06 Features Apple Missed In iOS 15 launch

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The latest Apple iOS 15 has been launched along with lots of new features. Here are 06 Features Apple Missed In iOS 15 launch.

You must have been busy with the latest Apple iOS 15 release. You might already know the specific and new features Apple have realized in their latest iOS version such as live text, Wallet, Safari, and the biometrics. Also, you must already know that Apple company has missed lots of features as well. Leaks and rumors had mentioned them to be in the release as well. But somehow, those features are not met. This article will explain 06 Features Apple Missed In iOS 15 Launch.

Similar to facebook, Apple iOS was supposed to introduce this feature for those who want to designate a personal after the death of the particular individual. After the death, the named person gets the ability to have the access to the cloud server of the dead person and then have the access to photos like media in eth cloud. Although the users had lots of hopes regarding this feature, Apple Company announced that it would be introduced I the future.  

Share Time

The share time is the responsible feature for letting everyone to enjoy the life as it is. In the earliest times, people wanted to call to each other and listen to their voices. When it comes to the present day, you will be able to do lots of things thanks to the network. One of the Features Apple Missed In iOS 15 launch is the ShareTime. Although Apple had claimed that it would be available in the latest iOS, it has not been included. It was supposed to help the users to share screen, listen to music together, watch movies together, and do lots of fun stuff.

App privacy report

If you are an Android person, the privacy will be a doubtful matter like always. Since Apple has been producing a reliable platform for their users over the last couple of decades, they do everything to make everything visible. The latest step is the App privacy report. It allows the users to have access to the particular app and see when the particular app has accessed your microphone, camera, and other inputs. For example, if you go to facebook app, it will show when it has had the access to your microphone. Along with this feature, you we be able to clarify the privacy violations by yourself. However, this feature belongs to the Features Apple Missed In iOS 15 launch. They have stated that it will be delivered to the users in an update as well.

Find My network for Airpods

Apple was looking forward to introducing the find my network for the AirPods. As one of the Features Apple Missed In iOS 15 launch, the features has not been included in the iOS 15. If it worked, users could have found their Airpods using the feature similar to other accessories.

3D maps for Cars

Apple had said that their next map would come in handy. 3D graphics, specific graphical advancements, and the signs, streets will be shown in an embracing manner. If you kept your eye towards the iOS 15 launch, you must have already been happy as it is already in there. The 3D view has been enabled for lots of big cities in eth world and the users can enjoy it with embrace.  Apple has not included it for cars in the launch and they have mentioned it will be available in the next updates.

Universal Control

As it says the universal control is something that you can say a unique product. Unlike sharing the files as well as common features such as alarm, tracking, and the ID, you get the ability to go across the devices using a universal controller. For example, when you have your mouse in place, you will be able to connect it to all the Apple devices together and then work with them. Literally, the mouse pointer was supposed to move from one display to another. Unfortunately, the Apple Company had not exposed it with the Apple iOS 15.  What apple company has said is that eh feature will be available later. As it seems, it won’t come for the Apple devices this year for sure.


This article has explained 06 Features Apple Missed In iOS 15 launch. Although Apple company has not mentioned they will be introduced, they have hinted about the presence. If you are a diehard fan, you should not lose the faith.

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