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Amazing Apple Patents You Might See In Future

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One of the best ways to assume Apple features is the patents. Here are 10 amazing Apple Patents you might see in the near future.

Apple Company is bringing lots of astonishments through their products. Analysts and leakers have got the responsibility of making predictions for the future products. One of the most crucial ways to assume future apple products is the Amazing Apple Patents that the company has claimed for. But, it is important to remember that most of the patients have just become a paper due to failures and interruptions. Therefore assuming the next Apple features is a thing to do more carefully. Here are 10 amazing apple patents that can make it to the next level.

The Self Adjusting Apple Watch Strap

Apple has been planning on adding more things to the Apple watch. In last year, they added a specific feature to the Apple watch known as the sleep mode. Following the same moral, the company is planning to add an auto-adjusting Apple Watch as well. As one of the 10 Amazing Apple Patents You Might See in Future, this one consists of several details. Few stars, additional features, the background of the technology, and future extensions are included in this patent as well.

Sensors can do amazing things. When it comes to the sensors that directly applied on the harwadrwre, the accuracy and the perfection has to be the best elements.

More News have revealed that the wearing person can loosen or tighten the strap using the Apple Watch’s display. The time that the users had to expend for wearing the watch will be reduced with this feature. When considering other benefits, the possibility to have damaged skin hair, damages to the watch, and scratches on skin will be reduced.  Although most of the major smart watch producing companies have tried different things, this is the first time a company owned a patent for a starip like feature. 

The Wrap-Around Display Is one of the Amazing Apple Patents

Although Samsung smartphones have been able to create competition in the smartphone industry for the Apple, it is not a considerable one indeed. But, most of the people accept that Apple has inspired some basics and improved until a whole new level. The wraparound display is such a thing that the Apple is trying to take into the next level. There are already some Galaxy devices in the market with a curved display and an additional display. As an answer for these devices, Apple glass stepped into creating this kind of display.

According to Apple sources, the display allows the user to use two apps at the same time. It is supposed to come with a hardware acceleration that can facilitate such ability as well. Other than two apps, the device will enable the use of sharing media between another Apple devices due to the extended display size as well.

Special Sensors For The next Apple Car

Special sensors needed for the Autonomous driving was not a secret for the Apple fans. They were supposed to be the backbone of the Apple car due to the amazing technology. Although sensors can perform a unique duty, things may change when it comes to a mechanical device such as a car. 

Apple car has started their work again. The company made the official announcement a few years back about the giving up. But, the latest reveals have stated that more than a hundred of employees have been assigned for the Apple car.

Apple Company has already obtained the patents related to Autonomous driving, necessary sensors, and obtaining signals. But, the things matter when getting the mechanical technology from the professionals. According to reliable news sources, the company has started talks about the technology with few car manufacturers. These companies include Hyundai, one of the best car producers in the world as well. The sharing of the patent and releasing its secrete elements will make the car a reality in the near future.

The Foldable iPhone

Following the path taken by Galaxy Fold and Huawei mate, Apple has taken few patents for their foldable design. The display, hardware combination, battery, and the outer cover kike features of a typical phone need the adjustments. It seems the Apple Company has already found the solutions for them. Open like a book, rolling device, and a features switchable device are some of the designs made by the Apple Company.

Apple has passed almost a decade finding the hardware solution for the obtained patent. The patent explains how the foldable phone’s hardware is prepared. Since they have gone through a wrap up display already, Apple has got the necessary background from the beginning. There are few sketches that have been shared by Apple fans. Also, some of them appear to have been published by Apple employees as well. They suggest of a phone that require less space a typical iPhone requires. It is important to remember that the modern iPhone comes with several versions and the space requirement has been an issue.

AR And VR Glasses

Augmented reality and the Virtual Reality are supposed to be the next big things in the human history. Although it has passed several years since its arrival, from 2016, Apple Company hasn’t still revealed anything. In 2016 Apple started competing for a patent related to AR and they could achieve it as well. But, later on, they used to try for another patent which included specific scope related VR. It is said that the wearing person has the ability to control the AR and VR atmosphere using moving gestures.

More news state that Apple is planning to include these features in a Future Apple iPhone. It will be able to create a virtual atmosphere around the user with the aid of the sensors. Although the technology is prepared, the company has not revealed any detail about the future. Analysts have predicted that the AR and VR patents will surely make it to the next level. According to them, they will be available for both Apple iPhone and the Apple VR glass which is also in queue to be invented.

A MacBook Energized by iPhone

Like it was mentioned earlier, Samsung is a company that being inspired by the Apple company. One of the revealed amazing Apple Patents has focused the technology similar to the Samsung Dex, the computer powered by a phone. Although thoughts are quite simple for Samsung, Apple Company has taken it to the next stage. The patent includes the functioning and the basic intentions of the phone as well. According to the news sources, Apple Company is trying to put a whole in MacBook where they intend to put the iPhone.

The exact location for the iPhone is the mouse pad. After fitting the phone in the macBooks’ gap, the MacBook will use the iPhone’s data. Although syncing is a thing that ha originated from Apple, the speed is the crucial factor for sharing data in an unlimited speed. When it comes to the iPhone dipped in the MacBook, the user is allowed to use the hardware acceleration consisted of both devices. To do that, it is compulsory to build a stable connection between both devices.  It supposes that the Apple has found a way to communicate with both devices in an unlimited speed.

Stopping the Filing or Photography Patent IS Not Among Amazing Apple Patents

This will be the most hated patent among 10 Amazing Apple Patents you might see In Future. Because what it explains is restricting capturing images and recording videos. You might remember how strict Steve Jobs was on the recordings. Sometimes, he repeatedly mentioned others to stop filing him in public events. Although the origin is not clear for this patent, it has been handed over for the patent granting in 2018. However, if they make it to the next level, public events will not be reaching the fans who stand in the other corners of the world. Also, the leaks and rumors will not reach to fans like they did.

According to the theories, the Apple Company is planning to control both the infrared and the normal light at the same time. The end result will be a camera without the ability to capture images or videos. Furthermore, leaks have revealed the patent’s technology is about to be applied in the real-life as a wrist band. If there is a person in the room, others will not capture any video or an image. 


When it comes to the official photography, the device will come up with a specific frequency which is known by the photographer. After knowing the relevant frequency, the particular man will be able to use an anti-frequency device to deactivate the band that prevents filming.  

Sensors to detect poisonous gases

Sensors are crucial for the Apple Company for facilitating abroad service. One of the 10 Amazing Apple Patents state of a patent that includes sensors with the ability to identify poisonous gases. Since several modifications have been added for the Apple Watch, there is almost nothing new to be introduced. The best example is about the auto-adjusting strap. According to the latest patent discovery, the sensors are capable of identifying different gases. It means, the devices with the relevant sensors will be able to alert people in emergency situations.

According to trusted sources, the sensors are coming with the ability to detect metal-oxide (MOX). It means the sensors can detect situations with carbon monoxide. In case of a fire, a likeness of oxygen, and a room filled with harmful gases, the user will be alerted using these sensors. Although Apple is first targeting the Apple Watch and iPhone, their plans include the future products as well. A home seeker is one of the devices that can use these sensors more effectively when warning the members of the home.

Smart Clothing Patent

One of the amazing Apple Patents has been published by the Apple company that can sense vital signs of the human body. Following the same theory, the user will be able to measure his blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiratory rate. However, the clothing has been prepared as a glove that can detect the signs of the human body. It means that there cannot be any relationship between the Apple Watch and the Smart clothed Glove. Some analysts have stated that this patent will be able to get the position of the Apple Smart Watch’s strap as well.

The Smart clothing contains some sensors that can grab the details of the wearing person’s vital signs. After taking the readings, they will be sent to any of the Apple devices with what the user is interacting. When it comes to the rareness of the patent’s findings, the size is the matter as a clothe can not bear such sensors. Even if the clothing could bear, small veins will not be grabbed by them. However, Apple has achieved it.

3D Holograms Is One of The Amazing Apple Patents

Have you ever thought about the 3D Holograming? Making birds flying around few people is an impossible thing to do as there is no such thing called magic. When it comes to the latest patents obtained by Apple company, they are about to make a big difference for sure. In 2014, Apple steeped in to create a system where 3D objects can be created. After several failures, they could bring the reality to a place where a device can create 3D objects. Although the mind drawing picture is something that describes a huge device, it is not.

The hardware requirement for the obtained patent is in a shape of an iPad. The holder can play objects using a touch screen. Some leaks of this amazing Apple Patents suggest that the device is going to use a special laser to create the objects. Also, the same laser will include all the colors that need to create objects. Different types of sensors, mirrors, and controls will be used to implement the 3D hologramming device. Although the Apple company keeps the silence, the next big thing will be something that comes as a combination of AR & VR and the 3D hologramming machine as well.

Remarks About Amazing Apple Patents

The mentioned 10 Amazing Apple Patents are neither rumors nor leaks. All of them are real patents that have been revealed by the analysts. But, when it comes to the devices that have explained in the article, they are based on both imagination and the assumptions. Therefore, it is not sure whether they may come as the same device or as a different product. 

Although they will never come into the market, there is nothing the fans can do. When considering the recent past of the Apple, they have left several patents assuming not useful as well. Although they send the mentioned patents in products or not, more things will take place for sure as that is what Apple has been doing.

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