The Early Life of Steve Jobs [Birth, Childhood and School Days]

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As soon as Apple comes into the hearing, it has to be Steve Jobs. This article will bring the unknown early life of Steve jobs.

The world-known character was born to Abdulfattah Jandali and Joanne Schieble on February 24, 1955. His father was a Syrian citizen, and his mother was a teaching assistant. Steve’s biological father was living in Lebanon while working as a political activist. That was the same reason why he had to spend more time in prison. Jandali got to meet Steve’s mother while he was learning on a PhD. at the University of Wiscollin. Steve’s mother, Joanne, had the accent of German and Swedish, which made the only difference with Jandali, Steve’s father. Being A Syrian, Steve’s father was obviously a Muslim devotee, which Joanne never minded at all. But, Steve’s grandparents from his mother’s side took it as a big thing.

Although Steve Job was handed over to adoptive parents, his biological parents had enough capability to look after him. Since the objection was higher from Steve’s mother’s family, Steve was handed over for the adoption. The biography of Steve Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson, says that Jandali had to go through lots of trouble. She had been threatened by her parents that they would forget her and cut her off from the Schieble family

The Birth of Steve Jobs

1954 was the year when Joanne got pregnant. She didn’t want Jandali in the process as she had enough trouble with her family. Some sources state that she was not having a good relationship with Jadlai as well. Jandali has stated that “Joanne has stepped out and left to San Fransisco without telling anyone. Even, I didn’t know where she was for delivering my child”. Schieble had already chosen the right family for her son. According to her, they have to be Catholic, educated, and wealthy. 

Unfortunately, her first choice didn’t work and the second family was Jobs, who took Steve into their warmth. But, Joanne was not satisfied with both Paul and Clara Jobs as they didn’t have enough education or wealth status. This took Joanne into court and had to satisfy Jobs as they agreed to pay for Steve’s college education. They took responsibility for the early life of Steve jobs, and the rest of it with lots of inspiratory levels pushes.

Along With Jobs Family

Even after winning the case in court, Steve’s adoptive parents had gone through lots of trouble. It was not about Steve, but they had got stress that the case would be reversed and Steve would have to be returned. Although Steve was difficult as a child, both Paul and Clara Jobs took care of Steve as much as they could. Love was the first scent they could grant for Steve. Clara Jobs, Steve’s father, was working as a machinist. 

In 1957 Clara jobs adopted Steve’s sister. After that, his family moved to Monta Loma, California, where Clara started his garage. He built a workbench in his garage for his son, Steve, which brought lots of sweet memories for the early life of Steve jobs. Steve’s father was the hero of his life. According to Steve Jobs’s memories, his father could have built anything. Although it is a cupboard or anything else, my father could build it. When it comes to the age of 10, Steve focused on electronics. However, he was a loner to most of his friends. He had a neighboring with lots of engineers with whom he wanted to spend his time.

Being one of the great minds holders in the 20th century, Steve resisted school. He did not want to be in the typical classroom. What he had arguments with was the authority. He questioned the value of the typical classroom where all his fellow students learned quietly. This made him get suspended few times as well. Monta Loma Elementary School was just a place where he played lots of pranks.

The only person whom Steve gave both respect and credit was Imogene; his fourth class teacher. She made the classroom a better place for Steve jobs. Bribery was the main teaching aid of Imogene. “She bribed me to stay in the class. As I wanted to earn money for my work, I did stay. Besides, I learned at grade four more than any class I learned.” That’s how Steve Jobs had mentioned her influence. 

After the 5th grade, Steve was transferred straight to grade 7, where he was bullied by others. The end result was making him a “More Loner.” Soon, Steve’s family moved to Los Altos, California bringing more opportunities for Steve. There, he found more engineers from whom Steve could learn more things. The house where Steve used to live has now been declared as a historic site at Los Altos.

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At Los Altos

Los Altos brought lots of things for Steve. Jobs met lots of important people during this period. Along with electronics, he had a good time with books as well. Shakespeare, Plato, King Lear, and Dylan Thomas were a few of his most admired people related to literature. In 1968 he started his studies with Billy Fernandez at Homestead High school. Steve Wozniak, Apple’s first employee, was one of the positive starts of the early life of Steve jobs. Jobs started growing his hair for the first time in 1972 when he went to Reed College(

Although his parents could not bear the expenses, Steve could manage them with his Electronic work. But, in the end, he had to drop out of the Reed College without letting his parents know. Steve mentioned that he had not wanted to be a burden to his parents. All in all, the early life of Steve jobs was not an easy one. 

Jobs had happened to sleep on floors of friends’ dormitory rooms, collected money after selling Coke bottles, and had free meals, and do lots of things for a living. “Those struggles from the early life made me who I am now,” that’s how he mentioned at a conference in 2005.


 If Jobs’ family never adopted Steve, he would have become a Schieble. Also, his life would have wasted somewhere else on earth. If there is some credit for Steve Jobs, some have to be delivered to Jobs’ adopted family as well. We feel the early life of Steve jobs is what made him such a great individual.

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