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WWDC20, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

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The WWDC20 was crucial for some of the Apple features. This article will explain how they may come in 2021 and WWDC2021 as well.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference aka WWDC is something that Apple fans are looking for. Since it is the annual event where the new features are hinted at and revealed, many people are watching it.  not only the Apple fans but  leakers are looking forward for the WWDC20 for more predictions.  Although it has passed almost a year and the next WWDC2021 is up ahead, it is better to note the existing things.  The introduced features at WWDC20 are awesome even now. This article will bring down 15 amazing features stated at the WWDC20 how they may change in this years WWDC2021.


It is a known fact that the most of the UI changes came to iOS is available for the iPadOS as well. But, it is important to note that some of the specific changes are coming under the iPad package as well. For example, the sidebar menus and some gestures had been included for the perfection of the iPadOS. When compared to the iPhone, the iPad is famous for having a larger display. Therefore, additional menu options are constants for the iPadOS.

Other than the user interface, spotlight was something that had come as a feature. Although the  same feature was available for the MacBook users, it was not earlier available for the iPad users. When it comes to the WWDC20, Apple had include it in the iPad as well. It means that you have the ability to conduct a search and find everything that you need. Apple mac users had the privilege to find messages, videos, images, files, apps, and anything they wanted. When coming to the iPADOS, Apple has included it along with impressive sorting options.

The use of pencil is something strange that iPad users got to enjoy. Along with the latest iPAd14 OS, the users can turn the written letters into words in an instant. The Notes app has been modified with a couple of graphical advancements and the Word-to text feature.  These things are crucial for students who want to transform their written content into a formal and virtual document. Writers, graphic designers, and many professional started enjoying this feature. Also the scribbling was a feature that the users got to enjoy.

What will be in the next WWDC2021?

If you are wondering what the Apple company had been up to in the last WWDC20, you might have understood one thing for sure. Indeed, they are turning the iPad into a new MacBook. Along with the accelerated hardware compact, the Apple company is now looking forward for an advancement towards the mac computer. Although the display size will remain the same, some of the features will move onto the iPadOS as well.

iOS 14

Being the most embracing and the exciting feature to be released, iOS 14 was an expected release by the Apple. As it had been expected the Apple had delivered the widget support that can change the look of the Apple Home Screen. It was a long held feature for the Android users that could bring more features than just changing the home display’s appearance. But, it was a good thing to have come for the Apple iPhone. Since the Apple Company was strict about the unchangeable grid layout of the apps, the introduction had not occurred.

The User Interface was also something Apple had taken care of. Although the iOS was using Siri as a source to get information, some of them are hardly visualized data. It means the complete us to the display over Siri was something inappropriate. For example, if you want to know the weather information, you could have easily used the Weather App to get the necessary details. When it comes to the method that involves Siri, you can listen to Siri. While doing another work, you can get informed more productively.  iOS 14 had allowed the user to get informed using a reduced interface.

App Library

As the next feature, App library was something to come with. It allows the user to locate his apps in a customized way. For example, if there is an app that you have a frequent use, you will be able to refer to it in a less time. When compared to the earlier iOS version, iOS 13 didn’t come with the ability to change the location or adding it on a page. When it comes to the minor changes, the Apple Company had taken care of the iOS’s incoming call alert. Unlike in the past, the whole display will not be covered by the notification, but a sliding notification will arise.


It can be expected that the iOS15 will be the next thing to come in the next WWDC2021. Also, it will include some major upgrades such as the next Widget menu. Although the home screen was customizable as a widget, some third-party apps could not be located. That will be fixed in the next WWDC. Other than that, the Sleep Mode will increase few updates.

tvOS 14

Being the next version to come, tvOS 14 was one of the revealed factors at the WWDC20. Apple stated that the next OS is going to come up with a revolutionary impact for the youth, ability to play games using the play station. Although it has passed many years, gamers didn’t get a proper reputation related to games. Along with the multi user support, gaming wil be something new that you may enjoy in tvOs 14. When it comes to the supporting devices, Xbox Elite 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controller were revealed at the event as well.

The picture in picture was one of the features that had been revealed at the WWDC20. It lets you have the typical benefit, watching a couple of programs at the same time in two different channels. Apple didn’t reveal that the Picture IN Picture feature Is not granted for selected channels only. But, the tVOs had delivered the  

Picture In Picture Feature For Selected Channels Only

When it comes to the screensaver, it was a typical experience for the APpel TV users as there were not enough options for the customization. Along with the Apple tvOS 14, users have been facilitated to make several adjustments for the screen saver. Also, you have the ability to add your own pictures as a screen saver. When considering the customization, you have been facilitated the parental involvement for the timer. It means you can choose a specific time for your children to watch the Apple TV. Other than that, minor improvements had been included for the audio systems.

What To See In the WWDC2021

Since the fitness app has been introduced instead of the Activity app for several devices, analysts suspect that the same feature will include with updates in the Apple TV as well.

Also, sensors will be added for a better experience. For example, if there are more sensors to identify the movements, Apple tvOS will be able to identify the actions made by the user. One of the missed features for the Appel tv was the expansion of Siri. Although Siri can find TV shows and control your home to a limited extent, he is not capable of doing such many things. Therefore, WWDC2021 will come up with some changes that have added to Siri.


The  EQ technology, auto-switching features, Active noise cancellation feature, and efficient energy consumption features were available for the Airpods. The long existed wait stopped at the WWDC20 along with the official announcement of the Airpod. Although analysts had revealed some specific information about the expected features, they had not had any clue of the adaptive EQ and auto-switching features; Adaptive EQ feature allows you to listen to the optimum quality o the sound that you are about to listen. For example, if you are in a moving position, the Airpods will identify your movements and provide the music or the sound according to the atmosphere.

When it comes to the auto adjustments, you don’t have to disconnect and connect the airport each time you swap an Apple device. The devices had been made ware to identify the device the user is using at the moment. The auto disconnect and the new connection will be commenced earlier before you can understand.

When it comes to the battery life, Apple Company announced that the AirPod can survive up to 05 continuous working hours. It was something new that the previous Airpods could not bring. I the Airpods stay in the charging case, the battery life will be more than 24 hours as well. Also, you don’t have to bother about the switching between iOS and macOS as the device can simply switch both OSs. The acoustic design is another thing some can fall in love with. Although you have spent a quite a long time along with the Airpods, the latest acoustic design will make the product more professional.

What Will be Future Look Like?

The future is surely made of AR and VR technology. But, the recent future is not made of the Ar and VR technology as Apple company is a bit far from that. However, the analysts had stated after the WWDC20 that the number of sensors will increase in the next WWDC21 as well. It means that the Appel companies obtained patents will come into the act to look for a comfortable and an advanced Ar and Vr technology.

WatchOS 7

The latest watches was introduced as the version seven for the Apple users. It had come with some impressive features that a user might find useful. Ability to use without an iPhone, new watch faces, sleep mode, cash handling for kids, and a lot more had been included in the WatchOS 7. As the most embracing feature, the Sleep Mode was something unexpected. It had been provide along with the Apple iOS 14 as these two devices had to work together for the perfection.

The user is provided a specific time duration to sleep. When it comes to the wake up, the user is notified with the quality of his/her sleep. Since the Apple Watch holder has the freedom to define different sleeping hours for each day, the weekly or monthly appraisal is considered. Along with the Sleep Mode, you will get the Wind Down feature that allows you to specify few apps for the Do Not Disturb display.

Family Setup

When it comes to the family set up feature declared at WWDC20, you are free to use the Apple Watch iPhone for several watches. Exactly four watches can be added to an iPhone. This allows the user to hand over or gift apple watches to four people in the family. Other than that, if the watches get a network connection from a zimcard, the Apple Id can be created. It is useful when making payments like activities.

The charging of the Apple watch is a necessary thing to do as it comes along with the Sleep Mode feature. If the Watch’s battery is less than 30%, you will be asked to plug it for charging before going to bed. After waking up in the next day morning, you will be able to do the exercise with the watch as there, making power is enough.

The Automatic hand washing is a feature that you should never forget. In this pandemic season, you have the responsibility to understand improving the sanitation yourself. The Apple Watch understand where you are and what time it is and then notify you on hand washing. According to the World Health Organization, your handwashing has to remain until 20 seconds. Along with the hand washing feature, the app informs you about the duration of the handwashing took place. The bubble popping count down will be something that you might love in this operating system. When considering the operation of the feature, the accelerometer sensor will identify your handwashing and will automatically run the count down. Other than that, you can simply check the setting for notifying you soon after reached home.

What Will Apple watchOS 7 Look Like

The next Appel WatchOS is supposed to come as the 8 version of the apples. Since the watchOS doesn’t involve for many devices except the iPhone, you will not get to know many things. But, it can be assumed that the next watchOS will come with few Apple Watch faces. Since the latest operating system has got just a few faces, the number of watch faces will increase. Other than that, some analysts have predicted that more features will be delivered by the Apple Company related to iPhone. Maps, Health and Fitness, and monitoring features will come in handy according to them.

Bigger Changes for the macOS

At the WWDC20, it was revealed that the user interface is going to face lots of changes. When comparing the iOS, ipadOs, and even the watchOs, the interface was something that could be appreciated due to being simple. When coming to the macOS, even the Apple company is not happy about the way it is. A user has to spend several minutes to find settings. Other than that, an Apple MacBook user has happened to face difficulties when setting shortcuts on the menu as well.

As the first step, Apple company is looking forward to change the doc element in the macOS. According to them, they are going to plan something similar to iOS. The home screen will come up with something simple but that contains almost everything. Since the latest iOS is coming along with the widget supporting ability, mac users will be able to experience different home screens in the latest designs.

iOS Notification Panel

Also, the Apple had revealed that they are after the iOS notification panel as it was a simple design that even the macOS could inspire. Although the space is a limited factor in the iOS, the effective space management is an impressive feature. When it comes to other inspirations, Apple has stated that they are intending to inspire some graphics from the Apple iPad OS as well. However, the iPad interface is famous for having a flatter style with les elements. Therefore, the Apple Company will only adapt the color combination from the Apple IpadOs.

Although there is not a specific product they are going to include in the nearest future, they might include in the 2021 products.

The safari web browser is the surfing solution for the internet users. It doesn’t bring any hard feeling like Chrome when the user is taking more extensions into his surfing. Although the high RAM consumption is not a thing that the Apple Company cares, they have to make more adjustments with the macOS safari as well. As a browser that could facilitate a great surfing experience, Apple Company believes that it still needs to get some adjustments. Inability to make changes in the home page, not having too many adjustments, more extensions, and improved tabs are supposed to be present in the Safari web browser.

Privacy Was One of the Apple Concerns

Apple Company revealed about the privacy more than anyone expected. Since it was crucial to maintain the privacy in 2020, unlike anytime, that might have been the reason as well. Specially, Apple requested the developers in the app stores to be more transparent while delivering the products. 

Furthermore, Apple Company requested the developers to be more responsive when asking for the permissions. For example, if there is an app developer who requests the phone number from the users, the developer will have to clarify why he does that. Apple stated that most of the developers are keeping data of the users unwantedly as well. According to Apple, as a result of these incidents, the customer satisfaction has reduced in the recent time.

Safari browser is one of the places where the users are tracked by the developers. Apple confirmed that they would allow the users to see the developers and special website in WWDC20. It can track the users’ personal data as well.  This feature will enable you to see the trackers when you are trying to download an app or visiting a website.

What Will WWDC2021 look like?

The annual event will be held as an online event in June 2021. Although the pandemic has taken place all around the world and affected lots of companies, it looks that Apple doesn’t mind it at all. Their work has been going in last two years similar to their work for more than few decades. It is expected to have more new things revealed in this event. Leaks, analysts, and rumors have revealed a few unofficial facts that may include in the WWDC20 officially.

This year’s event is important as it is the first time when the Apple is about to hold a digital WWDC2021 event. When it comes to previous years, both Apple and the Users were counting days for the event. Here are some o the things that you may find impressive regarding the WWDC2021.

Softwares About To Come

iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, tvOS 15, and macOS 12 are few of the software that are about to reveal at the official event according to WWDC20. Since some of them had a noticeable deviation in last year, it can be assumed the variation will keep going in this year as well. For example, Sleep mode, WatchOs faces, Picture in Picture like features that belong to several software will come in handy. However, iOS 15 is the most popular software that has got numerous expectations for the Apple fans. Therefore some rumors have been spreading about the device more than other expected devices.

What Are Special Features about the Apple iOS 15?

According to analysts who concerned of WWDC20, the new iPhone will come with a new lock screen. It replaces the existed screen savers and the lock screen. Also, the security and the privacy settings will be introduced into the next iOS that consists of new notifying methods. The message is about to be revealed at the annual WWDC2021 which contains more privacy features. Also, it is expected to contain more features than the existing messaging app as well. Some analysts have stated that the new iMessage app will be able to compete with the Whatsapp like apps.

The Sleep Mode was a special feature that included in both iOS 14 and the Apple Watch. The main intention of introducing the app was to ensure a better sleep. Users are expecting this app to be coming with more updates. It was a blackness not having more sharing devices for the sleep mode. Therefore, this time, iPhone will be able to share the sleep mode along with the iPad and Mac devices as well.


The world is a changing one for the Apple. They are not settled for the world that existed yesterday. Similar to this, they are creating new things for tomorrow which will become today soon. So what they do is to keep producing new things. They have introduced awesome products in the WWDC20. However, the best was not there according to the majority of Apple fans. When it comes to the WWDC2021, most of Apple Fans are hoping for the best to come.  Apple Company is famous for not revealing things too much. Therefore, everyone will have to wait until this June, 2021.

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