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Does Mcdonald’s Accept Apple Pay? Here Is How You Wanna Do It

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Mobile payments have ushered in a slew of new payment options, and Apple Pay is one such way. Although most big stores accept this e-wallet, some smaller firms do not. McDonald’s may be famous for its cuisine, but have you ever wondered if it has caught up with technology? So does McDonald’s accept Apple Pay?

We’re here to help you with any of your questions.

What Is The Apple Pay?

You can save credit card information in a smartphone or digital wallet. After saving your payment information, you may use short-range wireless communication to connect to an authorized credit card terminal by holding your smartphone close to the terminal. Apple Pay uses NFC technology, enabling the mobile wallet and credit card terminal to function together. 

NFC compatibility gets required on the terminal. Fortunately, most POS systems nowadays have this capability. If the terminal states so in English or has a sign of a triangle form with three arcing lines, you know it accepts mobile payments.

The credit card terminal talks with the customer’s financial institution to check the availability of money once the phone passes data to it. The financial firm will withdraw the money from the customer’s account and deposit it into the merchant’s bank account if the funds can get verified. At the same time, only huge corporations such as McDonald’s may handle credit card machines that take Apple Pay and other digital payments. 

People may get surprised to hear that small businesses can also use them. Samsung Pay and Google Pay are two more popular mobile wallets. However, you may select from various mobile wallets depending on your preferred electronic manufacturer.

Does McDonald’s Accept Apple Pay?

If we talk about the app and does McdDonald’s accept Apple pay. In its App, McDonald’s accepts Apple Pay as a mode of payment. If you order meals online using the McDonald’s App, you may pay with Apple Pay.


  • Go to either iPhone or Apple Watch and open the Wallet App.
  • Second, tap here on the plus (+) sign that appears on the right-hand side of the app.
  • Finally, the app will prompt you to input the card number you want to use with Apple Pay. You may manually update the card number or use a camera to scan the card.
  • This option is available via a payment terminal. The payment terminals are the method you would want to make a purchase.
  • Fourth, use Apple Pay to make any purchase at McDonald’s or wherever you wish to buy something.
  • That is how you use Apple Pay at McDonald’s, which is a fundamental and straightforward process.

How To Pay Using Apple Pay Using The Mcdonald’s App

Here’s a quick guide on using Apple Pay well with McDonald’s Phone App. Follow these steps to put it to use rapidly.

First and foremost, download the McDonald’s Mobile App from the Google Play Store or the McDonald’s website.

  • Sign up for an account and log in with the Mobile App.
  • Now, from the list provided, select the nearest or local eatery.
  • After that, please choose your favorite dish and add it to your basket.
  • Go to the checkout cart and complete the transaction.
  • Complete the appropriate fields and choose Apple Pay as your payment method.
  • Get the food and take advantage of incredible discounts.
  • You may quickly purchase your favorite offer with the McDonald’s Mobile App at any time using Apple Pay.

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Does Mcdonald’s Accept Apple Pay In its Drive-thru?

Does Mcdonald’s accept Apple pay In its drive-thru? Yes! McDonald’s accepts Apple Pay as a mode of payment. The McDonald’s drive-thru is the greatest option when you’re in a hurry. The bulk of McDonald’s orders gets placed through the drive-thru, and you’ll need a speedy payment option when you’re in a hurry. It is where Apple Pay comes into play. Here’s how to pay at a McDonald’s drive-thru using Apple Pay:

  • McDonald’s will take your order.
  • On your device, open Apple Pay.
  • Hold your iPhone at the front of the payment gateway for a few moments.
  • The payment will get completed automatically.
  • A charge will get made to your associated debit or credit card.

Is It Secure To Use Apple Pay At McDonald’s?

While no payment system (or any payment method, for that matter) is entirely secure, Apple Pay is relatively safe. It comes with numerous levels of anti-fraud security. Using Apple Pay instead of a debit or credit card is safer. 

Even if the credit card or debit card gets stolen, it can still get used contactless. To use Apple Pay, you must first enter your password. Then either uses fingerprint scanners or facial ID identification to validate the payment.

What Is The Fee To Use Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

There have been no hidden fees or charges when you use Pay Apple. Apple Pay is accessible at a variety of retailers and restaurants. So, while there is no fee, the bank will levy its service fees following its terms and rules. Your bank may charge you a fee if you overpay using a credit card.

How To Get A Refund From McDonald’s With Apple Pay?

If you want a refund from McDonald’s for a paid order, make sure it’s not because you don’t enjoy the food.

It is due to an objective cause, such as a lack of internet connection, maintenance service, or a store employee’s error. In that situation, you may be able to receive your money back fast and without any questions asked.

To receive a refund, Apple would have to contact Mcdonald’s, who will agree that they made a mistake and should issue a refund. Your money may get returned in two to three working days.

Final Thought

McDonald’s is a big fan of Apple Pay and other mobile wallets since they allow them to collect payment from people for their food.

Of course, it’s crucial to comprehend mobile wallets and why you would choose to utilize one over the other numerous payment options available. And also what to do if Apple Pay doesn’t function.

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