Apps For Iphone, 07 Must-Have-Apps

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Do you know that it is not just the features that make your phone embracing but the apps you choose to install? If you are one lucky person to have an iPhone device, the next thing will be to hit the AppStore for some great apps.

Spectre Camera

If you are going to be one super fan of the iPhone with its camera, Spectre will be the best thing to happen for your phone. The camera app is specialized in taking wide-angle photos. Although there are so many photography apps, it is one of the best. The award for the iPhone App of 2019 given by Apple was won by Spectre app for its phenomenal trending.

The ability to produce sharp edges, tickling effects, the disappearance of a certain crowd are a few of the features of the Spectre Camera app. It is fast, creative in UI, smooth adjustments, and the small price of $2.99 things have made spectre app one of the best 08 must-have apps for iPhone.


As an iPhone user, you will never like keeping a book to maintain the list of passwords. Are you a person who thinks of privacy as a pretty big thing but unable to go for 100 security options? Then 1Password app will let you have all those 100 security options along with privacy. 1Password app is capable of keeping all your passwords related to different platforms and websites.

With the latest iOS, iOs 12, 1Passowrd has stepped out to fill all the passwords forums you need to get access. The authentication involves either Face Recognition or Fingerprint. You may go for a trial period of 30 days to see if this thing is worth it. There are two packages, $2.99 for single-use and $4.99 for a family of five.

Zombies Run!

If you are bored of typical apps that suggest you run and stop, Zombies Run! Will be one of the 08 must-have apps for the iPhone for a great experience. With the impressive theme from the app, you will be motivated to run as much as you can with this app. The theme of the app is quite impressive as you are being instructed to get away from a zombie attack.

You will get instructions from an outpost filled with survivors to get to a safe point. As the instructions are having a loud and commanding tone, you will be forced to achieve the daily tasks. You have to avoid some of the Zombie gangs, their activities, and many other things while following your cardio workout. The survival run will be an amazing thing to try among the features of a swell.  This app is free for you. Zombies Run!


Have you ever heard that if you keep doing things for three weeks that will be a habit? It has been the theme of the Streaks app when setting up its priorities. This app will let you have a complete guide to add good habits into your life. The app will be monitoring more than 10 good things you need to add as good habits. One of the most elegant features of the app is its integration with the health app.

Going for a walk, home gardening session, quit smoking, and there will be many things you need to stop and keep doing in life. Thanks to the app’s friendly UI and impressive color scheme, this app will be the best choice for a beginner.  The annual subscription of $4.99 will free the users from ads.


As one of the 08 must-have apps for iPhone, MyFitnessPal is always a choice for your newly installed iPhone.  It helps you to keep the body in shape, burn some calories, lose weight, and have a body without diseases. When it comes to the unique features of MyFitnessPal, setting up goals on a daily basis, food analysis, ability to add macronutrients and adjust calorie settings are a few of them.

When looking at the features like the ability to look upon your eating habit in past months and easy to use dashboard feature are extremely strengthen the app. You can purchase the monthly premium subscription for $9.99.

Carrot Weather

This specific app has been introduced for people who have sacrificed a few of their daily time on checking weather. If you are using the app and not getting any use for the amount you pay, Carrot Weather will e a great choice for you. Although there is a free version, you will only have to pay $4.99 for the premium package with no ads and extra features.

One of the best things about the Carrot Weather is, it doesn’t depend on just weather source like other apps. After comparing several platforms, you will get the most accurate data for your day. Easy to handle UI, higher accuracy, and lots of layers have made this app one of the 08 must-have apps you’re your iPhone.


Although there is one preinstalled Podcast app for listening to the podcasts, you are not going to like its basic features. It will be better if you install an app from the AppStore. Overcast is a specialized app that has been introduced for your podcast sessions. It can adjust play speed, voice boost, different audio backgrounds, smart playlists, and file uploads. Also, the app supports Apple Watch and car watch for maximum entertainment entrustment.

As a beginner, you may try this app on your phone for a yearly subscription of $9.99. Although the apps are available in the free version, the paid version will free them along with some embracing notifications.


Unlike typical suggestions like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, and what Sapp, you will need to know the best apps for having great entertainment that typical smartphone users don’t get. The mentioned 07 apps suggestions can get the maximum use with your iPhone.  Installing them just after setting up your phone will be the next thing to do.

You should remember that most of the suggested apps contain a trial period with Ads or without some essential features. It will be better if you use the free version to have a good idea about these apps first. It will save you money from wasted expenses as well.

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