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Live text, Mail, Siri, the Home App and more iOS 16 cool features

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You must know that the latest Apple iOS 16 is something cool. Here are some iOS 16 cool features that you can enable along with its update.

You must have thought of having a loan from your hardware companion in your pocket. Or you might have thought of a way of unlocking your home using a virtual key, haven’t you? Although there are several setbacks with the Apple iOS typical features, they are bringing something extraordinary every time they come up. That is why they are among the best and have become the best. If you are still new to Apple iOS latest features, this article will explain iOS 16 cool features that you love to have.

Live text

The live text has been introduced by Apple along with lots of advancement. Although as an Apple user or an android user, you could not do much with the live text, copying the text content from the boards and other signs, the latest version has enabled lots of things. The video to text is the most elegant feature which allows you to copy from videos. All you have to do is to freeze the frame and allow the iOS to convert it into text. At will be a pretty awesome job in8 the end. It is not necessary to remind that the exited feature has been modified, copying from the images without leaving unedified symbols or parts of the text.

If you were even if Japanese, Korean, and Ukrainian earlier, you might not be able to include h words on your boards into English or other languages. But, thanks to Words Translation from Japanese, Korean, and Ukrainian through live text that has been enabled. Not only that, simple calculations such as currency will be possible through the latest feature.


Emailing has been a typical topic for the Apple smartphone users as the Apple is not as smart as Android owned Google. Google has enabled lots of features a swell as breathtaking feature such as smart syncing between tow devices. But, this time, Apple has got a proper answer for their users. As the first thing to note, it is clear that Apple has enabled smart search connections which means you can search your emails in a vast range. The sorting can be conducted through time, name, and the adjusted terms.

The smart search option is something smarter than you had seen. You are suggested the most suitable email that you would like to see as well. That will save you the search time as well as the effort you put on. Also, you must remember that missing recipient, undo sending, scheduled sending, and several features will be delivered to you along with the latest update. For sure, the mail will be one of the iOS 16 cool features.


Siri has not only been one of the iOS 16 cool features  but any other iOS update as Siri is always a present feature. Along with the latest update, Siri has become smarter. The very first thing to recognize on Siri is his Shortcuts. You will be able to use more shortcuts to keep Siri than it was earlier. Although it is something less cool, you must like the Siri’s latest ability to run the apps as soon as you have downloaded from the App Store. It is not necessary to do the training or making Siri familiar with the pronouncing. All you have to do is to tell the apps name and then ask Siri to open.

The message automation was available even in the earlier versions. When it comes to iOS 16 cool features, you now can ignore the completing set up when sending messages using Siri. If you are careful about Siri ,messages like earlier, you will still be able to enable or disable it in settings. Another thing you might appreciate is Siri’s teaching ability. Hit has been made smarter than any day in the history. If you ask, “Hey Siri, what can I do here?”, you will be able to hear what to do with the specific setting or the place on iOS. For example, if you ask Siri, “Hey Siri, what can I do with iRobot?”, Siri will let you know what you can do with the specific App. Not only that, you will find the particular app’s capabilities along with a demo.

The offline Support given by Siri is not something you need to support. Although Siri could not do much with the earliest versions, you can get lots of help from Siri this time. The most important fact is Siri doesn’t weigh on the iOS if you have the recommended specs. Although the app is a bit heavier, your iPhone will not recognize that at all. Another thing associated with Siri this time as one of the iOS 16 cool features, is hang up. Although you are in a middle of a call, Siri will be listening to you. If you say “:Hey Siri hang up”, Siri will do that. You must remember that Siri as well as the caller will hear that.


 If you are a person with messing, you will be able to identify two kids of people, those who text and those who don’t text but call. If you are a texting person, you will need a whole new universe for your freedom to do the texting. Along with the iOS 16 cool features, you can do lots of new things related to dictating. The touchpad, voice typing, the switching, and there will be many thing you would like to see. For example, if you want to switch to voice typing, all you have to do is to ask Siri what you want. Not only that, the dictation will be something more accurate in QuickType suggestions than it was. The dictation has been all new and you can use several backgrounds as well as keypads this time to make a perfect typing.

The punctuation was not a possible thing for the android users as well as Apple users. Along with the iOS 16 cool features, you will be able to use the punctuations such as commas, periods, and question marks along with Siri. All you have to do is to ask Siri with the punctuation mar. For example, if you want to end the sentence, you must say “Siri put the pulstop” and that will be done. We are talking about the voice talking, emoji has been a topic that has been forgotten by both Apple and Android users. But, you can navigate your virtual assistant, Siri, to get this done. What you must do is to call the right emoji. For example, if you want to add “Happy Emoji” you may o is by saying “Hey Siri, please add laughing emoji on here”.

Apple Pay Wallet

Have you ever heard of a mobile phone company that allows you to have a loan? Well, from this time onwards, Apple company will keep ding. If you don’t have enough credit in Apple Wallet, you have the ability to have a loan from Apple and pay in installments. You will not be charged with the interests and the service is facilitated by Apple company along with their other investments. 

Also, this has been a proper way to address those who call the Apple a Finance based company that is always looking for the profits. As the CEO of Apple said, “This will be the beginning of a new ear. We are trying our best to bring for our customers. Since Apple customers have put their trust by purchasing Apple devices, we should do something and this is the beginning of our gratitude”. That is not the end indeed. There are more iOS 16 cool features that you would like to know related to Apple Wallet.

The key sharing has been assigned to Apple Wallet and you now can store your email and other app keys in your Apple Wallet. When the keys are required by those apps, the permission will have to be granted and you are in within a second. Messages, Mail, and Whatsapp, and privacy concerned apps will be unclosed using the Apple Wallet key. That is not all. Apple has stated that Apple Wallet will be able to assist you with unlocking your homes as well. In an era when people are trying to get away from physical locks and apply virtual keys for themselves, the thought is quite impressive. As Apple sees, Apple Wallet has been designed to replace several key functions of a wallet such as storing money, keys, and cards that you use to keep.

Eth finance has also been a concern in the Apple Wallet and this time, the Apple has delivered that feature. You will be able to see your available funds and use them for your future plans. As soon as you pay or get paid, the latest updates will be displayed on your Apple Wallet. That is among the most embracing iOS 16 cool features.

The Home App

Among the iOS 16 cool features, the updated home is something extraordinary you must try. The control of the accessories in your home and you use are the concerns of the app that handed earlier. Other than the addition of new devices each year, it was visible that the Home app had not been updated with other options. The easy navigation throughout the app, the ease of control, easy to use interface, underlying architecture enhance, the reliability, and the efficiency are the things that you may observe from the very first moment. . When it comes other features from the app in the iOS 16, there are several thing that you must know.

The integration is the next thing you may see as one of the iOS 16 cool features. Along with the latest update, you will be able to see the entire house as one. It means, you will be able to see the rooms in your house and the alliances that you are in control. The tabs have been provided to you so you get to activate or deactivate the appliances that you need to interact. When it comes to the graphics and other aids, they have done an awesome job in the end.

The categories is the point the Apple company serves the honor regarding the iOS 16. You will be able to see categories belong to Lights, Climate, Security, Speakers and TVs, and Water and control them pretty easily. Along with the integration, you will be able to control a few of them together as well. For example, if you want to control lights for the entire house, that will be a possibility. The detailed tabs will have done an awesome job to make sure you are aware of everything. 

If you want to see things in more detailed versions, you will have to refer to the new camera view, which provide you the live feed of your home. You must know about the Widget option which are delivered as a part of the iOS 16 cool features. You will be able to control your home appliances without taking much time as the Home screen will let you to control them.  

It is a known thing that you have to work with different platforms when minding the smart homes as each company is responsible for creating their own products. The Apple has promised to bring a technology to work their Home app to work seamlessly, across platforms. The most prominent thing you get to enjoy along with the seamless platforming is the compatibility. Since there are some policies as well as hardware-based functions, it will take sometime. But, probably, the compatible home app will be delivered by Apple at the end of this year.

Conclusion : Live text, Mail, Siri, the Home App and more iOS 16 cool features

This article has explained Live text, Mail, Siri, the Home App and more iOS 16 cool features that you would feel comfortable with the iOS 16. The facts and information are based upon the real time experiences as well as the statement of Apple. Therefore, there is nothing you need to concern regarding the reliability. But, it is up to Apple company to decide whether they would include them in the iOS 16. As soon as we know about them, we will update this information too.

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