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iPhone 14 vs iPhone 11: everything you need to know 

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The iPhone 14 is one of the newest phones in the iPhone list. Because of that, you can see a lot of features that you like and are suitable for the new era in the iPhone 14. Even though the iPhone 11 has been on the market for a while, it is still a good market selling phone models. 

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 11: Design 

Both these phone models have different designs. The iPhone 11 shares the same curved lines as the iPhone X, Xs and Xr. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 uses the flat-edged design introduced with the iPhone 12. And it has a smaller notch than the iPhone 11. These phones are similar. But the iPhone 14 definitely looks very modern. It has the golden era iPhone design on the back. 

iPhone 14 – 146.7mm × 71.5mm × 7.8mm; 172g

iPhone 11 – 150.9mm × 75.7mm × 8.3mm; 194g

Also, the iPhone 11 is the taller, fatter and thicker one among these two. And it’s 20g heavier. Both have many similarities. Among them, there is a 6.1-inch display, dual rear cameras, Lightning port, and aluminum chassis. and can be seen in many colors. 

IPhone 11 colors: White, Black, Green, Yellow, Purple and Red 

IPhone 14 colors: Midnight (black), Starlight (silver), Blue, Purple and Red 

Although both can be seen with the same and new design, the iPhone 14 itself has a new look. The water resistance of the iPhone 11 is only up to two meters. Like the iPhone 11, the Apple iPhone 14 also has IP68. But many new iPhones can survive even in 6 meters of water.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 11: Display 

Both have a 6.1-inch screen. But you can see some significant upgrades in the iPhone 14. The iPhone 11 has a lower-quality LCD display. The iPhone 14 has an OLED display. Also, the iPhone 14 has a higher resolution, HDR, and a greater contrast ratio. And it becomes significantly brighter. This does not mean that the display of the iPhone 11 is not correct. But due to the gap of many years between the two models, iPhone 14 has had a good effect on the quality. This new range also comes with a larger variant for the iPhone 14 Plus. It offers a 6.7-inch OLED panel for those who need more space on the display. Also, the iPhone 14 has a ceramic shield that covers the front panel. It is much tougher than the Gorilla glass you will find on the iPhone 11. 

iPhone 14 – 2532×1170 resolution (460 ppi) 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio 800 nits max brightness (typical), 1200 nits peak brightness (HDR)

IPhone 11 –

1792×828 resolution (326ppi)

1400:1 contrast

625 nits max brightness 

IPhone 14 vs iPhone 11: Camera 

First of all, you will see that both devices have the same camera. Both have dual cameras in the rare one, consisting of a 12MP main and 12MP Ultra Wide. However, if you look very closely, you can see that the iPhone 14 offers you many more capabilities. 

If we look first, the iPhone 14 has an f/1.5 aperture. That’s higher than the f/1.8 on the iPhone 11. This may not seem like a big deal to you. But this will improve your low-light photography and offer you a shallower depth of field. And the stabilization is also different here. The older device comes with Optical Image Stabilization but the iPhone 14 has better Sensor-Shift Stabilization.

Take two photos from iPhone 14 and iPhone 11 for camera comparison. The iPhone 11 has a telephoto lens, which is MIA on the standard iPhone. But we think it is a good example to show you how mobile photography has improved in recent years. In those days, the iPhone 11 was at the top of the best camera photos. Now let’s see where the iPhone 11 compares with the iPhone 14. 

The iPhone 14 reproduces more balanced and natural colors and it also highlights texts in a photo well. And it is the work of the iPhone 14’s Photonic Engine. It is a new computational photography feature that optimizes texture and other details. By highlighting colors and especially low to mid-light settings.

And these two have similar Deep Fusion technology. Among them 5x and 1x optical zooms, True Tone Flash, Portrait, Portrait Lightning, and Night modes. The iPhone 14 has Smart HDR to version 4, while the iPhone 11 shows version 2. Also, iPhone 14 has a Photonic Engine. It helps to balance the color and contrast of the shots. With every iPhone version, the iPhone increases its camera quality. So the iPhone 14 has improved more than the iPhone 11.

If we take the video side, both of them have many similar features. Both can shoot 4K at 24, 25, 30, or 60 frames per second. Also here is a slo-mo video. It maxes out at 1080p/240fps. In addition, you can see Time-lapse with stabilization, QuickTake videos, 2x optical zoom and stereo recording. 

The iPhone 14 has been designed to help those who do a lot of videography. Its Action mood keeps everything steady even when you run with the camera. Also, there are HDR videos at 4K/60fps. You can get good pictures and videos through iPhone 11. But if you want to use an iPhone 14, you can’t ignore its features. 

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 11: Processor and Specs 

The iPhone 14 has Apple’s A15 Bionic chip at its heart. This is a very good improvement. The iPhone 11 has an A13 Bionic chip. Both have the same 6-core CPU. But due to the additional GPU core in the Neural Engine and other things, it becomes twice as fast. And the battery life is also improved. In our testing, we got 9 hours battery life for iPhone 14 and 5 and a half hours battery life for iPhone 11.

The storage of iPhone 14 is also very generous. It comes in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB variants. Meanwhile, iPhone 11 comes with 64GB, 128GB and 256GB allocation. Both phones have IP68 waterproof ratings. However, the iPhone 14 can survive in deeper water than the iPhone 11. Also, the features you can get are Wi-Fi 6, NFC, and Bluetooth, which can be taken care of with both types of phones. However, in iPhone 14 it is 5.3 and in iPhone 11 it is 5.0. Also, you get 5G wireless speeds with the iPhone 14, while the iPhone 11 has 4G LTE.

IPhone 14 release date: 16 September 2022

IPhone 11 release date: 20 September 2019

Screen size

IPhone 14 : 6.1-inch LCD (2352×1170)

IPhone 11 : 6.1-inch LCD (1792×828)


IPhone 14 : A15 Bionic

IPhone 11 : A13 Bionic


IPhone 14 : 6GB

IPhone 11 : 4GB

Rare Cameras

IPhone 14 : 12MP Wide, 12MP ultrawide 

IPhone 11 : 12MP Wide, 12MP ultrawide 

Front Camera 

IPhone 14 : 12MP

IPhone 11 : 12MP

Battery size

IPhone 14 : 3,279 mAh

IPhone 11 : 3,110 mAh


IPhone 14 : 6.1 ounces/ 172 g

IPhone 11 : 6.8 ounces/ 194 g


IPhone 14 : 128 GB

IPhone 11 : 64 GB

Operating Systems 

IPhone 14 : iOS v 16

IPhone 11 : iOS v 13.0


IPhone 14 : 64 bit

IPhone 11 : 64 bit


IPhone 14 : 5nm

IPhone 11 : 7nm


IPhone 14 : Apple GPU (Five-core graphics)

IPhone 11 : Apple GPU (Four-core graphics)

RAM Type 

IPhone 14 : LPDDR4X

IPhone 11 : LPDDR4X

Display Type

IPhone 14 : OLED

IPhone 11 : IPS LCD

Aspect Ratio

IPhone 14 : 19.5:9

IPhone 11 : 19.5:9

Pixel Density

IPhone 14 : 324 ppi

IPhone 11 : 457 ppi


IPhone 14 : 1200 nits

IPhone 11 : 625 nits


IPhone 14 : 146.7 mm

IPhone 11 : 150.9 mm


IPhone 14 : 71.5 mm

IPhone 11 : 75.7 mm


IPhone 14 : 7.8 mm

IPhone 11 : 8.3 mm

Battery removable

IPhone 14 : No

IPhone 11 : No

Display Pixels per inch

IPhone 14 : 460

IPhone 11 : 326

Dual Sim

IPhone 14 : Yes 

IPhone 11 : Yes

Face unlock 

IPhone 14 : Yes

IPhone 11 : Yes


IPhone 14 : No

IPhone 11 : No

Music Playback Time

IPhone 14 : 80 hours

IPhone 11 : 65 hours

Ratings –


IPhone 14 : 9

IPhone 11 : 8


IPhone 14 : 9

IPhone 11 : 8


IPhone 14 : 9

IPhone 11 : 9


IPhone 14 : 9

IPhone 11 : 10

Battery life:

IPhone 14 : 8

IPhone 11 : 9

Camera Rating:

IPhone 14 : 9

IPhone 11 : 9

IPhone 14 vs iPhone 11 : Should you upgrade 

Due to Apple’s generous software system, you can use one iPhone for a long time. iOS 16 works great on iPhone 11. Meanwhile, new features like customized lock screen and new Fitness app are introduced. If you need to use your iPhone 11 for a while longer and you don’t want to upgrade right now, don’t worry. You already have the best iPhone. Also, if you wait a little longer, according to the current rumors, you will be able to upgrade to the iPhone 15, which has many more features. This includes a switch to USB-C charging and the Dynamic Island that replaces the notch in most models.

If you look at the iPhone 14 vs iPhone 11 comparison, the camera enhancements that have come since the release of the iPhone 11 are a good example of the camera improvements that have taken place in the iPhone since its release. Also, according to Apple’s latest upgrade, the iPhone 14 is a much better phone than the iPhone 11. Meanwhile, the way the display has changed since the iPhone 11 has also improved. 

Considering all this, it is a very good decision to upgrade to iPhone 14 rather than iPhone 11 which was released 3 years ago.

Most asking questions:

Q – Which iPhone has the best camera setup, iPhone 14 or iPhone 11?

A – The iPhone 14 and iPhone 11 have the same camera setup, which is one front camera and two back-facing cameras. But the iPhone 14 is the best one among these two phone models. Because of its newly added features. 

Q – Is iPhone 11 to iPhone 14 different?

A – The iPhone 11 is cheaper than the iPhone 14. And also the iPhone 14 has better processor and RAM space. And the iPhone 14 offers better low-light camera performance for you. IPhone 14 includes more storage for their users. 

Q – Why is iPhone 14 better than iPhone 11?

A – IPhone 14 is better than the iPhone 11 in more areas. Because iPhone 14 is one of the latest iPhone phone models and iPhone 11 was released 3 years ago. 

Q – Is iPhone 11 to iPhone 14 a good upgrade?

A – If you have been using the iPhone 11 for a long time we recommend you upgrade iPhone 11 to iPhone 14. In the last 3 years Apple has added more special and good performances for iPhones. You can get these features by buying an iPhone 14. 

Q – Does the iPhone 11 fit the iPhone 14?

A – Can iPhone 11 fit iPhone 14? Sorry the answer is No. Those models have slightly different sizes. Because of that they did not fit properly. 

Q – Will iPhone 11 be disconnected after iPhone 14?

A – Last year Apple launched their new iPhone 14 model phones. After that they disconnected selling iPhone 11 from their official website. But you can buy iPhone 11 from some local buyers and local markets. 

Q – Is it Good to buy an iPhone 11 in 2023?

A – We all know iPhone 11 launched three years ago. Despite that iPhone 11 more features are remarkably well for 2023. 

Q – Can an iPhone 11 last five years?

A – We expect an iPhone 11 to last about 2 or 3 years. So until 2025. This is fairly standard for the lifespan of Apple Phones. 

Q – Is iPhone 14 Popular?

A – The iPhone 14 series looks to be more popular than the previous series. 

If you know more information about this topic and these phone models, please feel free to add that information to comments and help others to get a proper idea about this. And also share this article to your friends , family members and other persons, who are interested about Apple accessories.

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