Steve Jobs Wife and Love

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The world-known innovator’s personal life is also an impressive thing, along with astonishing products. This article is about Steve Jobs wife and love. As one of the greatest innovators in the 20th century, Steve Jobs could manage a lovely family. His death moment has proved it. Having his wife and four children made him leave the world without frustration. It has been written even in his biography. “Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!” was his last statement on life. This article will make you aware of Steve Jobs wife and love.

Steve Jobs Relationships

Steve Jobs’ earliest love memory had been shared with Joan Baez, who was a popular singer. However, it had not lasted too long when Steve was after Diane Keaton. His first gift was from one of his early loves, Chrisann. But, he never married Chrisann Brennan

He had never had a second thought on continuing the relationship with Chrisann Brennan. But he had stated to the media that Chrisann was an inspiration to him. Although they met in 1972, one of the toughest times for Steve, it was a lovely memory. They broke up in 1977 when Steve was about to revolutionize the computer field. When it comes to Lisa, newspapers had reported that Steve Jobs had refused Lisa as one of his children for years. Steve had said to the media that he was a sterile person as well. However, Lisa had conducted a DNA test which proved that she had Steve’s genes in her DNA. She wanted Steve to pay for the paternity expenses along with the proof. 

Although he did pay those required amounts, he never made a relationship until Lisa was seven years old. Later Steve wanted Lisa to be with him. Lisa was by his side even on Steve’s dying moment.

Steve Jobs Apologies to Lisa

When Lisa was nine years old, Steve had developed a strong relationship with his first child, Lisa. He changed his laugher’s name from “Lisa Brennan” to “Lisa Brennan-Jobs as well. Along with the apologies to Lisa’s mother, Steve’s first remembered love, Chrisann, Steve made a good impression on Lisa. However, his relationship with Lisa’s mother was not a loved one. All he wanted Chrisann to do was co-parent Lisa but not the wife’s role.

early life of Steve jobs

How Steve Met His Wife Powell Jobs

Steve met his wife after a lecturer. Indeed it was some sort of teacher-student relationship. Steve was a known person when they first met in 1989. Steve had been asked to take part in a lecture at Stanford Business School. Lauren was a student and had been late for his lecture. When Steve had started, Lauren came late and had to stay in the aisle. That delay made their eye meet. The late student soon became the life partner of Steve Jobs in 1991. They didn’t take much of display for their wedding as they married in Yosemite National Park. Although Steve had become a father already, the 25-year-old Lauren became his life partner. Lauren Job remained as Steve’s wife until the moment he died.

Steve Jobs Wife and Love Along With Children

Steve Jobs had a really good trend in his family life after Lauren got reed, Steve’s second son. Lauren had told” Steve became a different person when I gave him Reed. As a wife, that was the best thing that I could give to Steve as well. After Reed was born, Steve believed that expansion of his field was unnecessary. Apple and Pixar were below the family life. Literally, he became a family man after Reed”. Steve Jobs himself had mentioned, “I am a simple person. What I do is Apple and Pixar, which are more than what I need”.

Steve Jobs got two more girls Erin and Eve. But, he didn’t love his baby girls much. Although there was not a specific reason, he didn’t much care about his second daughter, Erin. She was a calm and quiet child from the earliest times. Some of Steve’s colleagues had told that Lisa had become a sort of pain and he didn’t want more girls. Therefore, Erin might have been reminding of Lisa as well. But, when it comes to Eve, Steve loved her more than Erin as well.  

What He Thought About His Children

Steve Jobs Biography had stated that he had wanted to become more of a father. According to him, he could have done more for his family. “I could have done more to my children. Although I wanted my children to know of me, I was known by the entire world except me.” His frustration is visible in his words. But, he had not much concerned about Steve Jobs wife and love in a similar way. He knew that he was a better husband and a lover than a father.

Steve’s last words were “Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow,” which implied his satisfaction. Since Steve had decided to take Lisa to live with him, there might not have been anything to frustrate either.


Steve was indeed a great father. Although he was not satisfied with the things he had committed, he had collected a great family along with a loving world. When it comes to his lover’s and husband’s roles, he had done a great job as well. What the world can get from Steve Jobs wife and love is the unstoppable dedication for both his work and the family. Remembering his famous words, “Love what You Do,” he made a great example of himself. Even if it is love what he did, he loved loving. He changed gears at the right time to focus on different roles. As a son, boyfriend, father, and a person loved by the whole world, Steve Job was a successful man.

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