Apple Purchase History, FAQ

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Apple purchase history is an essential thing for an Apple user. Every media file that you have downloaded using the Apple store is visible to any user in the apple purchase history. Although you are not going to need the apple purchase history, every detail will be available for your reference. Apps, music, video, and all the purchased items will be available in the list. Also, you will be able to see the payment method that you have used as well.

Here are 10 FAQs regarding the apple purchase history you might want to see.

How To See The Apple Purchase History Using Web Browser

Using any web browser, an Apple user can see his/her apple purchase history in the All you need to do is to go to the mentioned link and login with Apple ID and password. Then you will be able to see things that you have purchased in the Apple store. When it comes to sorting the content, you may use the amount to find the purchased items as well.  If there are unmatching situations or things you don’t understand, you can simply complain regarding the matter.

Apple Devices

If you are looking for the purchased history on the Apple device, you should open the settings app on the device. Then you should tap your name and the Media Purchases.  If you are asked to log in, your Apple ID and password will have to be submitted.

How To Know If A Family Member Purchased An Item?

If one of your family members has downloaded anything from stores, you will not be able to see that specific purchase. You will only see the things that you have bought using the Apple ID that you have been given.  If you use family sharing, you will have to provide the family member’s login details to get the apple purchase history.

What Is Require A Password For Apple Devices?

One of the best things to create privacy on your purchasing list is to set up Require A Password on your mobile. If you are using family sharing or another Apple user has the access to your device, you will be able to avoid unnecessary expenses using this feature.

How To Turn On Require A Password On Apple Purchases?

You should start the settings app and then Tap Media & Purchases. Tapping the account icon on the menu will take you to the necessary settings menu. The specific part for enabling the Require Password is in the Password section. If you still can’t see the password, you might have turned on Face ID or Finger ID on your device. You need to turn them off to turn to Require Passwords settings on.

How Much Is The Charge For iCloud Storage?

You will get 50Gb iCloud storage for saving anything into the cloud storage memory. The charge for the entire 50GB is $.99 per month.

 Note: If you are going the purchase for the first time, you will have to authenticate via a computer.  Apple purchase history has got you up to 90 days. If you want to select a different range, all you have to do is to change the date range.

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