Apple Company Biggest Failures That Can Be Remembered

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Losses are certain for a company even though it is among the best 10. This artic will explain Apple Company Biggest Failures it has faced.

Apple Company is among the best companies in the world as a sure thing. Also, Apple branding is known for trying new things and keeping them secrets for a long time. The best example is the massive number of patents the company has taken. When coming to the used patents, that number is less than the registered patents. That will be the best example to state how thoroughly the company is hiding their failures. But, some of the failures can be remembered as the world could see them. Here are 10 Apple Company Biggest Failures that you should know as a fan.

Apple III

After the quick success of the Apple II, Steve Job’s and Wozniak’s efforts ran in search of the third edition. Although they tried to introduce new things, it didn’t end well as the public didn’t find the Apple II in favor of the Apple employees. Steve Jobs introduced a new logo and a marketing plan to take the Apple III into the next level. Although Jobs was a man with a complete computer and technological knowledge, he could find his way to the success.

According to the stats, it is said that Steve jobs had sent more than $45 Million money without a purpose. While being busy with the business plans and marketing strategies, Steve and Wozniak had left several problems to the users. Overheating, being noisy, and some technical issues were left for the customers. When it comes to the most hated reason, being expensive, people had gone for IBM like computers as they didn’t have such expensive prices. Some people say that, the lack of man power was a reason to have this one of the Apple Company Biggest Failures as well.

Macintosh TV

Steve Job was an who had the thought, everything that can be dreamed, cab be achieved. But, it took millions to realize that everything is not a reality in the end. The arrangement of the Apple Computers into TV was a good thing to try. Apple not only tried but succeeded with the process. Although the end result was a computerized television, there were lots of manual rides for having a good TV. 

The requirement of computer literacy to operate,  bearing a higher weight and the higher price like factors were against the company’s behalf. All these things made the Macintosh TV a failure. As one of the Apple Company Biggest Failures that had a short failing period, Macintosh computer was stopped after 05 months of manufacturing.

Newton Message Pad

Handheld devices do have a longer history than you can imagine. When it comes to eh great mind of Apple creator, Steve Jobs, he kept that thought as early as 1980s. Since the company was going through a hard time with the financial capabilities, Apple company started to develop the Newton MessagePad, the first handheld device. Similar to the latest pads, it was supposed to be working as a device with a stylus. However, there were lots of technical setbacks for this device such as stylus errors, failing to identify characters,  and unsatisfactory performance showed by the device.

  • What were the specs of Apple Newton MesagePod?
  • The device had been introduced along with a 4Mb ROM. When it comes to the processor, it had an ARM 610 processor.
  • Did Newton message Pad Inspire iPhone one day?
  • Although there is not an official statement by any of the Apple officials, it can be assumed that one of the Apple Company Biggest Failures, handheld PDA inspired iPhone. The touch screen, large display, recognition abilities, and the basic functions have been taken by the iPhone.
  • What happened to the newton MessagePad?
  • The newton’s MessagePad is considered as one of the Apple Company Biggest Failures in the Apple history. The product was cancelled by the Apple Company after running a failed marketing process. Also, some devices were brought into the company and refunded money for the users.

How Did the Newton’s MessagePad get its name?

The classical story that newton and Apple involved has caused to give the name for the Apple’s first handheld devices. Although the product was a failed one, Apple Company thought to give a meaningful commencement for the devices. Like newton get the thinking ability from Apple, it had been planned to get lots of inspirations from the Apple to the Newton, the MessagePad.

iPod Shuffle 3rd generation

Apple has delivered lots of products along wit the surprising element. The simplicity is one of the natures that Apple company has delivered all these time. When it comes to the iPod Shuffle 3rd generation, things didn’t remain the same. Although the finishing of this amazing product come into a great shape, the function had not been delivered properly.  In a time when the hype was at its best for the Apple Inc. after iPhone production, Apple thought of an awesome music player didn’t have any button. 

The user has to remember numbers of sequences to perform actions. For example, there had been a number of clicks to sop the track which is currently playing. When coming to the playlists and other options such as shuffling options, users had to struggle all the time. Not only the clicks and unusual matters, but the built quality was also low for the iPod Shuffle 3rd generation music player. Although the device was continued, buttons and many things had included in the next version.

  • How was the iPod Shuffle 3rd generation controlled?
  • Since there was not any button on the pod, users had to use the small button on the headphone to perform special tasks. The sequences of the clicks had been coded to perform significant tasks. The headphone had to be clicked each time when there was any necessity to the listening tasks.
  • What happened to the iPod Shuffle 4th Generation?
  • The iPod Shuffle 4th generation came up with buttons making things easy for the listener. Also, the headphone remote had been added to things perfectly easy for the user.
  • What are the other reasons to make iPod Shuffle 3rd generation an unsuccessful product?
  • The main reason was its buttonless design. Price was the next thing to have caused to get this product rejected by the users. For example, a person can buy a music player after paying one fifth of money for another brand.  Other than that, the dead battery was another reason to get the iPod rejected by users.
  • Can I still buy iPod Shuffle This generation?
  • No. Since the 3rd generation was stopped, you will have to go for another generation when needing to listen to the music.

Bandai Pippin

Apple went into the production of gaming consoles at the end of the 1993 even before becoming Apple Inc. Everyone does have a bad past that needs to be forgotten. Even if this is a true, most of the people wont believe this to be rue as Apple company was supposed to be something serious. Besides, this mistake among the Apple Company Biggest Failures could be the childish mistake made by Apple company. Although it was a childish step to take, the profit could have been higher if apple company had the necessary technology at the same period. For example, the reduced internet speed made a huge barrier for the Apple company. When it comes to other reasons to be a failure,  the increased price was not bearable. At a time when there was not graphics and sounds at the best quality, people didn’t like to pay $599 for the half entertainment.

  • How many Bandai Pippin units were sold ?
  • It is said that Apple company could sell 42,000 Bandai Pin sold to the customers.
  • Was there any update or another version for the Bandai Pippin gaming console?
  • No. Since the product was considered as a failed product, Apple company didn’t go for another step. Besides, the company didn’t have enough technology to compete with Nintendo like companies that had a reputation in the gaming console production.
  • Why was Bandai Pipe a failure?
  • Most of the gamers had complained of having a slow internet connection. Also, the graphic quality and bugs like setbacks had created problems.
  • When did Apple company manufacture their first gaming console?
  • It was 1992 when Apple company manufactured their first gaming console in the history. Since it was one of the Apple Company Biggest Failures, Apple never stepped into gaming console production. However, Apple company never gave a second tough for gaming consoles although they moved into Television and television channels like options.

20th Anniversary Mac

This product became one of the Apple Company Biggest Failures due to the misreading by Apple company. If there is a product that has a anniversary, it has to come with some dedication to the customers. When t comes to the 20th Anniversary MAC, the given feature was its $7499 price which was impossible to bear.  As a vertical design, Apple anniversary mac could have become something more impressive than the typical line of products introduced by Apple at the end of 1990 decade. It had truly gotten impressive finishing for the frame with a furnished end result. But, the setbacks such as its low memory, higher price, and low screen resolution made this a Apple Company Biggest Failure.

  • How much did a 20th  Anniversary mac cost?
  • It had cost around $11000 in 1997.
  • What does it mean by 20th Anniversary Apple Mac?
  • The Mac computer had been introduced by the Apple company to remind its 20th anniversary. Although both Steve’s did start Apple in the job’s garage in 1976, the real timing is measured from 1977, from the legal registration.
  • How long did the 20th Anniversary mac come to the market?
  • The product was stopped sending to the market at the end of the 1998, one year after the official launch. Although the Mac was supposed to be a limited edition, the reason to have it stoped was being among the Apple Company Biggest Failures.
  • What other reasons made this product to happen?
  • The return of Steve Jobs happened in 1997 when the 20th Anniversary mac computer was introduced. Since the legal as well as ethical right is held by Steve jobs, the product was brought into the market in the name of Anniversary.

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