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Apple Glasses Will Come Soon

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The Apple Glasses will be a next-generation product dedicated by Apple Company. Many positive reports have already revealed that this will be something that changes the whole world. If you have ever dreamed of a way of seeing the world just like Ironman does, this will be it. How about a way of seeing the world with so many details. For example, what if you can see a man with all the details appearing on the side of your display. 

Also, if you can see Siri and give him commands using blinks, that will be an amazing thing to happen for sure. Although they are long thoughts, this is Apple Company that has astonished the world with amazing things all the time.

As the first generation to come, Apple glasses will be an embracing product to match with the Augmented Reality features. Apple Company is currently working on the process. 

Many resources had reported that Apple company would release the glasses in 2020, that didn’t happen. Because, Apple iPhone 12, Apple Watch series, and Apple Television working schedules had already booked the timeline.

The main intention of the Apple Company is to provide a better experience to their customers by enabling AR and VR facilities. Since Apple has been able to surprise the audience with quite awesome products such as the Apple Air pod Max with some astonishing features, many analysts expect the Apple Glasses to be a new experience.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has stated that the launch will happen in 2023 as there is not any official news yet. However, many unofficial analysts have mentioned that the launch will be in 2022. The good news is that Apple Company is at work on this huge project. The best way to know is to wait until the launch.

Some news sources have revealed that Apple glasses will run on either starboards or GlassOS. Here are some of the facts you need to know about the platform that Apple is going to use for Apple glass.


This platform is going to act as the OS for Apple Glasses. It will consist of embracing features according to Jordan Singer one of the interested parties on Apple products. According to his latest conceptual design, Apple Company will introduce a new operating system for Apple glasses. Also, it will have the compatibility to work with other Apple devices as well. Similar to their latest product, Airpod max device, this will come with plenty of sensors for the implementation.

Some of the analysts have mentioned that glass will come with the ability to work with other products. For example, if the Apple Glass gets special pairing abilities with the Apple iOS 14, that will be a positive thing for sure. Since there is not any iOS to support Apple Glass, only the upcoming iOS 14 will feature that ability. Rumors indicate that Apple company will start with the basics although there are 1000s of wish list hopes for users. For example, simple widgets will appear on a side of the glass Display. Similar to them, phone calls, messages, and Siri will start working with the user.

What we should not forget is that the new AirPod Max has got some of the features of Siri as well. Especially introduced Smart Stack feature will also be available for the users. The stack will enable you to see the widgets you need to see. The most impressive thing regarding the Smart Stack feature is to identify the needs by the glass.

iOS 14 Smart Stack

As one of the collect features you can enjoy along with the iOS14, The Smart Stack is a great thing to see in the future iPhones. This feature allows the user to identify the needs of the user and show the widgets he needs to use. The app will collect the recently used widgets and let you get short access to the same apps. Based on the time and several factors, The Smart Stack will choose when to show the widgets according to the collected data. For example, if you first choose the weather app in the early morning and then move to maps, The smart stack app will let you have the same routine the next day. It is a bit complicated thing compared to the real functioning as well.

When it comes to the best part, you can keep a list to be shown on the widget. That feature has made this app a stunning app out of all the apps.

How Messages, Calls, and Navigation like features Work?

According to the classic concepts, the messaging, calls, navigation, and weather like apps will appear on the right side of the glass. They will include in a small box so that the user can easily find these apps on the glassOS.

It is assumed that the dark mode will be available for the users to work effectively in low light conditions. Following the same steps, there will be some sensors to manage light and increase/decrease the light according to the moment. Apple must have understood how important it is to distract the user when he is engaged at another work as well.

Whenever a call is coming to the user, there will be a small box on the top of the glass stating the situation. Either accepting or rejecting the call will be up to the user. Although the conceptual designs are not much exposed, they will come up with Green and Red colors to apply the distraction in low ratios.


According to Singer’s point of view, Siri will be available on the glass with quite modified features. Although there is not a button to summon Siri, you will be able to get Siri with just a single command. Although it is not sure the mic will be available on the device, there will be a specific way to get to Siri. If it is an improved first generation, you will be able to get both audios and visuals preferably.

 Latest News and Updates regarding Apple Glass

Here are a few of the slightly-official news about the Apple Glass that can grab your attention.

How It works

News states that Apple is working on getting patents for a multiple frame system to provide a better experience for the users. It will not be working independently according to those news sources. There will be a companion for this device to work more efficiently. Now you might already know that it is impossible to get more than 70% of the wish list achievements for an independent product. That new companion will most likely be Apple iPhone 14 which is to arrive the market on this year.

The glass will not consist of just a simple layer but at least a couple of them to bring the iPhone to the user. Also, there will be a new set of cameras for perfection. Unconfirmed news states that the LiDAR system will be available for the latest Apple product which can identify the details of the nearest objects.

According to one of the greatest Apple analysts, Ming-Chi Kuo, 2021 will be the year when Apple users get to see their first Apple and VR experience. That specific product will undoubtedly be Apple Glass.

Leaked Apple Presentation

Stating a leaked presentation at Apple Company, Kuo has stated that Apple Vice President Mike Rockwell has shown a presentation at Apple’s headquarters. In the presentation, there have been the Ar and VR features of the product to be designed.

According to this presentation, there will be an HD display where the glass users can view the content in front or behind people. Along with full AR and VR features, there will be plenty of things a user can do with the glasses. For example, playing an online Vr game will be a great thing to do. Although the presentation has not revealed much about the Vr experience, analysts have predicted that it will be something similar to the Facebook Oculus.

According to confirmed sources, there has been a demonstration for the workers. In that demonstration, there has been a virtual coffee machine positioned on a real table. There have been many people in the room and they all have been enjoying the same virtual objects. For further explanations, the depth analysis of the device has also been a thing to discuss during the demonstration.

Apple senior management believes that the latest Apple Glass product will be able to replace Apple iPhone within the next 10 years.

Release Date

There are possibly three years in the guess list. 2021, 2022, and 2023 will be the possible years to see the Apple glass for the users. It is important to remember that the queue has filled with several Apple products in the to-be-launched list. There will be a Spring meeting in March, and September for the new iPhone. It is confirmed that there will not be enough time before September 2021. Then after only the product line will be available for a new product. 

Since the iOS is available for users after September there is a possibility to see a new companion for Apple iPhone 14. But thanks to Jon Prosser, a great leaker from Apple products, has mentioned that Apple products will be in the market between March and September of 2021. Although it is a hope for every Apple lover on the planet other sources extend the date to release the Apple Product.

Ming-Chi Kuo, The TF International Securities analyst has mentioned that the Apple glass will not be available for users until 2023. Stating a presentation held on last December, Kuo has implied the launch will only be after the end of 2022. has issued a Twitter message regarding the Apple glass release date which will fall in 2022.  According to the sources, it looks like Apple company will be having a tight schedule for their products in 2021 as the Apple iPad mini and next watch series is in progress.

Apple VR Headset

Reports are coming from Apple leaks that there will be a new Apple VR Headset for the users. Although it is going to be the first Vr experience for the users, it will not be a complicated one with so many features. A cinematic audio system. Ultra HD video streaming, sensors, noise cancellation, and there will be similar features to the list as well.

Sources have stated that the headset will come with a  fabric-swathed and a slimmer one when compared to the Apple Air pod max designs. However, the design is not in its final stage as the Apple Company has not stopped working on the shape, engineering, etc. The VR headset will come with so many features. The ability to play inline Vr games, contact Siri for information, arrange the schedule, watch 4K movies in a theater and similar things will be a great experience for the users. 

When compared to the Apple Glass, this headset will take a different path from the mainly focused design. Since Apple glass is going to be available for both VR and Ar experiences together, the Apple VR headset will come with its limitations. But the fact is that the fall of the release data might affect the fresh impression of the Apple Glass. 


According to a special note issued by Bloomberg, Apple Glass will come with a design that can deliver information from the phone to your face. Since it has been predicted already the indecency of Apple Glass will affect the price as a positive point. It means that an accessory is not an expensive item that can cost higher than the companion. 

In Proser’s point of view, apple glass will be priced at $499 in the market. This may change according to several factors such as date of release, economical influence, other Apple products, and the competing products. In the recent tomes other AR products such as Microsoft Hololens glasses sold for extremely high prices. The sold price for Microsoft Hololens 2 was $3500 in the market. Although Apple products are expensive, the $1000 margin is not a thing they cross more often. Besides even an Apple iPhone’s latest release will be available below in Standard edition. 

Since the content of Apple Glass is assumed to be simple than Hololens like products, we can confirm as fans that the price will not be higher than Hololens at any cost. 

Vuzix Blade is such a product that customers can enjoy the AR experience. When compared to the price with Hololens, it has tagged $799 in the market which is extremely less than Hololens.

What You Might Get

The eyewear will be the responsible thing for bringing the necessary information to the users face. Notifications, widgets, and visible data will be available for the user. Since it works as a supportive device, there will be plenty of room for third-party apps that the users can enjoy. With the idea to play Ar and Vr applications with so many advancements, that will be an expectation for sure. Confirmed news sources state that there will be a dedicated app store where the Apple Glass users get to enjoy, most of the apps with a certification. 

One of the most stunning rumors to be spread was for the people with difficulties in sighting. It was regarding a patent that Apple Company has obtained. According to the rumor, the Apple Glass device will come with a special feature called “optical subassembley” which doesn’t need the specially recommended lenses for each user. Thanks to “optical subassembley”, the device will identify the necessary details of the users’ sights. However that patent can be a special thing for a future Apple iPhone or an accessory a swell. 

Also, there will be a possibility to see the world using Apple glasses as well. Similar to Google Street View the Apple Glass Viewers will be able to switch different parts of the world in just a few seconds. Since there is a new feature on Apple devices known as “Look Around”, this one will be an immersive feature for the users. 

Dark Mode will be a special feature In Apple Glasses

According to those news sources, there will be a new feature associated with t dark mode. The special thing is that the users will be able to see in the dark. Although it has not passed so much time with the dark mode on Apple devices, this will be a revolutionary thing for sure. When it comes to the typical dark mode, your eyes will enjoy it with comfort. But, in Apple Glasses, dark mode will be powered by few sensors and possibly the LiDAR system.

Even if it is something about 3D vision, that will be a possible thing. Because there will be several sensors for the Apple Glass. Since the detectors and hardware combination has to do a great job, a #D layout will be a possible thing. Although any working projects are not going on, this will be the first time they are going to do it.

What Design Will Apple Glasses Look Like?

According to several prototypes designed by Apple Specialists, the design is not an innovative one. The plastic inspired structure will be able to fit the basic size adjustments. There will be a LiDAR scanner inside the temple.

According to several understandings and leaks, the charging will happen using a wireless system. Also, most of the analysts have predicted that there will be a case to charge the device. Even though the device is not going to charge in that casing, power optimization will happen. That has been inspired by the latest Apple Airpod Max and Pro versions.

There will not be tinted glass according to most of the sources. Even if it comes, that will not be in this first generation.  For most of the designers, there has been a vision of having an OLED display for Apple Glasses. If this comes true, the experience will be more fascinating than the outlook.

What are we going to need with the Apple Glass?

A highlight is a thing a user can expect in millions. When it comes to Apple Glass, the appearance is expected to be looking natural. Since the competitive brands have become more likely robotic, Apple Glass will have to take its path. Apple company is looking forwards to add several futuristic things. Therefore it is a must that they want their latest product to be a normal thing. Because that is the exact time a person can get the best out of it.

Augmented reality is a highly focused feature for Apple Glasses. When it comes to its dimensions, there will not be any possibility to have a full 3D experience. It is not going to be available in this design. However wish lists include them to be available in the next versions of Apple Glass. The users might love having all the apps that have been available in the app store. So they can run on the Apple Glass devices. There are some leaks already about a dedicated VR app store for the Apple Glass. But it has not revealed yet that it holds all VR apps.

Battery Life of Apple Glasses

There is not much to expect about the battery life as it doesn’t involve a full 3D experience. But, the wishlists of Apple Users are filled the battery life to be consistent with at least 08 hours.

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