a laptop user, you know how much it is crucial to have a quicker boot and a file transferring speed. That will not be a matter as the Apple MacBook Pro comes with a 128GB SSD. The latest technology is being applied to all parts of the world. 

When it comes to Apple products, SSD has been the latest trend for them. Being one of the things coming under Macbook air Pros and Cons, the SSD is available for the Apple MacBook air laptop. It has been found that an SSD can save your time up to 30% and increase computer performance by 40%.  For example, you will be able to get a task done within 14 seconds if it takes 30 seconds or more with a typical hard drive.  

Since it is about the most effective and efficient operating system, macOS, the expected acceleration can be as extended as 100% than the previous speed. Also, 128GB is a sufficient volume for storing files for a traveling employee or a professional.  It comes for both MacBook versions 11″ and the 13′.

Generation Keyboard with The Force Touch Trackpad

The latest designs of the Apple MacBook pro have delivered the Generation Keyboard with a Force Touch Trackpad for a better inputting experience by the users. The touch bar is a spacious one with plenty of room for other keys. Although you will have to be familiar with the Generation Keyboard, working will be easier with the device the more you work.

Some users complain that not having a touch-sensitive display is a con. But, the Apple company has taken care to provide a 4.7″ X 3″ with so many gesture recognition. Since it is a step taken to make the users feel the laptop gesture, some users still struggle with that. However, it is a higher user-friendly strategy according to the majority of the users because not only the ease of use but the ability to work in a rough space with severe damages may be a challenge for an Apple User.

Force Touch trackpad is a great way to perform more functions. Since pressure balancing can mean several things,m the user gets the freedom to add multiple inputs into the apps. For example, if you are intending to use graphics using the MacBook air, that will be an easy thing with the device. 

Since the pressure can be maintained easily, the brushes and stroke will come easily. Calendar app, reminder, Messages, Mail, Maps, iMovie, and GarageBand are some of the apps that you can do using the Force Touch trackpad. There are several gestures that you can remember to have quick access to actions. The more you remember, working with the MacBook air will be easier.  

More For User Experience

The extended battery life is a benefit that came from the effective and efficient operating system. But the hardware support is also a factor for better battery life.  The Macbook air Pros and Cons consist more pros than any other MacBook air device. Although the previous batteries could not hold energy for too long, the 2020 MacBook air devoice has got 11 hours of assured work. Some tests have proven that it can play 1080p video for 8 hours which is giant when compared to other laptops.

The sound quality of the MacBook has been improved in the latest apple MacBook version. Apple company has mentioned that the 2020 MacBook version comes with 2x more bass. It is a 25% overall improvement from the last model as well. 

Since the video editing, sound editing features will have to be performed in the device, it is crucial to have these kinds of improvements with the quality. Also, since the visual quality is of a high standard along with 1080p video playback and the Retina D monitor, the entertainment will be a quite embracing one for sure.

Specs Briefing

Thunderbolt 3 – Thunderbolt 3 has been introduced for charging. It can be used for charging, data transferring, connecting the display, and other portable device connecting purposes.

FaceTime HD camera – Alo9ng with eth FaceTime App, the FaceTime HD camera has been able to provide the necessary hardware facilitation for the video conferences. The Hd camera will bring all the details for the user.

Three Microphones – These microphones have been used to provide better sound quality for the users. Since noise recognition is a needed feature due to different working atmospheres for the user, one of them is a noise cancellation mic.

Wireless Connections – Wi-Fi 6  and Bluetooth 4.2 come as the wireless connections for the device. They are considered the latest wireless connection a device can have. Akolong with the Thunderbolt 3, two can perform a unique data transfer. The network goes like a pro among the Macbook air Pros and Cons.

Comes Along With Useful Apps

You will be able to start things as soon as you buy an Apple MacBook Air device as it hets all sorts of primary apps. When it comes to the office tasks,  reminders, Pages, Keynote, Notes, Calendar, and Map like apps will be available as preinstalled apps. These apps can be considered as one of the Macbook air Pros and Cons with a positive outcome. Even if you are interested in playing or entertainment,m you will not be disappointed as the iMovie and GarageBand apps will come as preinstalled apps.  When it comes to communication, FaceTime will come as a preinstalled app that you can use for video conferencing.

If you want to add more apps, the AppStore will either find more apps and conduct the purchasing. Since the touchID comes as a pre-installed feature, you will not have to bother with authenticating as well.

Slim design

One o the positive Macbook air Pros and Cons to be considered is its slim design. The device doesn’t require both volumes and weight lifting as MacBook Air weighs 2.96 pounds and has a thickness of 0.68 inches. As a traveling employee, you will be able to take it anywhere you want. 

Since all the security and the primary office tasks can be achieved using the device’s preinstalled apps, a MacBook air holder will be able to walk with just this device. Even the purse will not be a matter to be considered as the purchasing and payments can be made using the touch ID feature.  

When it comes to the necessity of the cover, that will not be a necessity. Because the solid Aluminum casing will manage physical damages on your way. It is important to note that the high energy consumption efficiency leaves you a carrying device without charging equipment as well. So, you are literally free of another burden, aren’t you?

 Since the thickness is as low as a phone, you will be able to keep it on bear a=hands as well. It means this will be a nice choice or a gift for the students who have to stay all day long along with several books. As an environmentally friendly product, it will be a pride to walk around with an Apple MacBook Air laptop without anything.

04 Cons of the Macbook Air

No Touch Display

Since the previous Apple laptop models came with a touch display, most of the tasks could be achieved efficiently. But, it had not been included in the version. Because, there was a Force Touch Trackpad that could perform some of the gestures. But, it was a lack of user-friendliness as some of the users had to struggle with the touchpad.

The MacBook air device was used by graphic designers because of its elegant display and hardware acceleration. But, they faced several difficulties along with The Force Touch Trackpad. Because the direct input could not be performed without a touch display. Not having a touch screen urged Apple users to move into another alternative. Because there were plenty of other products in the market.

Higher Price

The price is always one of the factors that talked under the topic of Macbook air Pros and Cons. Being a con, you are going to have to pay more than $1000 to purchase one of these devices. Since it is somethi9ng that you have to pay for when buying a powerful laptop, people referred to other alternatives. Higher performance, hardware acceleration, and there are several reasons why Apple company expected a higher payment for this device. But, it is not the best performing device on the market.

Limited Storage

There is an SSD that has a 128Gb capacity with the latest speeding. But, it is not enough for a person with so much to save. When it comes to a cameraman, he is a person with lots of things to be saved in the SSD. Also, there are other employees such as graphic designers, web designers, online freelancers, and various types of people who need more space. Therefore, their choice has gone away from this MacBook air.

Low Performing Cpu

If you are a student who needs the latest laptop, this will not be the best choice due to the lower performing hardware. Although you are allowed to move onto a limited scoped upgrade when buying. But, you will not be able to change so much of thing after that. Since there is not enough space in the thin space, things will be more difficult. If it is a high-performing laptop you are looking for, this will not be the choice yours. 

Memory, CPU, and Storage upgrades will disappoint you in a short time. Programmers, online freelancers, Students, and App developers have not chosen the MacBook air 2018 and later versions due to low-performing aspects.


MacBook air is something every apple lover must try. It has to go with lots of features that can go with your preference. Although it has been produced for the employees, the hardware combination doesn’t go out of a typical laptop user as well. For example, if your expectation is to watch a movie on the bed, the Macbook Air will be an elegant device to do that. 

Also, it will be better if you are looking for the points for your master’s degree dissertation too. The high-speed internet connectivity, speed charging, more realistic display-like features will go in your favor.

More Useful For

When it comes to specific professionals such as graphic designers, web designers, programmers, and heavy working freelancers, there will be more convenient and less expensive laptops under other brands. However, the most focused specs like high battery efficiency, slim design, and improved touchpad-like features will overcome those setbacks. If you are a true Apple lover, this will be a device that you should not stay without trying. It is that awesome.

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