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07 Mistakes Apple Company Has Done

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Mistakes have been common thins for even the Apple company. This article will explain 07 Mistakes Apple company has done since the beginning.

Apple Company looks the perfect company in the world to you as an Apple fan. Everything the company does comes into a victory. Every product it produces reach the highest sales. Although it seems so, Apple company has done lots of mistake that could not be undone.  This is about the 07 Mistakes Apple company has done. Also, this article will reveal how the falls and downs could bring up the perfect victory for a company.

The First Price

When talking about one of the biggest Mistakes Apple Company has done, setting the price of the first iPhone was crucial. They had set a price of $499 for the first iPhone. They wanted to increase the demand due to embracing and incredible features the phone had such as touch display, quality camera, and its increased performance. After realizing the mistake they did, Apple Company had to readjust the price. According to company stats, it is said that sales had increased by 75% due to the reduction of the Apple iPhone price.

Apple Car

Apple Company is famous for surprises. They have been able to surprise their fans through various products. The camera set up, Air Pods, and features like wireless charging, have made a good impact on eh users. But, the company is still late for the Apple car. Although a lot of talks and discussions are going on, the company has no made it through. According to the sources from inside the company. The wastage for the car counts in billions.

Not allowing to share Photos and videos easily

Apple devise don’t allow users to share media pretty easily. Although they have introduced various strategies such as iCloud to increase the Apple branding demand, things haven’t worked well yet. When compared to the uniqueness of Apple Company, they are still keeping it as one of the demanding assets for the company. If it was easy to share files, the cooperation between Android and iPhone would have increased a lot. More importantly, Apple company is doing this to decrease the Android demand ad it is working according to the company’s point of view.

Firing Steve Jobs

Firing Steve job was one of the  Mistakes Apple company has done a long time ago. It is said that the firing caused the dropping of sales in a higher range. Not only the dropped sales but the branding was dropped due to that. Sources say that Steve Jobs had the plans for Apple iPhone in as early as the end of the late 90s. If he was in the Apple company, the entire look of the Apple products could have changes as they could have come into the market a long time ago.

Not Providing The Charger With iPhone

Apple company has itself said clear that the unmanufactured charger is due to the reduction of the waste material. But, it is clearly to reduce the cost of the devices. According to 95% of the users like to use a new phone charger along with a new devices. That has been a common thing for the Apple company. This small mistake has been able to make a huge impact on the Apple branding as well. According to some of the analysis, this decision is among the biggest Mistakes Apple company has done so far.

Small iPhone

There is nothing you need to be explained as it will be just enough to use the iPhone 1. You will see how small I was and how hard to call it a smartphone. When Apple started to design the hardware compact for Apple iPhones, they had wanted everything to be smaller. The display was also one of them. Along with a small display, the overall size of the phone got smaller. Since the world had seen lots of devices with larger displays in the time of 2008 and around, Steve wanted to build a smaller device. However, it was undone along with the iPhone 5 making a bigger phone along with larger display.

Not Buying Twitter

Tim Cook, the present CEO of Apple company once had state that they would look forward to buy a social media platform soon. Media released leaks and rumors stating that Apple would purchase Twitter soon. Although it has passed several years since Time cook’s statement, any platform has not been purchased by Apple yet. It is clear that the company is following their typical marketing strategy thinking the marketing is not required on Social media. According to the analysts, things will change soon. But, it is still one of the biggest Mistakes Apple Company has done and has been doing.


This article has explained 07 things you need to know about the Apple company’s biggest mistakes. All of them have been found from the reliable sources. Please consider that this article is not intended to harm the Apple branding but to deliver every possible factor for the topic.

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