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Apple TV 4K – Excellent Streaming

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The box here is shorter and leaner than the older Apple TV 4K and HD boxes. But it still looks like a hockey puck. This update version is less conspicuous on a shelf or entertainment console. Apple TV 4K supports a wide variety of formats. Among them are Dolby Atmos and HDR10 Plus.

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of devices. Both devices support audio and video equally. Also, the same apps and features as well as the A15 Bionic chip are available in both devices. The things in the package are not different here. You get the device, a power cable and a remote. There is no HDMI cable and no USB-C. 

If you are not a fan of Apple TV, this new model will not change your mind. But for someone like me who has used many streaming devices, Apple TV gives a home feeling. Here you get a wide range of apps as well as an overall polish.

You can play games through Apple TV. You can play sonic racing in seconds. The A15 Bionic here provides smother performance for many demanding games. Here you will not get a lot of stress. 

And Apple TV handles HDR 10+ without any issues. And this gives the HDR 10 original standard. It gives brighter brights as well as darker darks. But you can change these things as you want.

This new Apple TV 4K streaming is different from other Apple streaming because everything can be done super fast here. The best feature here is that you can flip between apps and videos. You can work in one app and stop it and go to another one and watch one video and switch to another app like YouTube and continue watching the original video again with this feature.


Cheaper starting price than previous Apple TV 4K 

Speedy performance 

Modern, A15 Bionic chip 

Apple AirPlay 2


Still a lot more expensive 

Using Siri requires speaking into the remote

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