Who is really Tim Cook?

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As an Apple user, Tim cook is an inevitable name for you. Although you are a fan of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, you must know Tim as he is the CEO of the company. Even if you were interested in getting regular surprises from Steve Job when he was the CEO of Apple, you might not have got that much of surprises from Tim. That is one of his specialties as well. On this article, we will say who really Tim Cook is. 


Tim cook is an American person. His full name is timothy Donald cook. He is a world famous businessmen. Also he is CEO of apple. He was born in 1960. Also he is a degree holder about industrial engineering in Auburn university and MBA of Duke University.

Earlier he, Tim had worked in IBM company. After that he joined apple in 1998. Tim cook is a disorderly person of apple company. 

After taking leadership in the apple company, “Beats Music” and “Beats Electronics were acquired for $3 billion in 2014. Also Akonia Holographics and PullString were acquired by him. Tim cook was joined with intel and smartphone was captured for $1 billion. However apple watch is his 1st product in Apple Company. After that he produced clips, air pods, retina mac book, and iconic iPhone x. 

According to the Tim cook’s view about metaverse, he said that they can invest 14000 AR apps in app store. 

Where is Tim Cook now?

Tim cook is a one of  the most powerful man in the word. He was named 7 times in Forbes list. He likes to contribute for charity works. He donated $50 million for Stanford hospital and other $50 million for product red hospital. 

Tim cook is a best leader. Therefore he can be make  employees smarter, more competent and innovator. ‘be focus”, “be humble  and ”do what you do and do it well” are leadership lessons from Tim Cook. He was an example for other leaders in the world. He always try to introduce new inventors through the best leadership. Therefore world famous apple brand is number one in the world. 

Tim also give his service as board of directors of Nike, Ink and member of adversary board of Tsinghua university. This service is valuable for them and Tim tried to give full service for the Apple Company. Therefor Americans estimate value of him.

Apple has a best revenue under the Tim Cook. Therefor he has a best salary from apple company. However he said that he want to give a best service for his salary. 

Tim is interested for crypto currency and he has own cryptocurrency. Crypto currency is famous and most people hearty for it. However apple did not join crypto currency and it was one of Tim’s most crucial calls. If he invested in Crypto just like his one of competitors, Elon musk did, then he would have brought a huge loss to the Apple Company.  

Tim cook has technology, design, and publishing and entertainment skills. Also he like to ride the bicycles, climbing mountains and working out at the gym. In his vacation he like to go around the world and he pick up the knowledge about the world. He is an enjoyable person. 

Lance Armstrong, who is the former professional road racing cyclist is fan of cook’s. He likes Armstrong as  he likes to cycling. His search information regarding cycling. Although Tim take examples from Armstrong’s lifestyle for his meetings.  Tom likes to enjoy with his best fan. Therefore Armstrong’s hair style effect for cook’s hair style 

How he became the best CEO

Tim cook is the best CEO in the office. He stared his duty early in the morning and he enter to the office firstly. After his best service he comes out the last from his office. He is doing his duty heartly. It can be a cause for the success of apple company.

Cook talks about the society openly. He try to pass the act of employment non discrimination. He loves to some characters like Martin Luther King, Jr Robert Kennedy.

Tim cook is an early riser. He get up at 3.45 am. After walking he like to open his email account and  he reads 700+ emails. After that he goes to gym. It is his normal daily routings. He said get up early in the morning is give extra energy for his life. 

Decisions He had to take

Tim cook is a courageous person. He can face critical things. Earlier peoples have a rumor about Tim cook. They believed that cook could not handled the apple company. But company was handled successfully. Tim cook has a proved of personality.

He takes risk without fear. As a leader of apple he takes many decisions with risk. Most of these decisions are helped to future of apple. Therefore apple is world 1st. however he has a good quality, what is he trust people. He listen to the group members and other people. Also tim respect to other’s ideas. Therefore Tim was popular leader in the world and this feature is useful for apples improving. 

All peoples are known about the apple company and it is due to CEO Tim cook. He has many knowledge, money and power. But he never forget his roots. Therefor we can be named as humble person. 

Apple started to collapse in 2012. Tim cook find the reason for it. Apple map is main reason for it. Users are complained regarding apple map. Tim take an action for this fault. The executive in charge of project Scott Forstall was not believe his fault. Therefor Forstall iwas ejected from apple.

John Browett was add to apple company in 2012. But there are many criticism regarding Browett. However Browett was leaved from company in same year. Therefore society has a dougt about cook’s decision making capabilities.

Tim cook is a CEO of apple. But he has not high class actions. Sometimes he takes is lunch with his employees. Company members like this cook’s feature. 

He is a good manager in apple. After Steve job,  Tim  brought the success to Apple. He does not release new products. But he support to success of company. He win $ 1 trillion and keep the landmark in the world. 

Most leaders do not like to admits their mistakes. It may be caused for degenerate. However Tim cook has not this bad characteristics. He likes to admit his mistake. it may be useful for gain the confidence. Therefore all people like to Tim cook as a quality leader. 

Tim cook has many qualities as a best leader. Therefor he can win the world through the apple company. Apple has best market in the world. Tim cook support to win the world as a CEO in apple. 


In this article, we tried to bring a neutral idea bout Tim Cook, one of the most effective CEOs in the world. However, we could see that it was Tim who brought the company to the present status and prevented it collapsing after Steve Job’s loss. 

As an Apple user, you will have to give credit to Tim always as he is not just earning through his company but trying to bring something stable to eh Apple Users. Although it is something different from Steve’s point of view, it was the exact thing required from Tim.

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